Cycle Pure Parampara Premium Wet Dhoop for Daily Puja, Rituals, Festivals (100g per Pack)

Brand Cycle
Item Form Wet Dhoop
Material Pure Ghee, Rare Herbs and Resins.
Scent Traditional, Natural and Guggul
Product Benefits Pleasant Fragrance for divine ambience, long lasting fragrance agarbatti, relaxation, yoga, meditation, positive energy, refreshing and de-stressing


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Cycle Pure Parampara Premium Wet Dhoop –  (100g)

Immerse your senses in the divine fragrance of Cycle Pure Parampara Premium Wet Dhoop. The tradition of dhoop is an integral part of Indian spirituality, used in daily puja, rituals, and festivals. This premium dhoop is meticulously crafted to bring the essence of purity and spirituality into your home.

The Fragrance of Purity 

Immerse yourself in the heart of Indian tradition with Cycle Pure Parampara Premium Wet Dhoop. Experience a fragrance that transcends the ordinary, a blend of time-honored ingredients meticulously chosen for their spiritual significance and aromatic purity.

The Essence of Ghee: The Foundation of Purity

At the heart of Cycle Pure Parampara Premium Wet Dhoop lies the time-honored tradition of using pure ghee (clarified butter) in sacred rituals. In India, ghee holds immense cultural and spiritual significance. It’s associated with purity, abundance, and the nourishment of both body and spirit. When ghee is gently heated as part of the dhoop, it releases a delicate, slightly sweet fragrance that fills the air with a sense of warmth, comfort, and sanctity. This pure essence forms the base upon which the intricate tapestry of Parampara’s aroma is woven.

Rare Herbs: A Symphony of Sacred Dhoop Scents

Cycle Pure Parampara incorporates a meticulously selected blend of rare and precious herbs, each renowned for their unique aromatic and spiritual properties. These herbs are carefully sourced and blended to create a harmonious and uplifting fragrance:

  • Sandalwood: The grounding scent of sandalwood, with its sweet, woody undertones, creates a sense of tranquility and helps to center the mind. Traditionally, sandalwood is believed to promote spiritual awareness and connection.
  • Frankincense: This precious resin exudes a gentle sweetness and subtle balsamic notes. Its use in rituals dates back centuries, believed to elevate the spirit and enhance the sense of divine presence.
  • And Others: The exact blend of herbs in Parampara is likely a closely guarded secret, but other botanicals known for their use in traditional dhoop may include myrrh, benzoin, or camphor – each adding a unique dimension to the dhoop’s overall aroma.

The Power of Resins: Depth and Mystique

Natural resins lend a distinct warmth, earthiness, and a touch of mystique to the fragrance of Parampara Premium Wet Dhoop. One of the key resins used is likely guggul, a staple in Ayurvedic practices and spiritual ceremonies.

  • Guggul: With its warm, balsamic, and slightly smoky fragrance, guggul is renowned for its cleansing and purifying properties. It’s believed to dispel negative energies and create a spiritually charged atmosphere promoting positivity and peace.

Charcoal-Free Dhoop: The True Essence Revealed

A defining characteristic of Cycle Pure Parampara Premium Wet Dhoop is its charcoal-free formulation. Many incense products rely on charcoal as a base to facilitate burning. In contrast, Cycle Pure takes pride in allowing the pure, unadulterated fragrance of the natural ingredients to shine through. This means you experience the true essence of carefully chosen herbs, resins, and pure ghee – untainted by the smokiness of charcoal.

Enhance Your Daily Puja and Create a Sacred Space

Your daily puja is a moment of quiet devotion, a connection to the divine. Let Cycle Pure Parampara Premium Wet Dhoop transform this ritual into a multi-sensory experience.

A Ritual of Preparation

The act of preparing for your daily puja or ritual is a mindful transition. As you reach for a stick of Cycle Pure Parampara Premium Wet Dhoop, take a moment to simply appreciate it. Inhale the delicate, unlit fragrance—earthy notes of herbs mingle with the rich sweetness of ghee and a hint of resinous warmth. This scent carries the promise of the tranquility that lies ahead.

Carefully light the tip of the dhoop. Watch the flame flicker and then gently blow it out. See those first tendrils of smoke begin their ethereal dance. They curl and twist, slowly rising upwards, mirroring the way your prayers and intentions ascend towards the divine.

A Sacred Space Takes Shape

Unlike harsh or overly perfumed incense, Parampara’s fragrance unfolds with a gentle presence. It begins to permeate your designated prayer space, not overwhelming it but rather transforming it. The natural aroma of herbs, the grounding scent of ghee, and the subtly sweet resin create an environment that encourages stillness. It’s an atmosphere that invites you to leave behind the distractions of the day and focus on the spiritual task at hand.

A Deepening Connection

As you begin your puja, whether it be chanting mantras, offering prayers, or simply sitting in meditative contemplation, the fragrance of Parampara becomes your companion. Its presence enhances the ritual rather than detracts from it. The scent anchors you in the present moment, drawing your attention to the significance of each sacred action you perform.

Beyond the Ritual: The Lingering Effect

The beauty of Cycle Pure Parampara lies not only in the immediate experience but in its lasting impact. Even after your puja has concluded, a delicate hint of the calming aroma remains. This subtle presence lingers in the air, a soft reminder of the peace and spiritual focus you cultivated during your ritual. Throughout the rest of your day, it serves as a gentle nudge, encouraging you to carry the spirit of your practice into your interactions and activities.

Specifications of Dhoop

  • Brand: Cycle Pure
  • Product Name: Parampara Premium Wet Dhoop
  • Form: Wet Dhoop Sticks
  • Primary Ingredients: Pure Ghee, Rare Herbs, Natural Resins
  • Scent Profile: Traditional, Earthy, Warm, Subtle Sweetness
  • Sustainability: Ethically sourced ingredients, supports women’s empowerment, environmental initiatives, sacred tree planting
  • Quantity: 100g per pack

Key Features 

Traditional Indian Rituals:

Elevate your daily puja, rituals, and festivals with this premium wet dhoop.

  • Deep-Rooted Connection: Dhoop holds a profound place in Indian spirituality. Its use evokes a sense of tradition, connecting you to ancient practices that have fostered faith and devotion for centuries.
  • Enhance Daily Puja: The fragrance becomes an offering. It purifies the space and creates an inviting atmosphere for your daily prayers and worship.
  • Spiritual Significance for Rituals: Parampara’s pure fragrance elevates the importance of rituals and ceremonies, marking special occasions with a distinct and memorable aroma.
  • Festive Celebrations: Festivals become even more vibrant with the addition of this traditional element. The fragrance fills the air with positivity and enhances the sense of joy.

Experience the Dhoop:

Handcrafted with pure ghee, rare herbs, and natural resins.

  • Pure Ghee: Ghee (clarified butter) is a sacred offering in Hinduism, symbolizing purity and nourishment. It imparts a rich, slightly sweet aroma to the dhoop.
  • Rare Herbs: Specific herbs hold significant spiritual and aromatic qualities in Indian traditions. Their inclusion speaks to the meticulous selection of ingredients for this premium dhoop.
  • Natural Resins: Resins such as guggul and frankincense contribute complex, earthy, and often slightly sweet notes to the fragrance, known for their spiritual and calming properties.
  • Handcrafted with Care: The emphasis on handcrafting conveys a sense of dedication and respect for the process, ensuring a thoughtfully created product.

Aromatic Bliss & Divine Ambience:

Enjoy the calming and spiritually uplifting fragrance.

  • Aromatherapy for the Soul: The fragrance of Parampara transcends mere scent. It becomes a tool for achieving inner peace and spiritual connection.
  • Calming Effect: Natural fragrances interact with our senses to promote tranquility, ideal for creating a conducive environment for prayers or rituals.
  • Uplifting the Spirit: The complex fragrance fosters a positive atmosphere, dispelling negativity and inviting a serene, devotional state of mind.

Ideal for Meditation and Yoga:

Enhance your mindfulness practices with this soothing aroma.

  • Focus and Centering: The steady fragrance provides an anchor for the mind during meditation, aiding in staying present and attentive.
  • Breath Awareness: The aroma can enhance focus on pranayama (Yogic breathing) creating a deeper connection to the breath.
  • Relaxation: The calming properties support asana (yoga postures) by easing tension and promoting a sense of peace within the body.

Long-Lasting Dhoop Fragrance:

Creates a lingering fragrance for an extended spiritual experience.

  • Extended Rituals: The fragrance gently lingers, maintaining the sacred atmosphere for the duration of your prayers, rituals, or meditation session.
  • Mood Enhancement: The slow dissipation of the aroma offers a continuous, subtle mood-lift throughout your space.

The Cycle Pure Dhoop Promise of Sustainability:

Ethically sourced, supports women and the environment.

  • Commitment to Values: Emphasizes Cycle Pure’s dedication to sourcing ingredients responsibly while making a positive impact on both people and the planet.
  • Empowering Communities: Choosing this product directly contributes to women’s empowerment initiatives and provides livelihood opportunities.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Acknowledges the importance of sustainable practices in creating sacred products, ensuring respect for the Earth’s resources.

Perfect for Rituals, Festivals, Meditation, & Yoga

The calming, natural fragrance of Cycle Pure Parampara makes it ideal for:

Rituals and Ceremonies

  • Creating Sacred Space: The fragrance of Cycle Pure Parampara, with its blend of natural resins and herbs, helps set a tone of reverence and sanctity. This aids focus during prayers, rituals, or ceremonies of any spiritual tradition.
  • Purification & Offering: In many traditions, the smoke from incense is seen as a form of cleansing and purifying the energy of a space or ritual objects. Dhoop can also represent an offering to the Divine or deities invoked.
  • Symbol of Transformation: The upward flow of the dhoop smoke can symbolize the rising of prayers, aspirations, and intentions, carrying them towards the higher realms.


  • Enhancing the Festive Spirit: The warm, traditional fragrance of Cycle Pure Parampara complements the celebratory nature of festivals. It evokes a sense of joy, auspiciousness, and togetherness.
  • Spiritual Connection: During festivals that hold religious or cultural significance, the fragrance of dhoop adds a layer of spiritual depth, connecting you to the essence of the celebration.
  • Welcoming Energy: Welcoming guests and family with the pleasant fragrance of dhoop creates a positive and inviting atmosphere.


  • Focus & Calmness: The soothing scent of Cycle Pure Parampara helps quiet the mind and settle distracting thoughts, allowing for easier focus during meditation.
  • Spiritual Grounding: Natural fragrances often help establish a deeper connection to one’s inner self and spirituality, promoting a mindful state during meditation practice.
  • Ritualization: The act of lighting the dhoop can become a part of your meditation ritual, signaling to the mind and body that it’s time for stillness and introspection.


  • Breath Awareness: The subtle yet distinct fragrance of Cycle Pure Parampara enhances awareness of the breath, an essential aspect of yoga practice.
  • Promoting Relaxation: The calming nature of the scent helps release physical and mental tension, encouraging deeper relaxation in asanas (yoga postures).
  • Mindful Atmosphere: The fragrance helps create an environment conducive to mindful movement, introspection, and connection to the yogic path.

The Cycle Pure Dhoop Promise

Cycle Pure is committed to creating products that are both high-quality and ethically conscious. The ingredients of Parampara Premium Wet Dhoop are meticulously sourced from sustainable farms and suppliers. By choosing Cycle Pure, you support fair trade, empower women’s initiatives, protect the environment, and contribute to sacred tree planting. Embrace a world of spiritual and holistic well-being.

Experience the Dhoop Difference – Order Today!

Enhance your spiritual life and transform your home with Cycle Pure Parampara Premium Wet Dhoop. Place your order today and discover the power of pure, natural fragrance meant for divine experiences.

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