Pujagoodies (Size: 4″ x 6″ Inch) Small Velvet Red Aasan Cloth for Pooja Mandir/Chowki Aasan Kapda Mat Altar Cloth for Temple and God Idol Sitting – 1 Piece

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Contains 1 Piece
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  • Premium Velvet Fabric: Plain God Chowki Aasan is made up of 100% pure fine micro velvet fabric. It comes with a beautiful shining golden lace surrounding it along all corners.
  • Uses: This Pooja Aasan Cloth can be used as base of your temple especially on the chowki of any Puja / Hawan or you can place it on Mata ki Chowki, Puja tables, deity thrones, wooden bajot, pedestals etc. Velvet puja aasan are ideal for placing deity idols during puja rituals. It can also be used to cover the head of deity idols.
  • Elegant Look: Golden lace is used on all sides which gives this Red mat a very lustrous royal feel. The golden-red combination of the cloth enhances the look and makes it an ideal buy.
  • Light & Compact: This Velvet Chowki Aasan is comfortable to use and its portable feature makes it easy to carry anywhere you want. These Red puja asans are best for placing deity idols during puja rituals.


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Premium Velvet Pooja Aasan Cloth: Enhance Your Worship Space

Aasans, deeply rooted in the traditions of yoga, meditation, and Hindu devotion, are more than mere mats or cloths. They represent a sacred space, a boundary between the physical world and the realm of inner exploration. The act of placing an aasan signifies dedication to the practice, whether it be the pursuit of physical balance, mental clarity, or spiritual connection.

For centuries, yogis have utilized aasans to promote comfort and stability throughout their asana practice. The aasan creates a slight elevation, insulating the body from the ground’s energy. It provides cushioning and support, facilitating longer, more focused holds. Within meditation practices, the aasan fosters stillness, an invitation to turn inward and cultivate mindfulness.

In Hindu rituals, aasans hold an equally revered position. Used in puja ceremonies, they become a respectful, designated space for deities. The aasan symbolizes reverence, acting as a beautiful throne for the divine. Rich fabrics like velvet and silk, often embellished with intricate designs, reflect the importance of the aasan as a symbol of devotion and auspiciousness.

Whether you seek a supportive base for your yoga practice, a tool to deepen your meditation, or a beautiful element for your devotional space, an aasan is an essential companion on your journey of self-discovery and spiritual connection.

Experience the elegance and tradition of a beautiful velvet cloth, designed specifically for your sacred pooja rituals.

Aasan Description

Luxurious Velvet:

  • Emphasize Softness: “Immerse your deities in the plush comfort of premium micro velvet fabric, exceptionally soft to the touch.”
  • Highlight Durability: “This velvet is not only luxurious but also chosen for its lasting beauty, ensuring your aasan cloth will retain its elegance for years of devotional use.”

Lustrous Golden Lace:

  • Focus on Opulence: “A shimmering golden lace border surrounds the aasan, adding a touch of regal opulence and traditional beauty to your sacred space.”

Ideal Size:

  • Practical and Purposeful: “Perfectly sized at 4″ x 6″, this aasan provides a generous yet compact base for your deity idols and other sacred objects.”


  • Cultural Significance: “The rich, vibrant red color holds deep auspiciousness within Hindu traditions, symbolizing energy, devotion, and good fortune.”


  • Expand on Possibilities: “Utilize this aasan in diverse ways: as a base for deities on your chowki, a beautiful addition to Puja tables, an adornment on pedestals, or even as a respectful and elegant head covering for idols.”

Lightweight & Portable:

  • Devotion on the Go: “The aasan’s lightweight and portable nature allows you to effortlessly create a devotional atmosphere wherever you are – at home, during travel, or at special ceremonies.”


Enhances Devotion:

  • Sacred Space: “This aasan transforms a simple surface into a dedicated, beautiful space for your poojas. Inviting a deeper sense of devotion and focus during your rituals.”
  • Intentionality: “The act of placing this aasan signifies your commitment to your spiritual practice, creating. A mindful boundary between the everyday and your moments of divine connection.”

Elevates Aesthetics:

  • Traditional Elegance: “The rich colors and intricate details of this aasan infuse your worship area with a touch of traditional Indian artistry. Elevating the visual beauty of your sacred space.”
  • Symbol of Beauty: “Let this aasan serve as a reminder to surround yourself with beauty in all aspects of life. Fostering an environment that inspires reverence and peace.”

Sign of Respect:

  • Honoring the Divine: “By providing a luxurious resting place for your deity idols, you demonstrate the utmost respect and care for the divine presence within your home.”
  • Heartfelt Offering: “Every time you place your deity on this aasan. It becomes a heartfelt offering, symbolizing your devotion and acknowledging their sacredness.”

Durable and Long-Lasting:

  • Enduring Quality: “Crafted from premium velvet, this aasan’s is designed to retain its beauty. Softness throughout years of poojas and rituals.”
  • Symbol of Steadfastness: “Let this aasan’s durability mirror your own unwavering devotion, becoming a cherished part of your spiritual practice for years to come.”

How to Use Aasan

  1. Preparing Your Sacred Space: “Begin by finding a peaceful corner in your home for your pooja mandir or chowki. If you don’t have a dedicated space, any clean, quiet surface will do. Gently unfold the aasan cloth, its vibrant color and shimmering lace a visual invitation to devotion.”

  2. Placing the Aasan and the Divine: “With reverence, lay the aasan cloth upon your chosen surface. Its softness creates a respectful cushion, a designated space for the divine. Now, with care and love, position your deity idol or sacred objects in the center of the aasan. You might arrange flowers, incense, or other devotional offerings around them.”

  3. Offering Prayers and Rituals: “Take a moment to center yourself. Close your eyes, feel the weight of your body against the floor, and focus on your breath. As you open your eyes, gaze upon the deity or sacred objects. Offer your prayers, chant mantras, or perform any rituals that hold meaning to you. Let the beautiful aasan be your foundation, a symbol of your dedication and the sacredness of this moment.

Embrace Tradition, Enhance Your Devotion: The Perfect Aasan Awaits

The simple act of placing an aasan cloth within your worship space holds profound meaning. It signifies reverence, respect, and a dedication to your spiritual practices. Whether you seek deeper meditation, heartfelt prayer, or more meaningful puja rituals, the right aasan can transform your experience.

Why Your Sacred Space Deserves an Aasan

  • A Foundation for Focus: The soft surface of an aasan provides a physical and symbolic boundary. It helps to separate your practice from the distractions of daily life, fostering greater concentration and a deeper sense of connection.
  • A Symbol of Respect: An aasan elevates your deity idols or sacred objects, creating a dedicated, beautiful space for them. This simple act reflects your devotion and honors the divine presence within your rituals.
  • Comfort and Tradition: Aasans have been used for centuries in yoga, meditation, and Hindu worship. By incorporating one into your practice, you become part of a lineage of seekers, honoring ancient wisdom and traditions.

Discover the Aasan 

We invite you to explore our collection of carefully crafted aasans. From luxurious velvets adorned with intricate lace to simple yet elegant natural fabrics, we offer a range of styles to suit your specific needs and preferences. Consider these factors when making your selection:

  • Purpose: Are you seeking an  primarily for puja, meditation, or a combination of practices?
  • Material: Do you desire the plushness of velvet, the breathability of cotton, or the luxurious feel of silk?
  • Aesthetics: Choose a color and design that enhances the beauty of your sacred space and brings you a sense of peace.

Experience the Difference: Order Your Aasan Today

Pujagoodies is dedicated to providing high-quality devotional items to support your spiritual journey. With every purchase, you can trust:

  • Premium Materials
  • Traditional Craftsmanship
  • Secure Ordering and Fast Shipping.

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple aasan cloth. Let this be the moment you enhance your worship space and deepen your spiritual practices. Browse our collection and discover the perfect aasan for your journey.


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