Homelites Matchbox – 1 Large Pack

Carefully designed for safe usage inside your house, Homelites Matches are ‘Extra Long, Extra Strong and Karborized’. Unlike ordinary matchsticks, Homelites Matchsticks do not break off easily when burned which helps prevent any fire hazards. The extra length further ensures that your hands are at a safe distance from the flame.

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Key Information

  • Main Ingredients: Designed for enhanced durability, the Karborised Homelites Matchsticks are longer and stronger. They stay ignited for a longer time and are not prone to breakage giving you more safety in the kitchen and around the house.
  • Suitable For: Homelites Matchsticks are high-quality matchsticks suitable for all kinds of household applications – – igniting gas stoves, lighting diyas, agarbattis and much more. The longer length ensures that Homelites Matchsticks stay lit up for a longer time – facilitating convenience & providing more safety to your hands than ordinary matchsticks.
  • Usage: Strike Homelites Matchsticks on the friction panel on the side of the box to ignite them. The safest way to use them is by striking the matchstick away from your body at all times. Use these Karborised matchsticks in the kitchen, and for other applications around your home. Dispose the matchsticks off after they are completely extinguished. For the safety of your children, always keep Homelites Matchboxes away from their reach.
  • Quantity: This is a large pack of Homelites Matchsticks which contains approximately 220 high-quality, Karborised matchsticks. It is a convenient solution for all your household needs and can last for up to a few weeks.

For maximum safety and prevention of fire hazards, Homelites Matchsticks are carefully designed with three core principles. The matchsticks of Homelites Matchboxes are longer than conventional and ordinary brand matchsticks, ensuring that they burn for longer, helping you avoid burns on your fingers. Homelites Matchsticks are stronger which prevents them from breaking during usage. The tip of Homelites matchsticks are Karborised, and do not break off during burning.

These 3 qualities make Homelites Matchsticks a safe, trustworthy, and affordable companion for your home.

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