Bal Hanuman Murti – 4 No. – Full Ready

Color: Golden

Material: Brass

Pattern: Full Dressed

Details: Ornately adorned with vibrant attire, traditional jewelry, and other embellishments as customary for sacred idols.

Finish: High quality polish for a lustrous golden appearance.

Craftsmanship: Handmade

Quality: High Quality

Durability: Brass should be sturdy and resistant to tarnish.

Details: Intricate details, clean lines, and overall excellent craftsmanship.

Expression: Murti should accurately capture Hanuman’s essence (strength, devotion, etc.) through posture and facial features.

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Bal Hanuman Murti (4 Pcs) – Adorned and Ready for Reverence

Immerse your home or sacred space in the divine presence of Lord Hanuman with this meticulously crafted set of 4 fully dressed Bal Hanuman murti. Each murti exquisitely captures the essence of Hanuman’s strength, devotion, and unwavering loyalty to Lord Rama. These idols are ideal for daily worship, special occasions, or as a beautiful addition to your spiritual décor.

Embrace the Divine Power of Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman, a central figure in the Hindu epic Ramayana, embodies immense strength, selfless devotion, and unwavering courage. Invite the blessings of this revered deity into your life with these exquisitely detailed murtis.


Set of 4 Murtis: Unique Value and Visual Appeal

  • Explore the Many Faces of Lord Hanuman: This collection offers a unique opportunity to connect with the diverse aspects of Lord Hanuman. Each murti captures a distinct moment: the mighty warrior in flight, the devoted servant in prayer, the symbol of unwavering strength holding his mace.

  • Tailored Prayers for Every Need: Whether seeking strength to overcome obstacles, protection from negativity, or the deepening of your devotion, these murtis allow you to focus your prayers on specific manifestations of Lord Hanuman’s divine power.

  • A Stunning Sacred Space: Imagine the visual impact of these four murtis displayed together. They create a harmonious and spiritually charged atmosphere, transforming any space into a sanctuary of devotion.

Full Ready Dressed: Convenience and Reverence

  • Worship without Delay: Ideal for busy devotees, these murtis arrive exquisitely adorned in traditional attire. No need to seek out appropriate clothing or ornaments – begin your daily worship or special rituals immediately.

  • Honoring Tradition: The vibrant fabrics, intricate jewelry, and other adornments reflect the centuries-old customs of dressing sacred idols, adding authenticity to your devotional practice.

  • A Divine Presence: The fully dressed murtis evoke a profound sense of reverence. It’s as if Lord Hanuman himself has graced your home, ready to bestow his blessings and protection.

Exquisite Craftsmanship: Quality and Authenticity

  • Masterful Artistry: Each murti bears the mark of a skilled artisan. Admire the hand-carved details, the vibrant paintwork, and the overall dedication to craftsmanship that sets these pieces apart.

  • True Essence of Hanuman: More than just beautiful objects, these murtis radiate spiritual energy. The care put into capturing Hanuman’s expressions and postures ensures they embody his strength, humility, and wisdom.

  • Not Mere Decorations: These murtis are imbued with the devotional spirit of their creators. They are sacred objects, designed to elevate your spiritual practice.

Durable Materials: Lasting Legacy

  • A Choice for Your Needs: Select the perfect material for your devotional space – the timeless elegance of marble, the robust strength of brass, or the affordability and beauty of resin.

  • Years of Devotion: These murtis are crafted to last. They will become a cherished part of your spiritual life,陪伴 you on your journey of faith.

  • A Treasured Heirloom: With proper care, these exquisitely made murtis have the potential to become beloved family heirlooms, passed down through generations with their spiritual significance intact.

Various Sizes: Perfect for Any Space

  • The Ideal Fit: Whether you envision a grand home altar or a compact shrine, find the perfect size to fit your space.

  • Divine Protection on the Road: Discover miniature murtis specially designed for car dashboards, bringing Lord Hanuman’s protective presence with you on your travels.

  • Gifts from the Heart: With sizes ranging from small tokens to impressive centerpieces, you’re sure to find the perfect gift to share the blessings of Lord Hanuman with loved ones.

Worship and Rituals

Daily Puja: Heartfelt Offerings

  • A Ritual of Connection: Make venerating your Hanuman murti a cornerstone of your daily routine. Begin your day with a sense of peace and purpose as you offer prayers, fresh flowers, and fragrant incense.
  • Personalized Prayers: Speak from your heart, expressing gratitude for Lord Hanuman’s protection, asking for strength to overcome challenges, or simply offering love and devotion.
  • Mantras and Chanting: Include traditional mantras dedicated to Lord Hanuman in your puja. Their vibrations enhance the sacredness of your worship.

Hanuman Chalisa: Powerful Protection

  • The Essence of Devotion: The Hanuman Chalisa is a beloved collection of verses praising Lord Hanuman. Reciting it fills the space and your being with his divine energy.
  • Invoking Strength and Auspiciousness: Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa is believed to remove obstacles, offer protection from negativity, and attract auspicious blessings.
  • Spiritual Discipline: Make reciting the Hanuman Chalisa a regular practice. Its repetition creates a devotional rhythm and deepens your connection to Hanuman. Add a touch of inspiration: (e.g., “Let the words of the Chalisa wash over you, bringing peace to your heart and courage to your spirit.”)

Tuesdays and Saturdays: Honoring Hanuman

  • Auspicious Days: In Hindu tradition, Tuesdays and Saturdays hold special significance for worshiping Lord Hanuman.
  • Intensified Devotion: Dedicate extra time to your puja on these days, perhaps reciting the Hanuman Chalisa multiple times or offering special sweets (like laddoo). Emphasize the reward: (e.g., “Feel your devotion grow stronger with each offering.”)
  • Spiritual Focus: Use these days to strengthen your bond with Hanuman, seeking his specific blessings in your life.

Festivals: Grand Celebrations

  • Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti: These festivals celebrate the birth of Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman respectively. Adorn your murtis with extra garlands and include them prominently in your home celebrations.
  • Community Festivities: If possible, take your Hanuman murtis to your local temple where grand pujas and festivities are held on these special occasions.
  • Collective Energy Worshipping alongside fellow devotees amplifies the spiritual energy and reinforces Hanuman’s blessings in your life.

Spiritual Significance of Lord Hanuman

  • Symbol of Strength

    • Superhuman Feats: Possesses extraordinary physical prowess, capable of moving mountains, leaping vast distances, and defeating powerful foes.
    • Unconquerable Spirit: Demonstrates unwavering determination, courageously overcoming any challenge.
    • Inspiration for the Inner Warrior: Invokes the potential for immense inner strength and resilience within his devotees.
  • Embodiment of Devotion

    • Selfless Service: Driven by pure love and service for Lord Rama, without seeking personal glory.
    • Unquestioning Faith: Exhibits complete trust and surrender to his lord, surpassing all doubts and obstacles.
    • A Model for Devotees: Inspires a similar depth of devotion to one’s spiritual path or chosen ideal.
  • Overcoming Obstacles

    • The Remover of Barriers: Aids devotees in overcoming internal and external obstacles that hinder progress.
    • Grantor of Victory: Bestows blessings of success, helping to achieve seemingly impossible goals.
    • A Beacon of Hope: A reminder of the power to persevere even in the face of great adversity.
  • Protection from Evil

    • Guardian Against the Unseen: Renowned for shielding devotees from negative energies, malevolent forces, and ill intentions.
    • Safeguarding the Mind: Protects from negative thoughts, fears, and self-doubt.
    • Source of Fearlessness: Fosters inner peace and courage to navigate life’s challenges with confidence.
  • Bestower of Blessings

    • Peace and Prosperity: Sought for blessings of both material well-being and spiritual fulfillment.
    • Spiritual Growth: Guides devotees towards inner transformation, wisdom, and a deeper connection to the divine.
    • Fulfilling Aspirations: Helps align one’s heart with true desires, leading to a life of purpose and contentment.


  • Color: Golden
  • Material: Brass
  • Pattern: Full Dressed
  • Finish: High quality polish for a lustrous golden appearance. May include antique or patina finishes if desired (specify).
  • Craftsmanship: Handmade
  • Quality: High Quality

Perfect For:

Home Altars: Create a Sacred Space for Worship and Contemplation

  • Transform Your Home with a Sacred Heart: Let the presence of Lord Hanuman’s murtis elevate a simple space into the beating heart of your spiritual practice. Immerse yourself in the soft scent of incense, the warm glow of a diya lamp, and the unwavering gaze of Hanuman as you offer prayers, meditate, or simply seek solace.

  • A Sanctuary for Your Spirit, Big or Small: Whether you have a grand room dedicated to worship or a humble corner adorned with love, the Hanuman murtis transform your space into a haven of peace and connection. Let the divine energy they carry permeate your home, offering tranquility and a sense of the sacred.

  • Anchor Your Daily Rituals in Devotion: From a simple morning salutation to elaborate pujas, the presence of your Hanuman murtis inspires meaningful rituals. Let them guide your daily practice, bringing a sense of rhythm, purpose, and deep devotion to your life.

Temple Offerings: Donate the murtis to your local temple

  • Share the Blessings of Hanuman with Your Community: Honor Lord Hanuman and deepen the spiritual energy of your local temple with a heartfelt offering. Your murtis become a source of strength and inspiration for all who seek solace within the temple’s walls.

  • A Selfless Act, a Reverent Heart: Donating your Hanuman murtis is a beautiful expression of devotion. It’s a way to place your love for Hanuman into the world and amplify the blessings he bestows.

  • Strengthen Your Ties to Faith and Fellowship: Supporting your local temple strengthens your connection to the spiritual community and its cherished traditions. Your gift becomes a thread in the tapestry of faith, connecting you to fellow devotees and the shared reverence for Lord Hanuman.

Auspicious Gifts: Share the Blessings of Hanuman with Loved Ones…

  • A Gift That Speaks to the Soul: Go beyond the material and bestow a blessing with profound meaning. Gifting a Hanuman murti symbolizes wishes for strength, protection, unwavering devotion, and divine guidance for your loved ones.

  • Celebrate Milestones, Offer Support, Share Your Love: Mark special occasions like Diwali, Ram Navami, Hanuman Jayanti, birthdays, and housewarmings with a spiritually significant gift. Or, offer a Hanuman murti as a symbol of unwavering support during life’s transitions and challenges.

  • Weave a Legacy of Love and Faith: A beautifully crafted Hanuman murti becomes a treasured heirloom, passed down through generations. With it, you pass on the blessings of Hanuman and create a tangible link between past, present, and future.

Personal Devotion: Deepen Your Spiritual Connection with Lord Hanuman

  • Hanuman, Your Constant Companion: Welcome the divine presence of Hanuman into your home and heart. Your murtis become a comforting reminder of his boundless love and strength, filling your space with a sense of peace and protection.

  • Focus Your Faith Through His Gaze: As you gaze upon your Hanuman murtis during prayer or meditation, feel your heart open wide. Let their expressions of strength, compassion, and humility guide you towards a deeper connection with the divine.

  • In Times of Need, Hanuman Stands Beside You: When doubt creeps in, or adversity feels overwhelming, turn to your Hanuman murtis. Their image is a timeless reminder that even in the greatest challenges, you are never truly alone.

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Experience the transformative power of Lord Hanuman in your life. and let these exquisite murtis adorn your home or sacred space.

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