Radha Rani Sarkar Murti- 6 No. – Full Ready

Item Name – Radha Rani Sarkar Murti

Size – 6 No.

Metal – Pure Brass

Type – Full Ready with Dress and Jewellery


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Radha Rani ki Murti – 6 No. – Full Ready

Are you seeking a stunning representation of the divine feminine, the embodiment of love and devotion? Our exquisite Radha Rani ki Murti in size 6 No., crafted from pure brass and adorned with intricate dress and jewelry, is the perfect addition to your home altar or sacred space.

Immerse Yourself in the Legend of Radha and Krishna

Radha Rani, the eternal consort of Lord Krishna, is revered in Hinduism as a symbol of unconditional love, compassion, and spiritual longing. Her image, often depicted alongside Krishna, evokes a sense of peace, harmony, and the ultimate union of the individual soul with the divine.

Full Ready for Your Altar

This Radha Rani Sarkar Murti arrives fully dressed and adorned with beautiful jewelry, saving you the time and effort of finding suitable accessories. Simply place her on your altar, and she is ready to receive your prayers, offerings, and devotional love.

Ideal Size for Home Altars

The 6 No. size of this murti makes it an ideal choice for most home altars and sacred spaces. It is large enough to command attention and inspire devotion, yet compact enough to fit comfortably in most settings.

The Significance of Radha Rani in Hinduism

  • The Embodiment of Divine Love: Radha Rani is revered as the personification of pure, selfless love and devotion. Her love for Krishna is considered the highest form of spiritual love, a love that transcends the physical and focuses solely on the divine.
  • Symbol of the Soul’s Longing: In Hindu philosophy, Radha represents the individual soul’s longing for union with the divine, symbolized by Krishna. Her unwavering devotion signifies the soul’s journey towards spiritual realization and its ultimate merger with the supreme consciousness.
  • The Divine Feminine (Shakti): Radha is often considered a manifestation of Shakti, the divine feminine energy that animates the universe. She embodies the creative, nurturing, and compassionate aspects of the divine.
  • Inspiration for Bhakti Yoga: The love story of Radha and Krishna is a central theme in Bhakti Yoga, the path of devotion. Devotees aspire to emulate Radha’s pure love and selfless surrender, seeing it as the ultimate path to spiritual liberation.

The Artistry Behind Our Radha Rani ki Murti

  • Generations of Skill and Tradition: Our artisans inherit the techniques and spiritual understanding of murti-making that have been passed down through countless generations. They are not simply craftsmen but also practitioners of a sacred art form.
  • Intricate Details: Emphasize the meticulous attention paid to details like Radha Rani’s facial expression, which conveys both serenity and a hint of playful affection. Mention the delicate folds of her garments and the intricate designs of her jewelry.
  • Symbolic Significance: Describe the symbolism behind the murti elements: the pose, hand gestures (mudras), and any objects she holds. These details offer a deeper understanding of Radha Rani’s multifaceted nature.
  • Spiritual Infusion: Explain how the artisans approach their work not just as a task, but as a devotional practice. Their own spiritual intention and focus imbue the murti with a special energy and radiance.


Name: Radha Rani Sarkar Murti – 6 No. – Full Ready

Material: Pure Brass

Type: Full Ready (Dressed and adorned with jewelry)

Size: 6 No.

Origin: India

Craft: Handmade by skilled artisans


Creates a Serene Atmosphere

  • Visual Representation of the Divine: The graceful figure of Radha Rani, with her gentle expression and serene posture, immediately evokes feelings of peace and tranquility.
  • Focal Point for Meditation and Prayer: The murti becomes a powerful focal point for meditation and prayer. Gazing upon her image helps quiet the mind and facilitates a deeper connection with the divine.
  • Positive Vibrations: Devotees believe that the presence of a sacred murti fills the space with positive energy, creating a sanctuary of harmony within your home.

Strengthens Spiritual Connection

  • Awakening Devotion (Bhakti): Radha Rani is the embodiment of pure love and devotion for the divine. Offering prayers, flowers, or simply expressing your love for her awakens your own devotional heart, nurturing your Bhakti.
  • Reminder of the Divine Within: Radha Rani’s image reminds you of your innate divinity and the spiritual potential residing within. It encourages you to recognize the spark of the divine present in your own being.
  • Source of Inspiration: Contemplating Radha Rani’s life and qualities inspires you to progress on your spiritual path. Her example motivates you toward greater selflessness, love, and surrender to the divine.

Inspires Love and Compassion

  • The Ideal of Divine Love: Radha Rani’s love for Krishna represents the pinnacle of spiritual love – selfless, unwavering, and purely focused on the divine. Her image inspires you to cultivate similar qualities within your own relationships.
  • Embodiment of Compassion: Radha Rani is renowned for her infinite kindness, mercy, and understanding. Her presence reminds you to approach others with compassion, even in difficult situations.
  • Cultivating a Kind Heart: Regular reflection on Radha Rani’s compassionate nature, along with heartfelt devotion, gradually softens your heart. This increases your capacity for love, empathy, and forgiveness for both yourself and those around you.

Beautiful Work of Art

  • Masterful Artistry: The intricate details of the murti, from the delicate facial features to the flowing folds of her garments, showcase the extraordinary skill of its artisans. This level of precision and beauty is breathtaking.
  • Appreciation for Heritage: Murti-making is a sacred Indian art form with a rich spiritual and cultural history. Owning a murti allows you to connect with this heritage and support the continuation of this beautiful tradition.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement: The gleaming brass, intricate details, and graceful form of the murti make it a visually stunning addition to your home. It adds a touch of elegance, cultural richness, and a unique spiritual focus to your space.

How to Care for Your Brass Radha Rani ki Murti

Gentle Cleaning

  • Regular Dusting: Maintain the radiance of your murti by gently dusting it regularly with a soft, dry cloth. This removes everyday dust and prevents buildup.
  • Deeper Cleaning: For occasional deeper cleaning, you have two options:
    • Natural Solution: Create a mild solution of warm water and lemon juice. Dip a soft cloth in the solution, wring it out well, and gently wipe the surface of the murti. Dry thoroughly with another soft cloth.
    • Brass Polish: A specialized brass polish can also be used. Follow the instructions on the polish carefully, and always test it on a small, inconspicuous area first.

Preventing Tarnish

  • Protective Coating: After cleaning your murti, apply a thin layer of clear wax or oil (like coconut oil or mineral oil). This creates a barrier against oxidation, helping to preserve the brass’s shine and prevent tarnish. Reapply the coating periodically.

Proper Placement

  • Dedicated Surface: Place your Radha Rani murti on a clean, dedicated surface within your altar or sacred space. A small, elevated platform or a beautiful cloth adds a touch of reverence.
  • Avoid Harsh Conditions: Do not expose your murti to harsh sunlight, which can fade the finish, or to excessive moisture, which can lead to tarnishing.

Respectful Handling

  • Clean Hands: Always wash your hands before handling your murti to avoid transferring oils or dirt.
  • Sense of Reverence: Handle your murti with care and respect, as you would any sacred object. Avoid dropping it or treating it roughly. The intention behind your handling is just as important as the actions themselves.

Perfect Gifting Option for Spiritual Occasions

  • Weddings and Anniversaries: Symbolize love, devotion, and the divine union, making it a meaningful gift for couples.
  • Housewarming Blessings: A Radha Rani murti brings auspicious energy and blessings to a new home.
  • Festivals and Spiritual Celebrations: Ideal for Hindu festivals like Diwali, Janmashtami, or Radhastami, devoted to celebrating love and the divine.
  • Personal Devotion: A thoughtful gift for anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual practice and connection to Radha Rani.

Experience the Transformative Power of Radha Rani’s Love and Devotion

Imagine a space within your home filled with serenity, a place where your spirit feels uplifted, and your heart opens to the depths of divine love. This transformative experience can be yours with the exquisite Radha Rani Sarkar Murti, a stunning representation of the eternal consort of Lord Krishna and a powerful symbol of pure, unwavering devotion.

Don’t Wait – Embrace the Divine Presence of Radha Rani ki murti Today

Experience for yourself the transformative power of love, devotion, and the exquisite beauty that our Radha Rani Sarkar Murti brings to your sacred space. Your heart will thank you.

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