ISKON Krishna Lal Chandan Jaap Mala-108 Beads Rosary Basil-Red Chandan for Jap/Chandan Mala for Chanting

Specification Description
Product Type ISKCON Krishna Lal Chandan Jaap Mala
Material Genuine Red Sandalwood (Lal Chandan)
Bead Count 108 + 1 Guru Bead
Bead Size 7mm (approximately)
Construction Handcrafted, durable thread
Color Natural red variations
Finish Smooth, polished
Scent Subtle sandalwood fragrance
Packaging Eco-friendly cotton pouch



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ISKCON Krishna Lal Chandan ki Mala – 108 Beads Rosary 

Embrace the transformative power of spiritual practice with this exquisite ISKON Krishna Lal chandan ki mala. Crafted with 108 smooth, fragrant red sandalwood beads, this mala is a sacred tool for meditation, chanting, and deepening your connection to the divine.

Discover Inner Stillness and Spiritual Connection with the ISKCON Krishna Lal chandan ki mala

This exquisite mala, crafted from genuine red sandalwood, is more than just a beautiful adornment. It’s a powerful tool designed to enhance your spiritual practice and cultivate inner peace.

Spiritual Focus

  • Find Calm and Clarity: Red sandalwood’s grounding energy quiets mental chatter, allowing you to achieve the inner stillness essential for meditation. Its subtle, earthy fragrance anchors the mind, preventing distractions and promoting deep focus for your spiritual practices.
  • The Ideal Japa Companion: The repetitive nature of japa meditation, combined with the smooth feel of the sandalwood beads and their delicate scent, creates a multi-sensory experience that deepens your meditative state.

Spiritual Connection

  • Embody Krishna’s Blessings: In the ISKCON tradition, Lord Krishna is associated with sandalwood. Using a mala made of this sacred material fosters a profound connection to Krishna and his qualities of devotion, wisdom, and love.
  • Universal Spiritual Tool: While ideal for ISKCON devotees, this mala offers benefits to anyone seeking a deeper spiritual connection, regardless of specific beliefs.
  • A Constant Reminder: Wearing your mala serves as a tangible symbol of your spiritual path, inspiring you towards a life of awareness, intention, and devotion.

Symbol of Peace and Tranquility

  • Cultivate Inner Peace: Through its connection to spiritual practice, this mala helps you develop inner peace and tranquility that radiates into your daily life.
  • Embody Mindfulness: Wear your mala as a necklace or bracelet to carry its peaceful energy with you, providing a gentle reminder to live with mindfulness and compassion.

Authenticity and Tradition

  • Genuine Red Sandalwood: We use only authentic red sandalwood, ensuring your mala resonates with the full natural and spiritual energy of this sacred material.
  • Rich Color and Soothing Aroma: The beautiful variations in red sandalwood and its delicate fragrance enhance both the beauty of the mala and your meditative experience.
  • Handcrafted with Care: Each mala is thoughtfully handcrafted, making it a unique and deeply personal spiritual tool.
  • Traditional Design: The classic 108+1 bead configuration aligns with spiritual numerology and is ideal for keeping track of mantra repetitions during japa meditation.

Key Features 

Material of Lal chandan ki mala

  • The Essence of Lal Chandan: Crafted from premium quality red sandalwood (lal chandan), this mala embodies the rich spiritual heritage of India. Its deep, warm hue and subtle, earthy fragrance are traditionally believed to promote calmness, focus, and spiritual awareness.

  • Bead Size: Each perfectly balanced bead (approx. 6-8mm diameter) provides a comfortable, satisfying weight during japa meditation. This versatile size suits most hands, ensuring ease of use for both seasoned meditators and those new to mala practice.

  • Number of Beads: This traditional mala features 108 beads, a number holding deep significance in various spiritual traditions, representing wholeness and the cyclical nature of spiritual practice. It concludes with a distinctive guru bead, marking the beginning and end of each meditation cycle.

  • Durable Construction: Each bead is meticulously strung on a robust thread, ensuring your mala remains a cherished companion on your spiritual journey for years to come.

  • Versatile: Ideal for japa meditation, mantra chanting, and a wide range of spiritual practices. Additionally, its natural beauty makes it suitable for everyday wear, serving as a constant reminder of your spiritual aspirations and connection to inner peace.

Lal chandan ki mala Specifications

  • Product Type: Jaap Mala, Meditation Beads, Prayer Beads, Spiritual Rosary
  • Material: Red Sandalwood (Lal Chandan)
  • Bead Count: 108 + 1 Guru Bead
  • Bead Size (approx): 6mm – 8mm
  • Construction: Handcrafted, strong beading thread
  • Color: Natural red sandalwood with variations
  • Scent: Subtle, natural sandalwood aroma
  • Origin: India (ISKCON tradition)

How to Use Your Lal chandan ki mala:

1. Find a quiet space where you can relax and focus.

  • Create Your Sacred Space: Choose a place where you feel undisturbed and at peace. It could be a dedicated meditation corner, a quiet room, or even a serene spot in nature. Minimize distractions by turning off notifications and finding a comfortable position.
  • Set an Intention: Before beginning, take a few moments to reflect on your reason for meditating. Whether seeking calmness, clarity, or connection, bring this intention to the forefront of your mind.

2. Hold your mala in your right hand and gently drape it over your middle finger.

  • Connect with Your Mala: Take a moment to feel the weight and texture of the beads in your hand. Appreciate the craftsmanship and the spiritual energy embodied in the mala.
  • The Significance of the Right Hand: In many traditions, the right hand represents action, focus, and determination.
  • The Middle Finger: This finger is often associated with space and ether, elements believed to enhance clarity and spiritual connection.

3. Starting with the bead next to the guru bead, recite your chosen mantra.

  • The Power of Mantra: Choose a mantra that resonates deeply with you. It could be a traditional Sanskrit mantra, a simple affirmation, or even a single sacred word. Allow the sound and vibration to wash over you.
  • Internalize the Repetition: You can recite your mantra out loud, whisper it quietly, or repeat it silently within your mind. Focus on the meaning and the feeling the mantra evokes.

4. Use your thumb to move each bead, counting each repetition.

  • A Multi-Sensory Experience: The act of moving the beads engages your sense of touch, further anchoring you in the present moment and reinforcing the rhythmic repetition of your mantra.
  • Mindful Movement: Move the beads slowly and deliberately, allowing your thumb to glide across their smooth surface.

5. Continue until you reach the guru bead, signifying a full cycle of 108 repetitions.

  • The Guru Bead: This bead serves as both a starting and ending point. Upon reaching it, you might pause for a moment of reflection or offer gratitude before continuing another round or concluding your meditation.
  • No Pressure: While 108 repetitions are traditional, feel free to start with fewer repetitions and gradually increase as your practice deepens.

Experience the transformative power of a traditional Lal chandan ki mala. Order your ISKON Krishna Lal Chandan Jaap Mala today!

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