Vishwakarma Puja Kit

विश्वकर्मा पूजा पुस्तक
हवन सामग्री
लाल कपड़ा
नारियल का गोला
हवन नारियल
नवग्रह चावल
नवग्रह लकड़ी
मिट्टी का दिया
आम के लकड़ी


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The Ultimate Vishwakarma Puja Kit

Embrace the auspicious occasion of Vishwakarma Puja with our meticulously curated Vishwakarma Puja Kit. This comprehensive kit contains all the essential elements to honor Lord Vishwakarma, the divine architect, and seek blessings of prosperity, skill, and safe working environments.

Why Choose Our Vishwakarma Puja Kit?


  • Provenance: “Our Gangajal is sourced directly from the sacred Ganges River in Haridwar, ensuring its purity and potency for your Vishwakarma Puja rituals.”

  • Purity: “We use only the finest, unadulterated ingredients like organic turmeric, whole cloves, and fragrant cardamom pods. You’ll experience the difference in the quality of your offerings.”

  • Traditional Knowledge: “Each element in this kit is carefully chosen according to its significance in Vedic scriptures and long-standing Vishwakarma Puja traditions. Experience an authentic celebration steeped in spiritual significance.”


  • Time Savings: “Picture yourself with a peaceful mind on Vishwakarma Puja day. Our kit eliminates the hassle of running to multiple stores, leaving you ample time to focus on the rituals themselves.”

  • Reduced Stress: “Feel the tension melt away knowing you have everything for a complete and fulfilling puja experience. Let our kit bring clarity and ease to your celebration.”

  • Expertise: “Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to Vishwakarma Puja, our meticulously curated kit ensures you have all the essential elements. Trust in our expertise for a worry-free celebration.”

Spiritual Significance

  • Booklet/Guide: “More than just a ritual guide, our puja booklet delves into the ‘why’ behind each item, explaining the rich symbolism and purpose of every offering.”

  • Connections to the Divine: “Discover how simple elements like camphor symbolize Lord Vishwakarma’s illuminating energy, while grains represent his blessings of abundance and prosperity.”

  • Creating a Sacred Space: “With incense, holy water, and auspicious materials, this kit transforms any space into a haven for devotion. Feel the presence of the divine architect as you perform the puja with reverence.”


  • Thoughtfulness: “Give a gift that speaks volumes. Our Vishwakarma Puja Kit extends wishes for success, safety, and divine guidance in the recipient’s endeavors.”

  • Blessings: “Share the auspiciousness of this festival. Gift blessings of skill enhancement, workplace harmony, and a deep connection with the spirit of creativity and craftsmanship.”

  • Versatile: “Perfect for factories, workshops, homes, or even as a thoughtful housewarming gift for those in technical, engineering, or design fields.”

What’s Inside?

  • Vishwakarma Puja Pustak (Book): Guide to the puja rituals and mantras.
  • Roli & Sindoor: For offering sacred tilak to Lord Vishwakarma.
  • Kalawa (Sacred Thread): Symbolizes protection and blessings.
  • Havan Samagri: A blend of herbs and auspicious materials for the sacred fire ritual.
  • Janeu (Sacred Thread): For offering to Lord Vishwakarma.
  • Supari (Betel Nuts): A traditional offering representing auspiciousness.
  • Kapoor (Camphor): To purify the atmosphere and invoke divine presence.
  • Lal Kapda (Red Cloth): For adorning the puja altar.
  • Nariyal ka Gola (Coconut Shell): A symbol of wholeness and prosperity.
  • Havan Nariyal (Whole Coconut with Husk): An essential offering for the havan.
  • Ghee: Pure clarified butter for fueling the sacred fire.
  • Loung (Cloves) & Ilaichi (Cardamom): Aromatic offerings for the havan.
  • Jau (Barley) & Til (Sesame Seeds): Grains offered for abundance.
  • Batasa and Panchmeva: Sweet offerings to the Lord.
  • Dhupbatti & Agarbatti: Incense to create a sacred ambiance.
  • Rui (Cotton): For preparing wicks for diyas.
  • Haldi (Turmeric): Auspicious spice for purification.
  • Shahad (Honey): Symbol of sweetness and prosperity.
  • Gangajal: Holy water for purification and offerings.
  • Itra (Fragrant Essence): An uplifting fragrance for the deities.
  • Navgrah Chawal & Navgrah Lakdi: Rice and wood offerings for the nine planets.
  • Mitti ka Diya (Clay Lamp): Traditional lamp representing the inner light.
  • Aam ki Lakdi (Mango Wood): Sacred wood for the havan fire.
  • Kush Grass: Considered highly auspicious in rituals.
  • Gugal, Kamal Gatta, Sarvoushadhi & More: Traditional herbal offerings for the havan.

Vishwakarma Puja Kit: Elevate Your Workplace with Divine Blessings

For Factories & Industrial Establishments

  • Large-Scale Protection & Success: Seek blessings for your machinery, workforce, and the overall success of your enterprise. Our authentic kit simplifies even large-scale Vishwakarma Puja rituals.
  • Foster Safety & Productivity: Promote a safer work environment, reduce downtime, and enhance efficiency through the blessings of the Divine Architect.
  • Strengthen Community: Celebrate Vishwakarma Puja to build respect for the tools of your trade and foster camaraderie within your establishment.

 Artisans, Craftsmen, & Engineers

  • Honor Your Skill: Pay homage to Lord Vishwakarma, the source of your talent, and offer gratitude for the tools that empower your creations.
  • Tap into Divine Inspiration: Rekindle your creative spark and find renewed focus and inspiration for your work.
  • Enhance Precision: Seek Vishwakarma’s blessings for skill, meticulous execution, and successful outcomes in your technical endeavors.

All Seeking Success & Creativity

  • Beyond the Workshop: Whether you’re a designer, writer, or anyone who relies on creative tools, Vishwakarma Puja offers inspiration and guidance.
  • Channel the Divine Architect: Connect with the universal creative force and honor the creative process within yourself.
  • Manifest Success: Invoke blessings of prosperity, clarity, and divine support to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Our Vishwakarma Puja Kit Includes:

  • High-quality, authentic puja items
  • Detailed ritual guide with symbolism and explanations
  • Everything you need for a complete and meaningful celebration

Let our Vishwakarma Puja Kit make your celebration truly fulfilling! Order yours today!

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