Ladoo Gopal Ji Dress | Kanha Dress | Poshak

Dress Size – 0, 1, 2,  3, 4 , 5 , 6 no.

Width (चौड़ाई)

0 number – 12 cm

1 number –  15 cm

2 number –  18 cm

4 number – 24 cm

5 number-  29 cm

6 number – 34 cm

Beautifully designed with sequins work and lace work


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Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow


0, 1, 2


Exquisite Kanha ki Dress | Poshak

Transform your sacred space with the radiant beauty of a lovingly crafted Kanha ki Dress | Poshak. These exquisite garments are designed to adorn your beloved deity, Lord Krishna (in his forms as Laddu Gopal or Bal Gopal), with divine elegance and devotion.

Features and Benefits

  • Intricate Designs: Each poshak is a masterpiece of intricate craftsmanship, embellished with sparkling sequins and delicate lacework that reflect the timeless beauty of Indian artistry.
  • Vibrant Colors: Choose from a mesmerizing array of colors, including pink, yellow, orange, blue, green, and red, to suit your Kanha’s playful and divine aura.
  • Perfect Fit: Our wide range of sizes (0-6) ensures a flawless fit for your Laddu Gopal or Bal Gopal idol. Refer to our size chart for accurate measurements.
  • High-Quality Materials: We use only the finest fabrics and embellishments to create poshaks that are both visually stunning and durable.
  • Spiritual Significance: Dressing your Kanha in these beautiful poshaks is an act of love and devotion, deepening your spiritual connection with the divine.

Why Choose Our Kanha ki Dresses?

Crafted with Love

Meera Bai has been hand-stitching these exquisite poshaks since she was a young girl. Her family has passed down this sacred art through generations, and she weaves prayers of love and devotion into each garment. The softest silks and cottons caress your child’s delicate skin, while vibrant colors and intricate hand embroidery catch the light like jewels. Each poshak features traditional motifs – dancing peacocks, blooming lotuses, symbols of divine play – transforming your little one into an embodiment of Lord Krishna himself.

Unique Designs for Your Beloved Child

We understand that dressing your little one for festivals and celebrations is an act of pure love. Our poshaks are designed for parents seeking traditional, spiritually infused attire for their precious children.

Affordable Luxury

The cost of one of our beautiful poshaks may be similar to a few special meals shared with your family. But this unique garment, crafted with care and imbued with devotion, offers a lifetime of cherished memories. With proper care, these heirloom-quality pieces can be passed down, spreading joy for years to come.

Exceptional Customer Service

We’re here to help you find the perfect poshak for your child’s special occasion. Whether you’re celebrating Janmashtami, a special ceremony, or simply want to dress your little one in the beauty of tradition, our team is ready to offer guidance on style and sizing. Join our community of devoted customers who treasure the artistry and meaning behind our poshaks.

How to Dress Your Kanha

1. Choose the Right Size

  • Importance: A well-fitting poshak enhances the beauty of your deity and reflects the care you put into this sacred ritual.
  • Size Chart: Consult a detailed size chart specific to Kanha dresses. Pay attention to measurements like chest width, waist circumference, and dress length. Be sure to measure your deity for the most accurate fit.
  • Laddu Gopal vs. Bal Gopal: Poshak sizes often correlate with different forms of Krishna. Laddu Gopal sizes tend to be smaller, while Bal Gopal may require larger sizes. Consider the specific form of your Kanha idol.

2. Prepare Your Kanha

  • Reverence: Approach this process as a sacred act infused with love and devotion.
  • Gentle Bathing: Use clean water, possibly infused with rose petals or sandalwood paste, to gently cleanse your idol. This symbolizes purification and prepares your Kanha to receive the new adornment.
  • Pat Dry: Carefully dry your idol with a soft, absorbent cloth.

3. Dress with Devotion

  • Mindfulness: Be fully present in the moment. Focus on the act of dressing your Kanha as a form of worship and connection to the divine.
  • Careful Handling: Handle the poshak with delicacy and avoid pulling or tugging on the delicate fabrics or embellishments.
  • Draping: Adjust the poshak for a beautiful drape. Ensure it falls gracefully and does not appear bunched or ill-fitting. Consider the style of the poshak and arrange the folds and pleats accordingly.

4. Complete the Look

  • Mukut (Crown): A crown adds regal elegance to Kanha’s appearance. Choose a mukut that complements the color and design of the poshak.
  • Flute: The flute is synonymous with Lord Krishna. Place a miniature flute in Kanha’s hands to represent his divine music.
  • Jewelry: Delicate necklaces, bracelets, and earrings can further enhance Kanha’s beauty. Choose jewelry that matches the overall style and color scheme of the poshak.

Additional Tips:

  • Offerings: After dressing Kanha, it’s customary to offer flowers, sweets, or other devotional items.
  • Chanting: Recite mantras or bhajans (devotional songs) as you dress Kanha to elevate the spiritual experience.
  • Regular Change: Consider changing Kanha’s poshak regularly to reflect special occasions, festivals, or simply for a fresh look.

Browse our collection today and find the perfect Kanha Ki Dress to express your love for Lord Krishna.

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