White Astagandha Chandan | White Sandalwood Powder

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Chandan is also called Sandalwood. It is a tree that produces a sweet smell that is highly refreshing and enticing at the same time. This sweet smell is considered to be the smell of Lord Shiva and it is believed that due to this smell only, snakes are always wrapped around the stem of the Sandalwood trees. It is impossible for a normal person to trespass in the Sandalwood jungle and smuggle the products for commercial or local benefits. The snakes are the protectors of the essence of Lord Shiva and hence, people wearing Chandan or Sandalwood on their body as a Tilak (Tika) are blessed by Nag Devta (Lord of Snakes) and Lord Shiva from all the external problems and troubles.

Chandan is available in three colors naturally: Yellow, Red, and White. All three types of Sandalwood are cultivated in the southern India region. Red Sandalwood is the most difficult one to find. Yellow and White Sandalwood is due to the hybrid cultivation policy in some areas of the plantation. 

Sandalwood is the essence of Lord Shiva and this essence is best served when it is worn by individuals right after taking a bath on their foreheads. It blesses the wearer with good luck and happiness as well as serves as a protection layer for the wearer from the Face to the toe.

White Chandan Tika is a White Sandalwood Tilak Powder made from 100% authentic White Sandalwood woods dried and crushed to give complete essence of smell and freshness. Since Sandalwood gives a cooling effect, it is considered best for people who have a high temper and who need a lot of energy to focus on studies and their lifestyle.

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