Pooja Paath denim Rose , Azzaro, Namaskar, Big Boss , Kasturi, Sindoor dry dhoop sticks

Commodity – Dry dhoop Sticks

Approx burning duration – 40 min

Net contents – 9 Sticks /pack

Length of Stick- 20 cm

Thickness- 1 cm


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Pooja Paath Premium Dry Dhoop Sticks (Rose, Azzaro, Namaskar, Big Boss, Kasturi, Sindoor)

Unleash the power of fragrance to enhance your spiritual practice with our exquisite collection of Pooja Paath Premium Dry Dhoop Sticks. Crafted with the finest natural ingredients and traditional methods, these dhoop sticks offer a sensory journey that awakens the soul and deepens your connection to the divine.

Experience the Transformative Power of Dhoop Scent

Pooja Paath Rose:

  • The Fragrance: Imagine the delicate scent of freshly bloomed roses, their sweet and velvety aroma filling the air. It’s not just the smell, but the essence of roses – their association with love, compassion, and the opening of the heart.
  • The Experience: This dhoop invites a sense of tranquility and deepens feelings of devotion. It’s like being surrounded by a fragrant sanctuary, where you can connect with the tenderness and beauty within yourself and the divine.


  • The Fragrance: Think of a clean, crisp scent reminiscent of fresh linens or a gentle breeze on a clear day. There’s a subtle hint of something aquatic or ozonic, creating a feeling of openness and clarity.
  • The Experience: Azzaro dhoop promotes a sense of mental spaciousness. It’s like clearing away mental clutter, helping you focus, and creating a feeling of profound stillness and inner peace.


  • The Fragrance: Namaskar evokes a warm, inviting fragrance. Imagine a blend of spices like cinnamon and clove, with underlying notes of sandalwood or cedar. It has a slightly sweet and comforting quality.
  • The Experience: This dhoop is designed to create a welcoming atmosphere for spirituality. It feels nurturing and supportive, inviting you to open your heart and connect with the sacredness of your practice.

Big Boss:

  • The Fragrance: Imagine a rich, bold scent with hints of spice and earthiness. Think of luxurious woods like oud or patchouli, balanced with perhaps a touch of amber. It has a commanding, almost majestic quality.
  • The Experience: Big Boss dhoop is intended to inspire self-assurance and inner power. It can help cultivate feelings of determination and focus, especially when embarking on spiritual endeavors.


  • The Fragrance: Kasturi has a musky, earthy fragrance with a subtle sweetness. It’s a grounding, centering scent with a slightly mysterious and contemplative vibe.
  • The Experience: This dhoop promotes deep relaxation and introspection. It’s about bringing awareness inwards, settling into stillness, and allowing yourself to simply be present in the moment.


  • The Fragrance: Sindoor’s fragrance is vibrant and slightly floral. Notes of saffron, jasmine, and perhaps a hint of spice create a sense of auspiciousness and sacred energy.
  • The Experience: This dhoop embodies devotion and protection. It helps you tap into feelings of reverence, connecting with a sense of the divine and feeling spiritually protected.

Dhoop Specifications

  • Type: Dry Dhoop Sticks
  • Ingredients: Sandalwood powder, essential oils, natural resins (charcoal-free)
  • Fragrances: Rose, Azzaro, Namaskar, Big Boss, Kasturi, Sindoor
  • Quantity: 9 sticks per pack
  • Stick Length: Approximately 20 cm
  • Stick Thickness: Approximately 1 cm
  • Burn Time: Approximately 40 minutes per stick
  • Country of Origin: India

Why Choose Pooja Paath Dry Dhoop Sticks?

Premium Quality: Crafted with Nature’s Finest

Our dhoop sticks are a testament to purity. We source the finest essential oils – think rich sandalwood, delicate rose, and sacred frankincense – along with potent herbs like tulsi, clarifying neem, and uplifting rosemary. Resins like myrrh and benzoin add depth and complexity. You’ll find no synthetic fillers, artificial perfumes, or harsh binders here, just the authentic essence of nature. Our blends often draw inspiration from traditional Ayurvedic recipes, ensuring a harmonious and balanced experience.

Long-lasting Fragrance: A Sensory Sanctuary

Unlike mass-produced incense that fades quickly, each of our dhoop sticks burns with unwavering fragrance for approximately 40 minutes. This allows the aroma to truly unfold, not just fill the air momentarily, but create a lasting atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Enjoy a more mindful, intentional practice as the scent slowly permeates your space.

Traditional Craftsmanship: Honoring an Ancient Art

Each dhoop stick is handcrafted with meticulous care. There are no machines involved, just skilled hands gently rolling and shaping the dough. This process connects our dhoop to a rich spiritual heritage within Indian culture, a lineage dedicated to the power of fragrance. We believe this intentionality infuses the sticks with a positive energy that factory-made incense simply can’t replicate.

Environmentally Conscious: Breathe Freely

Your health and the health of our planet are paramount. That’s why we reject the harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances found in many incense products. Our dhoop sticks offer a pure, safe experience. By choosing natural ingredients, we minimize our environmental footprint, ensuring your spiritual practice aligns with respect for the earth. True holistic wellbeing means a clean body, a clean mind, and a clean environment.

Versatile Use of Dhoop : Discover Your Ritual

Our dhoop sticks are your companions on any spiritual journey. Begin your day with their uplifting aroma during pooja and offerings. Deepen your meditation and yoga practice as the scents enhance focus and relaxation. Transform your home into a sanctuary, a place where the stresses of the world melt away. Or, simply use them to promote positive energy, dispel negativity, and elevate the mood of any room.

How to Use Pooja Paath Dry Dhoop Sticks

Preparing Your Sacred Space

  1. Choose Your Holder Wisely: Opt for a heat-resistant dhoop stick holder or burner. Materials like ceramic, stone, brass, or wood are excellent choices. Ensure the holder is stable and won’t easily tip over.

  2. Find a Suitable Spot: Place your dhoop holder on a flat, non-flammable surface away from curtains, fabrics, or anything potentially flammable. A well-ventilated area is ideal to allow the gentle dispersal of smoke without creating an overwhelming concentration.

The Ritual of Lighting

  1. Ignite with Care: Hold the tip of your dhoop stick over a candle flame, lighter, or match. Wait until the tip glows with a small, steady flame.

  2. Extinguish the Flame, Awaken the Smoke: Gently blow out the flame. You should see the tip glowing red and a delicate wisp of fragrant smoke rising from the dhoop stick.

  3. Secure in the Holder: Carefully place the smoldering end of your dhoop stick into the designated holder, ensuring it’s stable and secure.

Embrace the Transformative Fragrance

  1. Breathe and Observe: As the enchanting aroma fills your space, settle into your meditation practice, begin your prayers, or simply relax with mindful awareness of the scent. Observe how the smoke gently dances and swirls, carrying your intentions and wishes.

  2. Safety First: While the dhoop stick smolders, be mindful of its presence. Never leave it unattended, and make sure it’s fully extinguished before leaving the room.

Additional Tips

  • If the scent becomes too intense, open a window slightly to increase ventilation.
  • Experiment with different dhoop stick fragrances to find the ones that resonate most with your practice and preferences.
  • Turn your dhoop ritual into a multi-sensory experience by incorporating calming music, soft lighting, and comfortable seating.

Experience the difference with Pooja Paath Premium Dry Dhoop Sticks. Order your collection today and embark on a fragrant journey of spiritual awakening!


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