Shivling | Black Marble Shiva Lingam Shivling Mahadev Idol Murti Statue Moorti

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  • Pujagoodies Handcrafted Medium size 5 inch Shiv Ling Idol/ Murti crafted in Black Marble Natural Stone by artisans.
  • Bring home Divinity with our Devotional range. They don’t just accentuate your home and pooja place but also a bring a aura of spirituality & harmony.
  • Colour/Material: Black Natural Stone Weight: 1 Kg Size: Medium
  • Heavy Weight, Solid built. Good size for your Home/ Office/ Workplace/ Desk. Note: Use liquid substances sparingly to maintain the sheen and shine.
  • We have a wide variety of God Idols/ Statues crafted in Brass and Marble. Our range includes Shiva Idol, Shiv Lingam, Nataraj, Adiyogi & Shiva Family. Please refer attached photo showing our range OR type StonKraft Shiva or eSplanade Shiva on Amazon search bar to see our range of Shiva Statue collection.


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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 7.6 × 12.7 × 12.7 cm


Handcrafted Black Marble Shiv ling | Premium Shiva Lingam for Home Temple

Invite the blessings and transformative energy of Lord Shiva into your sacred spaces with this stunning black marble Shiv ling. Meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, this exquisitely detailed idol embodies the timeless symbolism of the Shiva Lingam.

Key Features and Benefits:

Crafted from Premium Black Marble

This exquisitely crafted Shivling is sculpted from the finest black marble, a stone prized for its profound depth and lustrous beauty. The natural elegance of the marble evokes a sense of timeless reverence, instantly creating a powerful connection to the divine energy within.

Intricate Handcrafted Details

Each Shivling bears the hallmark of true devotion, meticulously sculpted by master artisans. Observe the intricate details, the flawlessly smooth curves, and the gentle contours. These are a testament to the countless hours of focused dedication and spiritual craftsmanship poured into its creation.

Ideal for Home Altars

This Shivling possesses a perfectly balanced size, making it the ideal centerpiece for your home temple, meditation space, or any sacred corner within your home. Its presence invites a deeper connection to your devotional practices, infusing your space with profound spiritual energy.

Embodies the Power of Shiva

The Shivling represents Lord Shiva, a principal deity in Hinduism revered as the embodiment of creation, destruction, and the cyclical nature of existence. Meditating upon the Shivling invites Shiva’s powerful energy, bringing the potential for profound spiritual awakening, inner transformation, and the strength for renewal.

Spiritual Gift

Share the blessings of Lord Shiva with those you love. This Shiv ling makes a deeply meaningful gift for auspicious occasions, housewarmings, or for anyone embarking on a spiritual journey. It’s a powerful symbol of peace, inner strength, and the boundless potential for spiritual transformation.


  • Theme: Marble
  • Brand: Pujagoodies
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Traditional
  • Material: Natural Black Marble Stone
  • Product Dimensions: Approx. 7.6L x 12.7W x 12.7H Centimeters (sizes may slightly vary due to handcrafted nature)
  • Cartoon Character: Lord Shiva
  • Room Type: Home temple, office, meditation space, sacred corners
  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Finish Type: Polished

Important Note: To preserve the marble’s shine, avoid excessive liquid use.

Discover the Power of the Shiv ling

The Shivling, an aniconic representation of Lord Shiva, is a profound symbol in Hinduism. Its smooth, egg-like form represents the cosmos, embodying the infinite potential and formless nature of Shiva. Meditating upon the Shivling can deepen your spiritual connection, promote inner peace, and enhance spiritual growth.

Elevate Your Devotional Practice

The presence of this beautiful Shivling offers limitless possibilities for deepening your spiritual connection. Here are a few ways to incorporate it into your daily rituals:

  • Traditional Offerings: Begin your day by offering prayers, fresh flowers, incense, and water to the Shivling as an act of reverence and devotion.
  • Sacred Bathing (Abhishekam): Perform abhishekam by gently bathing the Shivling with water, milk, honey, or other sacred substances while chanting mantras. This ritual purifies and honors the divine energy embodied within.
  • Meditation & Contemplation: Sit in peaceful meditation before the Shivling, allowing its form to guide your focus and quiet your mind. Contemplate the formless nature of Shiva, the cycles of existence, or your own inner journey.
  • Create a Sacred Altar: Adorn the Shivling with a beautiful cloth, flowers, and other meaningful objects to create a dedicated altar space for your spiritual practice.

Explore Our Collection: Discover the Divine in Exquisite Forms

Pujagoodies invites you on a journey of spiritual discovery. Our collection of Hindu deities is a testament to both devotion and artistry. We meticulously curate idols and statues in both lustrous brass and elegant marble, ensuring you find the perfect representation to deepen your practice.

Embrace the Many Forms of Lord Shiva

Our devotion to Lord Shiva shines through our extensive selection. Beyond the auspicious Shivling, explore his dynamic form as Nataraj, the Lord of the Dance; witness his meditative power as Adiyogi, the first yogi; or honor the divine harmony of the Shiva Family.

Your Search for the Sacred Starts Here

To uncover our full collection of Lord Shiva’s representations, simply search for “Pujagoodies Shiva”. Let your heart guide you to the idol that resonates most deeply with your spiritual path.

Order Your Black Marble Shivling Today

Experience the transformative power and spiritual depth that this handcrafted Shivling brings to your life.

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