Rudraksh Mala Natural 108 Beads Original for Puja, Jaap Mala – Pack of 1

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Rudraksha Mala – 108 Original Beads

Discover the transformative power of the sacred Rudraksha bead with our handcrafted, original Rudraksha Mala. This exquisite mala features 108+1 genuine Rudraksha beads, carefully strung to create a powerful tool for meditation, japa, puja, and overall spiritual well-being. Awaken your inner divinity and experience the blessings of Lord Shiva with this timeless spiritual accessory.

What is a Rudraksha Mala?

  • A Rudraksha mala is a sacred garland of Rudraksha beads, originating from the tears of Lord Shiva.
  • These beads hold immense spiritual significance and are believed to possess powerful healing and transformative properties.
  • Rudraksha malas are traditionally used for meditation, japa (mantra repetition), and for invoking divine blessings.

Features of Our Rudraksha Mala

108+1 Authentic Beads:

Each bead is carefully sourced and inspected for authenticity, ensuring you receive a genuine Rudraksha mala.

  • Authenticity: The emphasis here is on the genuine nature of the Rudraksha beads. Many buyers are wary of imitations, so highlighting the careful sourcing and inspection process builds trust and sets your product apart from less scrupulous sellers.
  • Tradition: The 108+1 configuration is the traditional number of beads used in a Rudraksha mala. This signifies the mala’s adherence to sacred tradition and enhances the wearer’s connection to their spiritual practices.
  • Value: The attention to authenticity underscores the value of the mala as a genuine spiritual tool, not just a decorative piece of jewelry.

Premium Quality:

The finest Rudraksha beads are meticulously selected for their quality and energy.

  • Excellence: The  highest quality beads are used, ensuring a powerful spiritual experience and a durable product.
  • Discernment: The meticulous selection process implies that each bead is individually examined, assuring customers of the superior quality of the mala.
  • Spiritual Energy: Rudraksha beads are believed to hold intrinsic spiritual energy. Emphasizing the beads’ energy adds an additional dimension of value.

Handcrafted Rudraksha Mala  Design:

Expertly crafted for durability and spiritual significance.

  • Craftsmanship: “Expertly crafted” implies skilled artisans who take pride in creating a product with both physical and spiritual significance.
  • Durability: Customers want malas that can withstand regular use. This assures them that your product is an investment in their spiritual practice.
  • Spiritual Significance: The design itself plays a role in the mala’s spiritual power. This phrase underlines that the mala is not simply jewelry, but a tool for spiritual growth.

Certificate of Authenticity:

Your Rudraksha Mala includes a certificate guaranteeing its authenticity.

  • Proof of Value: The certificate provides tangible evidence of the mala’s authenticity, boosting buyer confidence and justifying its price.
  • Authority: A certificate issued by a recognized source adds an extra layer of legitimacy to your claims of authenticity and quality.
  • Peace of Mind: Many buyers specifically look for certified malas for the peace of mind it gives them.

The Mystical Power of the Rudraksha Mala 

Inner Peace and Calm:

Rudraksha beads and spiritual tranquility

  • Focused Meditation: Rudraksha beads offer a tactile point of focus during meditation. Their texture and the act of moving them through your fingers helps anchor your mind, minimizing distractions and allowing for a deeper, more peaceful meditative state.
  • Calming Energy: The electromagnetic properties of Rudraksha emit subtle vibrations believed to calm the nervous system. This leads to reduced mental agitation, making it easier to achieve inner stillness.
  • Mindfulness Cultivator: As you meditate with your Rudraksha mala, it’s a constant reminder of your spiritual practice, facilitating an increased awareness of the present moment. This continuous mindfulness promotes tranquility even outside of meditation.

Stress and Anxiety Relief:

Rudraksha beads as stress-busters

  • Soothing the Nervous System: The electromagnetic energy of Rudraksha beads may interact with your body’s biofield, having a direct effect on the nervous system. This can downregulate your “fight or flight” response, promoting relaxation and minimizing the effects of stress hormones.
  • Stable Emotions: Rudraksha beads are believed to bring about more balanced emotions. This inner balance makes you less reactive to stress triggers, promoting a sense of resilience and calm.
  • Negative Thought Tamer: When anxious thoughts spiral, the physical act of focusing on moving your mala beads provides an outlet. This simple redirection can pull you out of anxious mental cycles, reducing worry.

Spiritual Alignment:

Rudraksha beads and enhanced spirituality

  • Chakra Harmonization: In traditional belief systems, Rudraksha beads resonate with specific chakras (energy centers) in the body. Wearing or using a mala aids in balancing these chakras, promoting an overall sense of spiritual well-being.
  • Connection to the Divine: Rudraksha means “eye of Shiva.” Using the beads during prayer or meditation is believed to deepen your connection with Lord Shiva and tap into his divine energy. This may manifest as a heightened feeling of spiritual peace and purpose.
  • Self-Discovery Tool: The meditative state facilitated by Rudraksha beads encourages introspection and inner exploration. This self-inquiry can lead to realizations about your true nature and a stronger spiritual foundation.

Healing Properties:

Rudraksha beads for mind and body healing

  • Emotional Healing: The calming effects of Rudraksha beads can impact emotional healing. Reducing anxiety and promoting stability provide a conducive environment for working through past traumas or emotional blockages.
  • Pain Management: While not scientifically proven, some people report that Rudraksha beads offer potential relief from chronic pain. Whether through a calming effect or electromagnetic properties, the beads may help some individuals manage pain symptoms.
  • Improved Concentration: By enhancing focus and clarity, Rudraksha beads can indirectly support cognitive function and concentration, leading to an overall improvement in mental well-being.

Positive Energy:

Rudraksha beads as protectors

  • Protective Shield: Rudraksha are believed to form a protective energetic shield around the wearer, deflecting negative energies and influences. This can lead to feeling safer and more at peace.
  • Aura Cleanser: The beads are thought to cleanse and purify your personal energy field, leaving you feeling refreshed and shielded from unwanted external influences.
  • Positivity Magnet: By creating a more positive aura and dispelling negativity, Rudraksha beads may attract more positivity, good luck, and auspicious opportunities your way.

Divine Blessings:

Rudraksha beads for attracting grace

  • Shiva’s Favor: As the tears of Lord Shiva, Rudraksha beads are conduits for his blessings. Wearing or using your mala shows reverence and may deepen your connection to this powerful deity.
  • Manifestation Support: With a calm mind and aligned energy, wearing a Rudraksha mala can aid in manifesting your goals and desires. The clarity and auspicious energy it promotes may open positive pathways in your life.

How to Use Your Rudraksha Mala


  • Find a Comfortable Space: Choose a quiet, undisturbed place where you can sit comfortably with minimal distractions.
  • Set an Intention: Before starting, take a few moments to center yourself and establish an intention for your meditation practice. This could be focusing on your breath, cultivating mindfulness, or connecting with a specific energy.
  • Hold the Mala: Gently hold the mala in your right hand, with your thumb and middle finger resting on the beads. You can drape the mala over your fingers or rest it on your lap.
  • Close Your Eyes: Softly close your eyes, or keep a soft gaze on a fixed point.
  • Focus on Your Breath: Begin by observing your natural breathing patterns. Follow the rise and fall of your breath.
  • Use the Mala (Optional): If your mind wanders, use the beads as an anchor. With each inhale or exhale, gently move your thumb to the next bead. This tactile sensation helps bring your focus back to the present moment.
  • Remain Mindful: Maintain awareness of your breath, your body, the feel of the beads, and any passing thoughts without judgment.


  • Choose a Mantra: Select a mantra that resonates with you or aligns with your desired spiritual outcome. Some popular mantras include “Om Namah Shivaya” (devoted to Lord Shiva) or a simple “Om” chant.
  • Find a Comfortable Seat: Sit in a comfortable, cross-legged position, such as Padmasana or Sukhasana, with a tall spine.
  • Hold the Mala: Hold the mala in your right hand, with your thumb and middle finger ready to move the beads. You can rest your mala hand on your knee or hold it at chest level.
  • Start Your Chant: Begin chanting your chosen mantra aloud or silently, focusing on its sound and vibration.
  • Count with the Beads: With each mantra repetition, use your thumb to gently pull the next bead towards you.
  • Complete One Mala: Continue chanting your mantra, moving through all 108 beads.


  • Create a Sacred Space: Set up a clean, dedicated altar or space for your puja. You may include images of deities, incense, candles, or offerings.
  • Place Your Mala: Respectfully offer your Rudraksha mala on the altar, in front of a deity image or next to other ritual items.
  • Chant Mantras: During the puja, you may choose to chant specific mantras or prayers while holding the mala or leaving it on the altar.
  • Receive Blessings: The Rudraksha mala, by being present during your puja, absorbs the divine energy and blessings from the ritual.

Wear Your Mala

  • Spiritual Reminder: Wear your Rudraksha mala around your neck or wrist as a constant reminder of your spiritual practice and commitment.
  • Protective Aura: It is believe that the Rudraksha beads create a shield of positive energy around the wearer, offering protection from negative influences.
  • Style and Meaning: Depending on the bead size and design, a Rudraksha mala can be a beautiful and meaningful accessory.

Caring for Your Rudraksha Mala

Cleansing Your Rudraksha Mala

Cleansing removes dust, oils, and subtle energetic residues that can accumulate with use. This keeps your mala fresh and energetically clear.

  • Soft Cloth: The most basic method is to gently wipe your mala with a clean, soft cloth. This is excellent for everyday maintenance. Choose a natural fiber like cotton for the best results.

  • Lukewarm Running Water: For deeper cleansing, hold your mala under lukewarm running water for a few minutes. Avoid hot water or harsh soaps as they can damage the beads. Let the mala air-dry fully before using or storing it.

Periodic Re-Energizing

Re-energizing revitalizes your mala’s inherent spiritual power. Here are two common methods:

  • Moonlight: On a full moon night, place your mala in a safe location where it can receive the soft, gentle energy of the moon for several hours, ideally overnight. Moonlight is believe to have purifying and rejuvenating properties.

  • Sunlight: Place your mala in direct sunlight for a few hours (early morning or later afternoon sunlight is best). The sun’s potent energy is said to reenergize the mala and amplify its spiritual vibrations. Avoid prolonged exposure to midday sun, as it might slightly change the bead’s color.

Handling with Respect

Always treat your mala with reverence as a sacred object. Here’s how to show respect:

  • Intentions: Set clear intentions when using your mala, whether for meditation, japa, or simply wearing it as a reminder of your spiritual path.

  • Cleanliness: Keep your body and hands clean when handling your mala.

  • Safe Storage: When not in use, store your mala in a dedicated pouch or box. A special altar space is ideal for both storage and energizing rituals.

  • Avoidance: Remove your mala before showering, swimming, or sleeping – this helps preserve the beads and the string.

Important Considerations

  • Frequency: Cleansing can be done regularly, while re-energizing might be done every few weeks, on full moons, or when you intuitively feel the mala needs a boost.
  • Bead Type: Some vendors recommend oiling the beads occasionally. Always refer to the specific care instructions provided with your mala, especially if it has combined bead types or adornments.

Experience the transformative power of the Rudraksha Mala for yourself.

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