Religious Original Rudraksha Mala Necklace

  • Contains 108 Beads
  • You can use the Mala as it is traditionally used for meditation
  • The 5 Face Rudraksha Mala is great for one’s health
  • The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings
  • It is highly beneficial for students, scholars, teachers, writers, journalists, and researchers.

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Weight 50 g


Immerse yourself in the divine energy of our Asli Rudraksha Mala, a cherished tool for those on a spiritual journey. Crafted meticulously from genuine Rudraksha seeds, each bead carries the essence of centuries-old wisdom and meditation practices.

Rudraksha seeds are revered in ancient traditions for their ability to enhance focus, reduce stress, and connect the wearer with higher consciousness. Our mala, composed of 108 beads, serves as a reminder of the sacred cycle of life and the path to self-realization.

Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or just beginning to explore mindfulness, our Rudraksha mala can guide you toward inner harmony. Its natural texture and soothing energy make it an ideal companion for meditation, prayer, or simply as a mindful accessory.

Experience the serenity and grounding effects of wearing an authentic Rudraksha mala. Elevate your spiritual practice and carry a piece of ancient wisdom with you wherever you go. Awaken your inner self with the power of Rudraksha.

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