HARI DARSHAN Wood Devgandh Sambrani Cups -12 Cups in Each

Item Form Sambrani Cups
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HARI DARSHAN Wood Devgandh Sambrani Cups – 12 Cups

Unleash the power of traditional Ayurvedic fragrance with HARI DARSHAN Wood Devgandh Sambrani Cups. Steeped in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Sambrani is a revered blend of natural resins, herbs, and woods, known for its potent purifying and uplifting properties.

Sambrani Cups Benefits:

Ayurvedic Benefits

  • Ancient Wisdom: Sambrani draws upon the principles of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of holistic healing. Its use for cleansing and respiratory health is a practice rooted in this traditional knowledge.
  • Natural Healing: Sambrani offers a natural way to support respiratory well-being. Its cleansing smoke is a gentler alternative to harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances.
  • Mental Clarity: The fresh, uplifting fragrance of Sambrani promotes mental clarity and focus. By purifying the environment, it aids in creating a space for inner peace and concentration.

Spiritual Usage

  • Spiritual Purification: Sambrani holds a significant place in spiritual practices. Its smoke is believed to cleanse spaces of negative energy, inviting blessings and peace into homes, sacred areas, and workplaces.
  • Meditation Aid: Burning Sambrani creates a serene atmosphere ideal for meditation. The aroma and the ritual of its use can deepen focus and introspection.

Crafted with Pure, Natural Sambrani Cups Ingredients:

Our meticulously formulated Sambrani cups are:

Made with Pure Loban & Guggal

  • Tradition Matters: For centuries, Loban (frankincense) and Guggal (Indian Bdellium) have been revered for their spiritual and medicinal qualities. Their use in Sambrani taps into this ancient wisdom, offering cleansing and uplifting benefits.
  • Ethically Sourced: We prioritize quality and sustainability. Our Loban and Guggal are ethically sourced, ensuring you receive the finest natural ingredients while supporting responsible practices.
  • The Power of Simplicity: Our Sambrani cups contain only pure Loban and Guggal. This minimalist approach allows their natural potency and authentic fragrance to stand out.

Free from Harsh Chemicals

  • Health-Conscious Choice: Unlike many incense or air fresheners, our Sambrani contains no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances. It’s a healthier alternative for your well-being.
  • Pure Fragrance: Experience the true, unadulterated aroma of Loban and Guggal. Without chemical interference, their natural fragrance creates a more pleasant and authentic sensory experience.
  • Sensitive-Friendly: Our all-natural Sambrani is ideal for those with sensitivities to artificial fragrances. Enjoy its benefits without worry.

The Ritual of Sambrani


  • Sacred Space: Choose a calm and uncluttered area where you can focus on the ritual of using Sambrani. This could be a dedicated meditation corner, your living room, or any space where you want to create a tranquil, cleansed atmosphere.
  • Safety First: Select a heat-resistant surface like a ceramic plate, metal tray, or a dedicated Sambrani holder. Ensure this surface is place away from flammable materials.


  • The Ritual Begins: Hold the Sambrani cup by its base and gently tilt it at a slight angle. Use a match or lighter to carefully ignite the rim until you see a small, consistent flame.
  • Patience is Key: Allow the flame to burn for a few seconds to ensure the resins are fully ignited. Then, gently blow out the flame, leaving the cup to smolder.


  • Mindful Movement: Slowly and deliberately move the cup throughout your space. Guide the fragrant smoke into corners, along walls, and towards any areas you feel need energetic cleansing.
  • Visualization: As you move, imagine the smoke carrying away any stagnant or negative energies, leaving a sense of lightness and purity behind.


  • Immerse Yourself: Find a comfortable place to sit or relax. Close your eyes and simply inhale the calming fragrance of Loban and Guggal. Notice how the scent transforms the atmosphere, filling you with a sense of peace.
  • Lingering Transformation: The cleansing properties and fragrance of Sambrani can linger for hours. Let the tranquil energy it creates permeate your space and continue enjoying the refreshed ambiance.

Additional Tips:

  • Ventilation: After your Sambrani ritual, open a window or door to allow for fresh air circulation.
  • Mindful Disposal: Once the cup is cool, dispose of the ashes responsibly. If there are any bits of unburned resin, you can save them for future use.

Experience the Difference with HARI DARSHAN Sambrani Cups

Long-lasting Sambrani Cups Fragrance

  • Lingering Aroma: Our Sambrani cups offer more than just a fleeting scent. Each cup generously burns for 25-30 minutes, allowing the cleansing fragrance of Loban and Guggal to thoroughly permeate your space.
  • Hours of Enjoyment: The transformative scent doesn’t disappear once the cup is finished. Enjoy the benefits of Sambrani with an aroma that lingers pleasantly for hours afterward.
  • Value for Money: The extended burn time and lingering fragrance mean each Sambrani cup provides a prolonged aromatherapy and purification experience, offering excellent value.

Convenient and Easy to Use Sambrani Cups

  • No-Fuss Ritual: Sambrani is now simpler than ever. Our ready-to-use cups eliminate the need for charcoal or complicated preparations – just light and experience the benefits.
  • Busy Lifestyles: Perfect for those with limited time. Enjoy the enriching practice of Sambrani, even when your schedule is packed.
  • Travel-Friendly: The compact cups are easily portable. Cleanse hotel rooms, vacation spaces, or create a sacred ambiance anywhere you go.

Trusted Brand

  • Heritage: HARI DARSHAN is a name steep in tradition. Our long history in crafting natural incense products is a testament to our commitment to authenticity.
  • Quality Guarantee: We uphold a tradition of excellence, ensuring you receive only the finest quality Sambrani.
  • Positive Reputation: Discover why customers trust our brand. Explore online reviews and testimonials that reflect satisfaction with our dedication to natural incense.

Order your 12-pack of HARI DARSHAN Wood Devgandh Sambrani Cups today and transform your space into a sanctuary of peace, purity, and spiritual connection.

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