Narmadeshwar Shiva Ling with Trishul Decorative Showpiece – 10 cm (Brass, Gold, Brown)

Theme Shape
Colour Golden
Material Metal
Product Dimensions 10.2L x 7.6W x 15.2H Centimeters
Cartoon Character Shiva
Room Type Living Room
Number of Pieces 1
Item Weight 30 Grams
Number of Items 1

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Weight 200 g


Narmadeshwar Shiv Ling with Trishul  (10cm Brass, Gold, Brown)

Immerse yourself in the divine power of Lord Shiva with this exquisite Narmadeshwar Shiv Ling with Trishul Decorative Showpiece. Crafted from gleaming brass with a radiant gold and brown finish, this beautiful piece is a testament to both spirituality and fine craftsmanship.

What is a Narmadeshwar Shiv Ling?

A Narmadeshwar Shiva Ling is a sacred, naturally formed stone found in the Narmada River in India. Revered as a ‘Swayambhu’ (self-manifested) representation of Lord Shiva, it holds immense spiritual significance. The presence of a Narmadeshwar Shivling is believed to bring blessings of health, prosperity, spiritual fulfillment, and the attainment of all desires in life.

The Symbolism of the Shivling

The Shivling is a powerful symbol of Lord Shiva, representing the infinite nature of the divine. The oval-shaped lingam represents the formless aspect of Shiva, while the yoni base represents Shakti, the feminine power. Together, they symbolize the unity of the divine masculine and feminine energies, and creation itself.

The Trishul: Symbol of Protection and Power

This exquisite showpiece features Lord Shiva’s trident, the Trishul, symbolizing his three fundamental powers: creation, preservation, and destruction. It represents the triumph of good over evil and protection from negative forces.


  • Type: Narmadeshwar Shiva Ling with Trishul Decorative Showpiece
  • Material: Narmadeshwar Stone, Brass
  • Theme: Spiritual, Hindu Decor
  • Primary Color: Gold

Benefits of Worshipping a Narmadeshwar Shiv Ling

Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment:

Deepen your connection to Lord Shiva and enhance your spiritual practices.

  • Unleash Your Inner Potential: The Narmadeshwar Shivling serves as a powerful focal point for meditation and prayers, fostering a deep connection with the divine energy of Lord Shiva.
  • Spiritual Awakening: The Shivling’s sacred energy helps quiet the mind and open your awareness for heightened spiritual understanding and insights on your personal journey.
  • Enhanced Devotional Practices: Regular worship of the Narmadeshwar Shivling strengthens your devotion to Lord Shiva, leading to inner transformation and an awakening of your spiritual self.

Blessing and Prosperity:

Invite a flow of auspiciousness, abundance, and fulfillment of desires.

  • Manifest Your Desires: Worshipping the Narmadeshwar Shivling is believed to open doors to fulfilling your righteous desires in harmony with your spiritual growth.
  • Attract Abundance: The Shivling’s auspicious energy attracts prosperity, abundance, and material success in alignment with divine purpose.
  • Auspicious Moments: Keeping this sacred symbol in your home or workplace creates an environment conducive to positive outcomes and auspicious happenings.

Protection from Negativity:

Experience peace and security with the divine shield of Lord Shiva.

  • Divine Safeguard: Lord Shiva protects his devotees by dispelling negative energies and external influences that disrupt mental and spiritual peace.
  • Overcome Inner Obstacles: The Shivling’s energy brings strength and resilience to face inner fears, doubts, and negative tendencies that hinder growth.
  • Feel Secure and Uplifted: Experience a sense of security and protection under the watchful presence of Lord Shiva, fostering a peaceful mind and confident spirit.

Harmonious Living:

Promote balance, tranquility, and positive energy in your surroundings.

  • Peaceful Atmosphere: The presence of the Narmadeshwar Shivling purifies the energy of your space, infusing it with feelings of tranquility and reducing stress.
  • Balanced Relationships: The Shivling promotes harmony, love, and understanding within interpersonal relationships, fostering positive communication.
  • Spiritual Sanctuary: Create a sacred space in your home where you can retreat, connect with your inner self, and cultivate inner peace amidst life’s demands.

Where to Place Your Narmadeshwar Shiva Ling

Choose a sacred space in your home or workplace to place your Narmadeshwar Shiva Ling. Ideal locations include:

Pooja Room:

Your dedicated altar or worship space.

  • Sacred Centerpiece: The Narmadeshwar Shivling becomes the heart of your pooja room, creating a powerful focal point for daily worship and rituals.
  • Invoking Divine Presence: Place the Shivling on a dedicated altar adorned with flowers, incense, and offerings to invoke the blessings of Lord Shiva in your sacred space.
  • Enhanced Devotional Practices: Regular prayers, chanting, and rituals performed in the presence of the Shivling deepen your spiritual connection and enhance the sanctity of your pooja room.

Meditation Area:

Enhance your meditative practices with the Shivling’s energy.

  • Focus and Concentration: The Shivling serves as a powerful point of focus during meditation, helping to still the mind and increase awareness.
  • Spiritual Connection: Meditating near the Shivling allows you to tap into its sacred energy, facilitating a deeper connection with your inner self and the divine.
  • Tranquil Environment: Create a serene meditation space with the Shivling as a focal point, fostering inner peace and aiding spiritual introspection.

Living Room:

Bring positive vibrations and a peaceful atmosphere into your home.

  • Auspicious Presence: The Shivling radiates positive energy throughout your living space, promoting harmony and well-being within your home.
  • Spiritual Touch: Adds an element of sacredness to your living room, infusing the area with tranquility and spiritual ambiance.
  • Conversation Starter: The presence of the Shivling can spark meaningful conversations about spirituality and culture with guests and loved ones.


Foster success, prosperity, and protection in your business endeavors.

  • Positive Energy: The Shivling creates a conducive work environment by dispelling negativity and promoting a sense of purpose and clarity.
  • Protection from Obstacles: Lord Shiva’s protective presence is believed to shield the workplace from obstacles and promote ethical business practices.
  • Abundance and Success: Placing a Shivling at your workplace attracts opportunities for growth, prosperity, and overall success aligned with righteous efforts.

How to Care for Your Narmadeshwar Shiv Ling

Perform regular Abhishek (bathing) with water, milk, or a mixture of both.

  • Sacred Cleansing: The ritual of Abhishek is a way to purify and honor the Shivling. It symbolizes the cleansing of one’s own spirit and the offering of nourishment to the divine energy embodied within the stone.
  • Spiritual Offerings: Water represents purity and the flow of life. Milk signifies abundance and the nurturing aspect of the divine. A mixture of both creates a potent offering for the Shivling.
  • Deepening Devotion: Performing Abhishek with mindful focus and reverence is a beautiful act of devotion to Lord Shiva, strengthening your spiritual connection.

Offer flowers, incense, and sacred offerings as a token of devotion.

  • Fragrant Adornment: Fresh flowers symbolize the beauty and impermanence of creation, reminding us of the cyclical nature of life. Their sweet fragrance creates a pleasing atmosphere for worship.
  • Purifying Aroma: Incense purifies the space around the Shivling. Its rising smoke carries your prayers and aspirations towards the heavens.
  • Symbol of Surrender: Sacred offerings, such as fruits, sweets, or other auspicious items, are placed before the Shivling as a gesture of surrendering your desires to the divine and acknowledging Shiva as the source of all blessings.

Maintain a clean and uncluttered space around the Shivling.

  • Respectful Environment: The space surrounding your Shivling should reflect the reverence you hold for this sacred symbol. Keep the area tidy and free from distractions.
  • Peaceful Ambiance: A clean and uncluttered space promotes a sense of tranquility and clarity, enhancing your focus during worship or meditation.
  • Inviting Positive Energy: Maintaining the sanctity of the space ensures that positive and uplifting energies can freely flow around the Shivling, filling your home or workspace with blessings.


Authentic Narmadeshwar Stone

  • Sacred Origins: The Narmadeshwar Shivling is formed naturally within the holy Narmada River in India, a place of profound spiritual significance in Hinduism. This origin enhances the Shivling’s authenticity and spiritual power.

  • Unique and Natural Beauty: Each Narmadeshwar stone possesses unique formations and patterns shaped by the river’s flow. Every piece is one-of-a-kind, imbued with the sacred energy of its source.

  • Direct Connection to Divinity: Owning a genuine Narmadeshwar Shivling creates a profound connection to the divine. Deepen your spiritual practices and feel the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Handcrafted Brass

  • Devotional Craftsmanship: Skilled artisans meticulously craft the brass setting for your Narmadeshwar Shivling. Their care and precision are an extension of devotion to Lord Shiva.

  • Gleaming Radiance: The beautiful gold finish of the brass radiates purity, light, and auspicious energy.

  • Enduring Beauty: Brass is a durable material, ensuring the Narmadeshwar Shivling’s beauty will endure for years. It holds the potential to become a cherished spiritual heirloom within your family.

Compact Size

  • Space Versatility: The Shivling’s 10 cm size makes it adaptable to a variety of spaces. Place it on a grand altar, in a cozy meditation corner, or even on your work desk for divine blessings throughout your day.

  • Spiritual Convenience: Its size allows for ease of handling during worship rituals while embodying the profound spiritual symbolism of the Shivling.

  • The Perfect Fit: Imagine this beautiful piece effortlessly enhancing the sacred energy of your intended space.

The Power of Three

  • Lord Shiva’s Trident: The included Trishul is Lord Shiva’s powerful weapon. It symbolizes victory over ignorance, negativity, and destructive forces.

  • Enhanced Protection: Experience an added layer of divine protection from the Trishul, shielding you from obstacles and negative influences.

  • Deep Symbolism: The Trishul represents Lord Shiva’s three powers – creation, sustenance, and destruction. Embrace the transformative power within and the cyclical nature of the universe.

Perfect as a Gift

This Narmadeshwar Shiva Ling with Trishul Decorative Showpiece is a thoughtful and meaningful gift for:

Housewarmings and New Beginnings

  • Blessing New Spaces: The Narmadeshwar Shivling is the perfect way to bless a new home, inviting auspicious energy, abundance, and divine protection into the space.
  • Symbol of Fresh Starts: Gifting a Shivling on this occasion symbolizes positive beginnings, spiritual grounding. The potential for growth and harmony within the new home.
  • Creating a Sacred Corner: The Shivling helps establish a dedicated space for spiritual practice and meditation. It fostering inner peace in the new environment.

Weddings and Anniversaries

  • Symbol of Divine Union: The Shivling represents the divine union of Shiva and Shakti. Embodying the balance of masculine and feminine energies. It becomes a powerful symbol of love, companionship, and spiritual partnership within a marriage
  • Blessings for the Couple: Gifting a Shivling wishes the couple a life filled with blessings, strength to overcome challenges. Enduring love with spiritual growth.
  • Spiritual Legacy: The Narmadeshwar Shivling is a timeless gift. It holding the potential to become a cherished family heirloom passed down through generations.

Spiritual Seekers

  • Deepening Their Connection: The Shivling serves as a powerful focal point for the spiritual seeker’s meditations, prayers, and rituals, deepening their connection to Lord Shiva.
  • A Symbol of Self-Discovery: The Shivling, representing the formless aspect of Shiva, aids in introspection and the spiritual journey toward understanding one’s true self.
  • Source of Inspiration: The Narmadeshwar Shivling’s sacred origins and symbolism provide ongoing inspiration and guidance on the seeker’s path.

Diwali, Navratri, and Other Auspicious Occasions

  • Auspicious Offering: Worshipping the Shivling during festivals like Diwali and Navratri is considered highly auspicious and attracts blessings of prosperity, protection, and spiritual illumination.
  • Embracing Tradition: Gifting a Narmadeshwar Shivling honors Hindu traditions and celebrates the significance of these festivals.
  • Sharing Blessings: Giving a Shivling becomes a way to share the joy, devotion, and spiritual energy of these auspicious occasions with loved ones.

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