Brass Lord Hanuman Statue Hindu Religious Strength God Sculpture Figurine – Bajrangbali Murti for Puja Ghar (Gold, Size 7cm x 5cm)

Theme Animal, Religious, Figures
Brand Pujagoodies
Colour Golden
Style Traditional
Material Brass
Occasion Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday, Thanksgiving
Product Dimensions 48L x 48W x 69H Millimeters
Cartoon Character Hanuman
Room Type Living Room square, Prayer Room
Age Range (Description) All Ages

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Brass Lord Hanuman Murti: Embodiment of Strength, Protection, & Devotion for Your Puja Ghar

Discover the spiritual power and timeless beauty of a Brass Lord Hanuman Murti. This exquisitely crafted figurine embodies the revered Hindu deity, Lord Hanuman – a symbol of unwavering strength, courage, and profound devotion to Lord Rama. Invite blessings and protection into your home or sacred space with this stunning depiction of the mighty and benevolent Hanuman.

Key Product Features & Benefits of Hanuman Murti

Crafted from High-Quality Brass: Timeless Elegance & Enduring Strength

  • The Allure of Brass: For centuries, brass has been a favored material for sacred objects. Its warm, golden hue evokes a sense of tradition and timeless beauty. This murti isn’t just a decorative item; it radiates an aura of reverence that will enhance your puja ghar for years to come.
  • Durability with Meaning: Brass is not only beautiful but also incredibly strong and resistant to wear. This murti is built to last, symbolizing the enduring power of Hanuman’s blessings and symbolizing the lasting impact this piece can have on your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Intricate Details: Capturing the Essence of Lord Hanuman

  • Beyond A Statue, A Story: The care put into this murti is evident in every detail. Notice Hanuman’s poised but alert posture, demonstrating his readiness to serve. The sculptor has captured his muscular physique, representing inner strength. See how the intricate markings depict the sacred gada, reminding us of his role as a mighty protector.
  • The Power of Artistry: This murti is more than just an object; it embodies the skill and devotion of its makers. By choosing this piece, you support artisans who continue a centuries-old tradition of honoring the divine through their craft.

Ideal Size for Puja Ghar: A Powerful Presence in Your Sacred Space

  • Designed for Devotion: This murti’s size isn’t an accident. It’s been meticulously proportioned to fit perfectly on most home altars or dedicated prayer spaces. It’s large enough to have a presence, drawing your focus during rituals, yet compact enough for even smaller puja ghars.
  • Your Personal Sanctuary: Imagine placing this murti in your chosen place of prayer. Whether a grand altar or a simple corner shelf, it will instantly elevate the energy of that space, creating a focal point for your devotion.

Protection & Positive Energy: The Heart of Hanuman’s Blessing

  • A Shield Against Negativity: Hindu tradition teaches that Hanuman is a mighty protector, capable of warding off negative influences and obstacles. With his image in your home, you’re inviting the feeling of safety and spiritual fortitude.
  • Inspiration for Inner Strength: We all face challenges in life. Hanuman reminds us that we possess immense inner strength. Gazing at this murti can be a daily affirmation, encouraging you to stand tall and face whatever comes your way with courage.

Spiritual Focus & Blessing: Deepen Your Connection

  • Ritual Enhancement: Offering prayers, incense, or flowers before this beautiful murti grounds your puja rituals in tangible form. It gives you a physical representation of Hanuman to focus your intentions on.
  • Meditation Companion: Use this murti as a powerful aid for meditation. Let your gaze gently rest on its form, calming your mind and allowing you to tap into Hanuman’s unwavering focus and determination.

Versatile Gifting: Share the Light of Devotion

  • Meaning that Transcend Occasions: This murti is an auspicious gift for any special moment. Whether celebrating Diwali, blessing a new home, commemorating a wedding, or sharing a message of love on birthdays or anniversaries, the symbolism of strength and protection is always relevant.
  • Thoughtfulness Made Easy: If you’re unsure what to get a loved one, a sacred item like this is always appreciated. It shows you care about their spiritual well-being and celebrates their traditions.

Description: The Revered Lord Hanuman Murti

In Hindu mythology, Lord Hanuman is a paramount figure known for his boundless strength, unwavering loyalty, and selfless service to Lord Rama. This intricately detailed brass murti portrays Hanuman in a powerful yet benevolent form, a true reflection of his divine essence. Place this exquisite murti in your puja ghar (home altar) to invoke Hanuman’s blessings and protection for yourself and your loved ones.

The Symbolism & Power of Lord Hanuman

  • Strength and Courage: Hanuman represents the epitome of physical and mental strength, inspiring devotees to overcome challenges with determination and resilience.
  • Protection and Positivity: He is a formidable guardian against negativity and shields devotees from harm, promoting peace, harmony, and spiritual well-being.
  • Devotion and Selflessness: Hanuman’s unwavering service to Lord Rama exemplifies the path of bhakti yoga (devotional service), reminding us of the importance of loyalty and surrender in our spiritual journeys.
  • Wisdom and Knowledge Hanuman is also known for his intellect and wisdom. This murti inspires clarity of mind and fosters self-understanding.

The Beauty of Brass Hanuman Murti

Brass is a traditional and highly favored material for crafting sacred murtis and spiritual objects. Its lustrous gold-like finish adds elegance and warmth to your puja space, and its durability ensures this figurine will be treasured for generations.

How to Incorporate the Hanuman Murti into Your Practice

  • Puja and Rituals: Place the murti prominently in your puja ghar and offer prayers, flowers, and incense to Lord Hanuman. Chant mantras and devotional songs in his honor.
  • Meditation Aid: Use the murti as a focal point during meditation to connect with Hanuman’s energy and seek his guidance and strength.
  • Home Altar Decoration: Add this sacred statue to your home altar as a powerful reminder of Hanuman’s blessings and as a beautiful decorative element.

Ideal Gifting Occasions

This exquisite Brass Lord Hanuman Murti makes a thoughtful and auspicious gift for various occasions:

  • Diwali: Share blessings of light with loved ones during the Festival of Lights.
  • Housewarming: Bless new homes with protection and spiritual well-being.
  • Weddings: Symbolic of strength and devotion in a new union.
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries: A meaningful gesture of love and spiritual support.
  • Special Occasions: Express well-wishes and spiritual guidance.

Empowering Your Spiritual Journey

Your search for a meaningful symbol of strength, protection, and devotion has led you here, to this exquisite Brass Lord Hanuman murti. It’s more than just a beautiful object; it’s a potential turning point in your spiritual journey. Imagine the shift in your home’s energy the moment you place this murti in your puja ghar. Picture the peace that washes over you as you light incense and offer a prayer to Lord Hanuman, knowing his protective energy surrounds you.

This is an invitation to something profound.

Perhaps you’ve admired Hanuman’s story for years, drawn to his unwavering loyalty and courage. Perhaps you’re new to his path, but feel a yearning for the strength and guidance he embodies. Or maybe you’re searching for a deeply meaningful gift for someone special.  A way to share a blessing that echoes long after the wrapping paper is gone.

Whatever brought you here, there’s a reason this powerful murti resonates with you. This is not simply about owning a decorative object – it’s about embracing an energy, a legacy, and a spiritual practice that can transform your life. The question is: Are you ready to take that step?

Don’t let this moment of inspiration pass you by. Treat yourself, or someone you love, to the transformative power of Lord Hanuman.

Click “Add to Cart” today, and begin experiencing the strength, protection, and deep devotion that Hanuman murti can bring. Your journey toward greater peace, inner strength, and spiritual fulfillment starts now.

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