Brass Durga Maa Murti – 8 Inches – | Dressed | Gift-Ready [2024]


  • Radiant brass craftsmanship with intricate details
  • Includes a colorful dress (note: combinations may vary)
  • Golden finish for spiritual radiance
  • Ideal size for home temples and decor (8×7 inches)

Perfect For:

  • Enhancing your devotional practice
  • Elevating your home or living room decor
  • Meaningful gift for Diwali, housewarmings, and weddings

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Brass Durga Murti – 8 Inches – Dressed & Gift-Ready [2024]

Embrace the divine protection and power of the triumphant Goddess Durga with this exquisitely crafted Brass Durga Maa Murti. Standing at an auspicious 8 inches tall, this radiant idol is meticulously detailed, showcasing the intricate artistry of traditional Indian craftsmanship. Its gleaming golden finish exudes spiritual radiance, making it a captivating centerpiece for your home temple or sacred space.

Durga Maa: Embodiment of Shakti

  • Shakti: In Hinduism, Shakti embodies the dynamic feminine energy of the universe. She is the force of creation, preservation, and change. Durga Maa is considered the supreme manifestation of Shakti, signifying the ultimate feminine power that vanquishes negativity and restores cosmic order.
  • Mother Goddess: Worshipped with reverence and devotion, Durga Maa is understood as the Divine Mother. She nurtures and protects her children (devotees) with unconditional love. Yet, her motherly aspect is fierce in its protectiveness when confronting threats to her devotees and the balance of the universe.

Symbolism of her Durga Murti Form and Iconography

  • Lion (Vaahana): Durga Maa’s mount, the lion, embodies strength, courage, and the triumph of righteousness over unchecked power. It shows Durga Maa’s mastery over these primal forces and her dominance over threats to goodness.
  • Multiple Arms: Durga Maa is typically depicted with multiple arms, often eight or ten. This signifies her multifaceted power and ability to address dangers and challenges from all directions.
  • Weapons: Each of her hands holds a divine weapon gifted by the other gods. These weapons symbolize:
    • Trishul (Trident): Destruction of the three causes of suffering – ego, ignorance, and attachment
    • Sudarshan Chakra (Discus): Righteousness and the cyclical nature of creation and destruction
    • Sword: Knowledge that cuts through illusion
    • Bow and Arrows: Potential and kinetic energy, focused determination
    • Conch: The sacred ‘Om’ sound, the primordial vibration of the universe
    • Lotus: Purity and spiritual transcendence even in challenging circumstances
    • Others (may vary): Mace, axe, thunderbolt, snake – each with its own symbolism rooted in Hindu mythology

Slayer of the Demon Mahishasura

The central legend of Durga Maa revolves around her battle with the demon Mahishasura. This buffalo-headed demon had gained extraordinary power, making him nearly invincible and a threat to the gods and humans alike. The gods, unable to defeat him, combined their energies to create Durga Maa. She engaged Mahishasura in an epic battle, ultimately vanquishing him and restoring cosmic order. This story represents the eternal struggle between good and evil, and the power of the divine feminine to protect and restore dharma (righteousness).

Significance in Hindu Practice

  • Source of Strength and Protection: Devotees revere Durga Maa as a source of boundless strength, courage, and protection. Prayers to her invoke her blessings to overcome obstacles, internal and external.
  • Major Festivals: Durga Puja, a multi-day festival, is one of the most important celebrations dedicated to Durga Maa. Navratri is another major festival where her nine forms are worshipped.

Exquisite Brass Durga Murti Craftsmanship

Experience the timeless beauty of age-old metalworking techniques in this stunning Brass Durga Maa Murti. Skilled artisans have carefully sculpted each detail, from the goddess’s serene expression to the intricate folds of her garments. The lustrous golden finish enhances the idol’s spiritual aura, ensuring it becomes a treasured heirloom for generations to come.

Adorned and Ready for Reverence

This Durga Maa murti arrives beautifully dressed in a colorful, traditional garment (please note: designs may vary), adding to its devotional appeal and making it instantly ready for your altar or sacred space.

Ideal Size for Your Home: Finding the Perfect Fit

This exquisitely crafted Brass Durga Maa Murti offers the perfect balance between a powerful presence and a space-conscious design. Measuring approximately 8 inches in height and 7 inches in width, it delivers several advantages that make it ideal for various spaces in your home

  • Home Temple: The murti’s size is perfect for placement within a designated home temple or puja space. It commands attention without overwhelming the area, allowing you to create a beautiful and focused devotional setting.

  • Dedicated Altar: If you have a dedicated altar space, this Durga Maa murti becomes a stunning centerpiece. Its size allows for the addition of other sacred items like diyas (oil lamps), incense holders, or flower offerings, creating a complete and harmonious altar arrangement.

  • Shelf or Mantelpiece: Elevate your living room, bedroom, or any other space by transforming a shelf or mantelpiece into a sacred focal point. The murti’s size and radiant finish ensure it stands out as a beautiful decorative piece while infusing the room with auspicious energy.

  • Versatility: The 8-inch height offers flexibility. It’s substantial enough to create a sense of reverence and power, while remaining compact enough to adapt to various settings within your home, depending on your spiritual practice and decor style.

Experience the Benefits of Durga Murti

With its well-proportioned dimensions, this Brass Durga Maa Murti allows you to:

  • Build a beautiful devotional space in your home, regardless of available space.
  • Create a visually striking focal point that embodies strength and divine protection.
  • Integrate the murti seamlessly into your existing decor, adding a touch of spiritual elegance.

Durga Murti The Perfect Gift of Devotion and Blessing

Share the blessings of Durga Maa with loved ones. This exquisite brass murti makes a deeply meaningful gift for auspicious occasions including:

Diwali: Celebrate the festival of lights with a symbol of triumph over darkness.

  • Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness. A Brass Durga Maa Murti embodies this very spirit. Durga Maa, as the vanquisher of demons and the protector of her devotees, represents the ultimate triumph of divine light over negativity. Place her within your home during Diwali as a powerful reminder of the inner light that dispels all forms of darkness.

Housewarmings: Bless a new home with protection and positive energy.

  • A new home is a fresh beginning, and welcoming the energy of Durga Maa can bring an auspicious start. This murti represents the fierce protection of the Mother Goddess, shielding the home and its inhabitants from negativity. Furthermore, she infuses the space with positive energy, fostering peace, well-being, and prosperity for all who dwell within.

Weddings: Offer a gift of divine guidance and strength for the married couple.

  • Marriage signifies a sacred union of souls, embarking on a lifelong journey together. The Brass Durga Maa Murti embodies the strength, resilience, and unwavering love needed for a successful and fulfilling marriage. As the couple builds their new life, Durga Maa serves as a constant reminder of the divine support and protection guiding their path, helping them overcome any challenges they may face.

Spiritual Seekers: Nurture devotion and connection to the divine feminine.

  • For those on a spiritual path, a Brass Durga Maa Murti serves as a powerful focal point for meditation and prayer. The murti embodies Shakti, the potent feminine energy of the universe. Contemplating her form and chanting her mantras can awaken a deep connection to this divine force, fostering inner strength, spiritual growth, and a profound sense of devotion to the Goddess and her transformative power.

Experience the Power of Durga Maa

Invite the transformative energy of Durga Maa into your life with this exceptional brass murti. As you meditate upon her image or offer prayers, tap into her boundless strength, compassion, and protective power. Let her presence uplift your spirit and inspire unwavering courage within your heart.

Elevate Your Devotion – Bring Home Durga Murti

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