Shiv Shakti Arts® Sanatan Navgrah lakdi | hawan lakdi | Hawan Navgrah Samidha (9 Grah Lakdi) – for Hawan Kund Items for Pooja Home Mandir

  • Shiv Shakti Arts Sanatan Navgrah lakdi | hawan lakdi | Hawan Navgrah Samidha ( 9 Grah Lakdi ) – For Hawan Kund Items for Pooja Home Mandir
  • This Hawan Samagri is ideal for use during puja ceremonies and different havan types on occasions such as weddings, house-warming, bhumi-puja, festivals, Navratri and Durga Puja, Diwali and more
  • You can perform yagna or havan easily at home with This Shiv Shakti Arts Hawan Samagri. or can be use for Pooja Purpose.
  • Enhance the decor value of your Home Mandir & Temple with Shiv Shakti Arts Exclusive Pooja & Spritual Items.
  • On the occasion of diwali, christmas, anniversary, birthdays these items can be readily turned into a wonderful gift item.



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Experience Divine Blessings with Shiv Shakti Arts® Sanatan Navgrah Lakdi

Embrace the auspicious energies of the nine planets (Navgrahas) with Shiv Shakti Arts® Sanatan Navgrah Lakdi. This premium hawan samagri is meticulously crafted from sacred woods specifically associated with each planet, ensuring the purest and most potent offerings for your rituals and ceremonies.

Key Features & Benefits:

Embrace Timeless Traditions:

Experience the Sacred Power of Navgrah Lakdi

Immerse yourself in the profound wisdom of the Vedas with our Navgrah lakdi. Each piece of wood is carefully sourced and prepared according to the guidance of ancient texts, ensuring the most authentic and potent offerings for your havans, yagnas, and pujas. Feel the subtle fragrance of the wood, its natural texture under your fingertips – a testament to the enduring power of Vedic rituals.

Versatile Support for Your Spiritual Journey

Whether you seek simple daily devotion or the blessings of an elaborate Navagraha Shanti ceremony, our Navgrah lakdi empowers your practice. This comprehensive set supports a wide array of rituals, welcoming practitioners of all experience levels into the sacred world of the fire ceremony.

Unlock Peace, Harmony, and Spiritual Radiance

Invite serenity, clarity, and a vibrant spiritual energy into your home and sacred spaces. Havans offer a potent form of purification, dispelling negativity and invoking the blessings of the Navagrahas. Let these transformative rituals uplift not only yourself but extend their positive vibrations to all those who dwell within your space.

Integrate Ritual into the Rhythm of Life

From daily poojas to grand celebrations like Diwali or a housewarming, discover how Navgrah lakdi becomes an ever-present source of auspiciousness. Whether marking momentous occasions or simply finding grounding in the everyday, these ancient practices weave the sacred into the fabric of your life.

A Gift Steeped in Meaning

Share the gift of well-being and spiritual connection with your loved ones. Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion where you wish to uplift, our Navgrah lakdi symbolizes deep blessings and the enduring power of your support.

Enhance Your Sacred Space

The natural beauty of these sacred woods seamlessly complements your home mandir or temple. Their simple elegance and inherent sacredness enhance the atmosphere of your sanctuary, a timeless reminder of your reverence and devotion.

Note: If you have information about specific Vedic texts or a lineage involved, those details can be effortlessly woven in for even greater authenticity.

What is a Havan?

A havan is a sacred Hindu fire ritual where offerings are made to deities amidst the chanting of Vedic mantras. It is a potent way to purify the environment, invoke divine blessings, and seek fulfillment of desires.

Why is Navgrah Shanti Important?

The nine planets (Navagrahas) hold immense power in Vedic astrology. Aligning yourself with their positive energies can remove obstacles, attract prosperity, and bring overall well-being. Navgrah Shanti havans are performed to appease the planets and mitigate their negative influences.

What’s Included in Shiv Shakti Arts® Sanatan Navgrah Lakdi?

Our Hawan Samagri features a carefully curated selection of sacred woods representing each planet:

  • Sun (Surya): Peepal wood
  • Moon (Chandra): Palash wood
  • Mars (Mangal): Khadira wood
  • Mercury (Budh): Apamarga wood
  • Jupiter: Banana stem
  • Venus (Shukra): Gular wood
  • Saturn (Shani): Shami wood
  • Rahu: Durva Grass
  • Ketu: Kusha Grass

How to Use Navgrah Lakdi

Preparing the Havan Kund

  1. Location: Choose a clean, well-ventilated area where you can conduct the ritual undisturbed. Outdoors is ideal, but if indoors, ensure good air circulation.
  2. The Pit: A traditional havan kund can be a square or round pit in the earth. For convenience, you can use a fire-safe metal container of appropriate size.
  3. Base Layer: Line the base of your havan kund with sand or dry earth for heat insulation.
  4. Fuel: Dry mango wood is a traditional choice for the fire, as it burns steadily. You might also use small pieces of other wood for kindling.

Igniting the Sacred Flame

  1. Purification: Sprinkle water around the havan kund area to symbolically cleanse the space.
  2. Starting the Fire: Begin your fire using natural methods if possible (rubbing wood, camphor, etc.). Matches are acceptable if needed.
  3. Initial Offering: Once the fire establishes itself, offer a small amount of ghee (clarified butter) as a gesture of respect and to nourish the flames.

Offering the Navagrah Lakdi

  1. Mantra and Intention: Each of the nine Navagrah woods is associated with specific mantras. Recite the appropriate mantra or a prayer expressing your intention as you offer each piece of wood to the fire. (You’ll need to find resources listing these specific mantras).
  2. Visualization: As the wood burns, visualize the energy of the planet being invoked, purified, and its blessings directed toward your desired outcome.

Havan Samagri

  1. Ghee: Throughout the havan, offer ghee regularly to sustain the fire and enhance the fragrance of the offerings.
  2. Herbal Blend: You may include a prepared havan samagri mix, containing various herbs, grains, and resins. These blends vary based on the specific purpose of your ritual.
  3. Personal Offerings: If the ritual is for an individual, include items with symbolic significance to them (a flower representing a goal, a special grain, etc.).

Concluding the Havan

  1. Final Offering (Purnahuti): Mark the end of the main offerings with a more elaborate mixture of samagri, sweet items, and a generous amount of ghee.
  2. Gratitude & Prayer: Offer heartfelt prayers of thanks to the deities invoked as well as the element of fire. Express your wishes for positive outcomes from the ritual.
  3. Extinguishing the Flame: Ideally, allow the fire to burn out on its own. If extinguishing is necessary, do so with milk, water, or by smothering with sand. Never use water directly on a still-hot havan kund.

Important Notes:

  • Havan practices can be complex: If you are new to this, consider seeking guidance from an experienced practitioner or finding detailed resources specific to your desired ritual.
  • Rituals vary: Navagraha Shanti havans have their own structures and may involve additional elements.
  • Safety first: Always practice fire safety. Have a means to extinguish the fire handy and never leave it unattended.

Experience the Power of Navgrah Shanti with Shiv Shakti Arts®

Our commitment to quality and authenticity ensures that you receive the most genuine and spiritually charged Navgrah lakdi. Invite the blessings of the planets into your life and create a space of harmony, peace, and abundance.

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