Laddu Gopal Ji Mukut Mala Shringar Set with Mala, Mukut , Bansuri, Kundal, Kada & Chhari (6 Items) for Krishna Idol (Ladoo Gopal Dress) for Size – Small

  • Laddu Gopal Ji Mukut Mala Combo Set with Bansuri, Kundal, Karula & Chhari (6 Items)
  • Suitable for Laddu Gopal Ji of size 3 and 4
  • Attractive Design, Durable Finish Standards & Stunning Looks. Perfect for Gifting to a devotee and Self use for laddu gopal Ji.
  • Find more dress, malas and shringar by “Ecommall” for complete awesome look
  • There is a cute small mala. A pair of earings with Tilak which can be used thru wax glue for your deity You can buy Wax glue from our store.


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Exquisite Laddu Gopal accessories (6 Items) – Adorn Your Beloved Deity, Size Small

Embrace the blessings of Lord Krishna by adorning your beloved Laddu Gopal Ji with this breathtaking Laddu Gopal accessories. This exquisitely crafted 6-piece set is the perfect way to express your devotion and enhance the spiritual aura of your home.

What’s Included in Laddu Gopal accessories:

Mukut (Crown): Royalty and Divine Power

  • Symbol of Authority: The Mukut rests atop the head of your Laddu Gopal Ji, signifying his position as the supreme Lord, the divine ruler of the universe.
  • Intricate Artistry: Explore a wide array of Mukut designs, each showcasing exquisite craftsmanship. Observe the intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and the dazzling brilliance of carefully placed stones and embellishments.
  • Varied Styles: Choose from traditional peacock feather inspired crowns, those adorned with shimmering gems, or elaborate, tiered Mukuts that exude a regal aura.

Mala (Necklace): Devotion and Spiritual Connection

  • Beads of Prayer: The Mala often features beads of sacred materials such as tulsi (holy basil) or rudraksha, known for their spiritual properties. Strings of pearls add a touch of divine luminosity.
  • Precious Stones: Admire malas crafted with precious and semi-precious stones like amethyst, turquoise, or jade, each carrying its own unique symbolism and energetic qualities.
  • Symbol of Devotion: The mala draped around Laddu Gopal Ji’s neck represents the devotee’s offering of love, unwavering faith, and a desire for spiritual connection.

Bansuri (Flute): Love, Music, and Enchantment

  • Krishna’s Melodies: The bansuri is intrinsically linked to Lord Krishna, his enchanting melodies attracting souls and spreading divine love throughout the universe.
  • Symbol of Attraction: The sweet sound of the bansuri represents Krishna’s irresistible charm, drawing devotees closer to his divine presence.
  • Craftsmanship: Choose from bansuris made of different materials like wood, bamboo, or metal, each offering a unique tonal quality. Some are delicately carved or painted with beautiful patterns.

Kundal (Earrings): Radiance and Divine Beauty

  • Divine Adornment: Admire the delicate designs of these earrings, from simple hoops to elaborate jhumka-style adornments embellished with colorful stones or pearls.
  • Reflected Glory: The Kundal enhance the beauty of Ladoo Gopal Ji’s face, mirroring his divine radiance and illuminating his captivating smile.
  • Symbol of Listening: Earrings also symbolize attentiveness, representing Lord Krishna’s willingness to listen to the prayers and heartfelt wishes of his devotees.

Kada (Bangles): Strength, Protection, and Grace

  • Divine Protection: Kadas encircling Laddu Gopal Ji’s wrists represent a shield of protection, warding off negativity and invoking divine blessings.
  • Unwavering Strength: The Kadas symbolize the inner strength and resilience that Lord Krishna bestows upon his devotees.
  • Elegant Grace: Choose from Kadas made of precious metals, or those carved from colorful materials, adding a touch of elegance and beauty to your deity’s adornments.

Chhari (Mace): Righteousness and Divine Power

  • Symbol of Authority: The Chhari signifies Lord Krishna’s role as the protector of dharma (righteousness), upholding truth and vanquishing evil.
  • Triumph of Good: The mace reminds devotees of Lord Krishna’s unwavering dedication to justice and his ultimate victory over darkness.
  • Material and Design: Chharis are often made of metal, sometimes intricately carved or etched with sacred symbols or decorative patterns.


  • Deity Size: Perfect for Laddu Gopal Ji idols sizes 3-4.
  • Materials:
    • Mukut: Brass base, adorned with colorful acrylic stones and a soft fabric lining.
    • Mala: Natural sandalwood beads with a durable cotton thread.
    • Bansuri: Hand-carved bamboo with painted accents.
    • Kundal, Kada, Chhari: Gold-plated metal with inlaid multi-color stones
  • Items Included:
    • Mukut (Crown)
    • Mala (Necklace)
    • Bansuri (Flute)
    • Kundal (Earrings, pair)
    • Kada (Bangles, pair)
    • Chhari (Mace)

Additional Specifications

  • Dimensions:
    • Mukut: Approximately 2 inches in diameter.
    • Bansuri: Approximately 4 inches in length.
  • Weight: Approximately 50 grams (for entire set).
  • Finish: Polished gold finish on metal items.
  • Colors: Mukut features red, green, and blue stones. Mala has a natural brown sandalwood color.

The Artisan’s Touch: A Labor of Love and Devotion

  • Generations of Skill: Many artisans who specialize in crafting Laddu Gopal accessories inherit their skills from generations before them. Their work is not just a profession but an act of devotion passed down through families.
  • Meticulous Detailing: Observe the intricate patterns etched into the mukut, the precise setting of each tiny stone, the delicate beadwork on the mala. These details showcase the immense patience, focus, and steady hands of the crafter.
  • Symbolism in Every Element: The designs woven into the shringar pieces are not merely decorative. They often carry auspicious symbols, patterns, and motifs representing facets of Lord Krishna’s life and his divine qualities.

Excellence in Materials: Enduring Beauty

  • Precious Metals: Mukuts, kadas, and other pieces may be crafted from pure gold, silver, or other alloys known for their luster and durability. These materials signify both opulence and the enduring nature of your devotion.
  • Brilliant Gemstones: Colorful stones adorning the shringar set are carefully chosen and set. Semi-precious stones, pearls, and even shimmering crystals add a touch of divine radiance and enhance the overall beauty.
  • Vibrant, Sacred Colors: The choice of colors on the mala, the embellishments, and across the shringar set is deliberate. They often represent qualities associated with Lord Krishna or carry symbolic significance within the Hindu tradition.

Built to Inspire for Generations

  • Durable Construction: The shringar set is designed to adorn your Laddu Gopal Ji for years to come. Each piece is crafted sturdily to withstand the gentle rituals of dressing and maintaining your deity.
  • Finish that Endures: Choose from polished finishes that gleam, antique patinas which add charm, or protective coatings that prevent tarnishing. The aim is to preserve that aura of divine beauty.
  • A Legacy of Devotion: A well-made shringar set can be passed down as a cherished heirloom, a tangible symbol of your family’s devotion to Lord Krishna.

Understanding Laddu Gopal Ji Idol Sizes:

  • Measured in Numbers: Laddu Gopal Ji idols are traditionally sized by number (00, 0, 1, 2, etc.). These numbers generally correspond to the height of the idol in inches, but can slightly vary between manufacturers.
  • Ideal Fit: Choosing the right-sized shringar set is essential for a visually pleasing and harmonious presentation of your beloved deity.

Why Sizes 3-4 Are Perfect for Your Laddu Gopal accessories:

  • Popularity: Idols of sizes 3 and 4 are among the most common sizes for home worship. This makes your shringar set accessible to a wide range of devotees.
  • Visual Harmony: The proportions of the mukut, mala, bansuri, and other adornments in your set are meticulously designed to complement idols of this size. Too-large accessories can overwhelm a smaller idol, while too-small ones can appear disproportionate.
  • The Graceful Fit: With your shringar set, devotees can be assured that each piece will drape beautifully on their Laddu Gopal Ji. There’s no worry of ill-fitting malas slipping off, or mukut sliding awkwardly on the idol’s head.

The Importance of a Perfect Fit:

  • Enhanced Beauty: A well-fitting shringar set accentuates the divine beauty of Laddu Gopal Ji, creating a visually stunning and captivating presence.
  • Symbol of Devotion: The effort taken to ensure a perfect fit demonstrates the devotee’s love, care, and attention to detail in their worship practices.
  • Spiritual Experience: A flawlessly adorned Laddu Gopal Ji enhances the overall devotional experience, fostering a deeper connection with the divine.

Additional Considerations:

  • Slight Variations: Be aware that even within the same size number, there can be slight variations in idol dimensions between different manufacturers.
  • Adjustable Elements: If possible, incorporating some adjustable features (e.g., elastic in a mala, drawstring for a mukut) offers flexibility to fit a slightly wider range of idols.

The Gift of Devotion: A Symbol of Love & Connection

  • Expressing Love for Krishna: Gifting this shringar set is a beautiful way to express your own devotion to Lord Krishna and share that love with another devotee. It’s an act of acknowledging and nurturing their spiritual connection.
  • Tangible Expression of Faith: The act of adorning the Laddu Gopal Ji idol is a ritual filled with love. The shringar set provides the tools to perform this ritual, making it a tangible representation of faith and devotion.
  • Deepening the Bond: Gifting a shringar set allows the devotee to enhance their worship, creating a deeper, more personal bond with Lord Krishna and their own spirituality.

Special Occasions: Elevating Celebrations & Rituals

  • Janmashtami: The celebration of Lord Krishna’s birth becomes even more joyous with a Laddu Gopal accessories. Adorning Laddu Gopal Ji with these beautiful items adds a special touch to Janmashtami rituals.
  • Diwali: The festival of lights signifies the triumph of good over evil and knowledge over darkness. A new shringar set enhances the radiance of the Laddu Gopal Ji idol, making Diwali celebrations even more vibrant.
  • Auspicious Days: Any holy day or special occasion in a devotee’s life becomes more meaningful. The shringar set can be use to mark anniversaries, new beginnings, or simply to offer gratitude.

A Cherished Treasure: Lasting Value

  • Heirloom Potential: Crafted with quality materials, the shringar set can be pass down through generations, becoming a cherish family heirloom imbued with devotional significance.
  • A Reminder of Your Love: Each time the devotee uses the shringar set, they’ll be remind of your thoughtful gift and the bond you share through your love for Lord Krishna.
  • Encouraging Daily Practice: A beautiful shringar set inspires the devotee to engage in the ritual of dressing Laddu Gopal Ji regularly, fostering a deeper spiritual practice.

Enhance Your Devotional Experience: A Journey of Love and Connection

The simple act of adorning your Laddu Gopal Ji with this exquisite Mukut Mala Shringar Set holds profound transformative power. It transcends mere decoration, becoming a sacred ritual that deepens your connection with the divine and enriches your spiritual journey.

  • An Expression of Love: As you gently place each piece of the shringar set upon your beloved deity, you are pouring your heart and soul into the process. Each adornment – the crown, the mala, the flute – becomes a tangible expression of your unwavering devotion and the boundless love you hold for Lord Krishna.

  • Nurturing a Divine Bond: The ritual of dressing Laddu Gopal Ji cultivates a sense of intimacy, a personal connection to the divine. You begin to see your deity not just as an idol, but as a living embodiment of Lord Krishna himself. This act of caring for him strengthens your bond and invites his blessings into your life.

  • Ritual and Mindfulness: The focused nature of the ritual brings a sense of peace and mindfulness. As you adorn your Laddu Gopal Ji, your mind quiets, worries fade, and you become fully present in the moment. This sacred time offers a respite from the world and cultivates a profound sense of inner stillness.

  • Fostering Spiritual Growth: The love and care you express through this ritual fosters a profound sense of spiritual fulfillment. It awakens a deeper understanding of the path of bhakti yoga (devotional service) and reminds you of the joy that lies in selfless service to the divine.

Create a Divine Masterpiece: Explore the Splendor of Our Laddu Gopal accessories

Having adorned your Laddu Gopal Ji with this exquisite Mukut Mala Shringar Set, you’ve embarkee on a beautiful journey of devotion and artistry. Now, discover the limitless possibilities to create a truly captivating and awe-inspiring look that reflects your unique love for Lord Krishna.

  • Dresses Fit for a King: Immerse yourself in our vast collection of Laddu Gopal Ji dresses. Explore vibrant silks, delicate cottons, and elaborately embroidered fabrics in a kaleidoscope of colors. Choose from traditional designs or opt for unique, contemporary styles to adorn your deity throughout the year.

  • Malas of Every Devotion: Delve into our diverse selection of malas. Find strands of sacred tulsi beads, signifying purity, or malas crafted from lustrous pearls and precious gemstones. Each bead and each design carries its own spiritual significance, allowing you to express your prayers and intentions through your adornments.

  • The Splendor of Shringar: Discover the intricate details that bring your Laddu Gopal Ji to life. Explore a treasure trove of shringar items such as:

    • Mor Pankh: Adorn your Laddu Gopal Ji’s mukut with vibrant peacock feathers, mirroring Lord Krishna’s own beloved adornment.
    • Singhasan: Elevate your deity with beautifully carved and decorated thrones (singhasans).
    • Jhula: Create a playful and enchanting setting with swings (jhulas) for your Laddu Gopal Ji to enjoy.
    • And so much more! Our collection continues to grow, offering you endless ways to express your devotion.

Your Vision, Our Devotion: At Pujagoodies, we understand that adorning your Laddu Gopal Ji is an act of pure love. We are dedicate to providing you with an exceptional selection of high-quality devotional items to make your vision a reality.

Preparing for the Ritual

  • Purify your space: Create a clean, sacred space where you’ll dress your Laddu Gopal Ji. Light some incense or a diya (oil lamp) to enhance the spiritual atmosphere.
  • Mindful approach: Approach this task with a heart full of love and devotion. Remember, you are adorning the physical representation of the divine Lord Krishna.
  • Gather your items: Assemble your Laddu Gopal Ji shringar set and a small amount of wax glue (if needed).

Adorning Laddu Gopal Ji: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. The Mukut (Crown): Begin by gently placing the majestic mukut upon Laddu Gopal Ji’s head. Choose a position that reflects divine splendor while ensuring the mukut is secure and comfortable.
  2. The Mala (Necklace): Gracefully drape the mala around his neck, letting the beads or precious stones rest near his heart. Imagine each bead as a symbol of your prayers and unwavering devotion.
  3. The Bansuri (Flute): Place the bansuri in Laddu Gopal Ji’s hands, or position it near him. Envision the sweet melodies that would emanate from this sacred instrument, filling your heart with divine love.
  4. The Kundal (Earrings): Apply a tiny amount of wax glue to the back of each earring, and then carefully attach them to Laddu Gopal Ji’s ears. Admire how they enhance his radiant beauty.
  5. The Kada (Bangles): Gently slide the kada over his wrists, symbolizing his divine protection and unwavering strength.
  6. The Chhari (Mace): Place the chhari near Laddu Gopal Ji or in his hand. Reflect on his role as the protector of righteousness and his eternal triumph over negativity.

Admiring Your Devotion

Take a moment to step back and admire your beautifully adorned Laddu Gopal Ji. Feel the love and devotion swell within your heart knowing you have enhanced his divine radiance with your own hands.

Additional Notes:

  • Handle with care: Always handle the shringar items with delicate care, as they are sacred objects.
  • Regular cleaning: Gently clean your shringar set periodically to maintain its beauty and luster.
  • Variations: Personalize the placement and arrangement of the shringar items according to your own devotional preferences.

Experience the blessings and joy of adorning your Laddu Gopal Ji with this exquisite Laddu Gopal accessories. Order yours today!

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