2 feet Artificial Christmas Tree with 24 pcs Decoration Ornaments for School Home Decoration Ornaments Xmas Tree with Solid Legs, Light Weight, Perfect (2 FT Tree)

Brand : Pujagoodies

Product Dimensions : 25D x 25W x 25H Centimeters

Colour : 2 FT + 24 PCS – 1

Material : Plastic

Item Weight : 200 Grams

Item Package : Quantity1Recommended Uses For Product Christmas Tree Occasion Christmas Special Feature Foldable, Light Weight, Sturdy Seasons Winter

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Pujagoodies 2-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree: Complete with 24 Festive Ornaments

Bring the warmth and joy of Christmas into any space with the delightful Pujagoodies 2-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree. This charming tabletop tree is the perfect size for smaller rooms, apartments, offices, classrooms, or anywhere you want to spread a little holiday cheer.

Features & Benefits of christmas tree

Complete 24-Piece Ornament Set: Imagine the Convenience!

Forget the hassle of shopping for additional ornaments. With the Pujagoodies 2-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree, you’ll receive a curated set of 24 beautiful ornaments designed to complement the tree perfectly. Save time and money while ensuring your tree has a festive, coordinated look right out of the box.

Space-Saving Size: Big Holiday Cheer, Small Footprint

This compact 2-foot Christmas tree is the ideal solution for those who want to maximize their holiday spirit without sacrificing precious floor space. Perfect for apartments, dorm rooms, bedrooms, offices, or anywhere you want to add a touch of Christmas magic without feeling overwhelmed.

Sturdy and Durable Construction: Built to Last, Season After Season

The solid plastic legs of this Christmas tree create a reliable, sturdy base that prevents accidental tipping, even when adorned with all 24 ornaments. The high-quality plastic branches are crafted to maintain their shape and vibrant green color, guaranteeing your tree will look its best for years to come.

Lightweight and Portable: Decorate Anywhere the Holiday Spirit Takes You

With its lightweight construction, you can effortlessly move your Pujagoodies tree throughout your home, office, or classroom. Add a festive touch to your entryway one day, then move it to your bedroom or desk the next. The possibilities are endless!

Effortless Assembly: From Box to Celebration in Minutes

Skip the frustrating instruction manuals that come with many artificial trees. The Pujagoodies 2-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree is incredibly easy to set up. Simply unfold the branches, arrange them to your liking, add the included ornaments, and voila! You’re immersed in the joyous Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas tree : Perfect For Diverse Settings

The Pujagoodies 2-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree is a versatile holiday decoration that will enhance a wide variety of settings:

Homes: The Space-Saving Solution

  • Apartments and Dorm Rooms: Maximize your holiday spirit even in the coziest of spaces. This compact tree delivers Christmas cheer without sacrificing valuable floor or countertop space.
  • Bedrooms: Create a personal winter wonderland in your own room. The gentle glow of lights (if applicable) and the sight of the tree adorned with ornaments provide a touch of festive magic in a private setting.
  • Limited Space: Don’t let square footage limit your celebration! This tree is designed to enhance smaller homes, providing the full Christmas tree experience without the bulk.

Offices: Festive Cheer in the Workplace

  • Workspace or Cubicle: Bring some holiday joy to your daily grind. A touch of Christmas on your desk can boost morale and create a fun, relaxed workspace.
  • Common Areas: Spread festive cheer throughout the entire office! Place your tree in a reception area, break room, or conference room to create a welcoming atmosphere for employees and clients.

Classrooms: Learning with a Festive Touch

  • Enhancing the Environment: Transform your classroom into a cheerful, winter-themed learning space. A decorated tree adds a fun, engaging element to your students’ day.
  • Seasonal Activities: Incorporate the tree into holiday-related crafts, stories, and lessons. It’s a perfect visual aid for sparking creativity and celebrating the season.

Stores and Retail: Attracting Holiday Shoppers

  • Inviting Displays: Create eye-catching window displays or place the tree near your shop’s entrance to draw in customers with a warm, holiday ambiance.
  • Festive Product Staging: Use the tree as a charming backdrop to showcase holiday merchandise or special offers, adding to the seasonal shopping experience.

Gift Option: Practical, Thoughtful, and Festive

  • Easy to Care For: Ideal for busy recipients or those with minimal storage space, an artificial tree requires no maintenance and can be easily reused year after year.
  • Space-Conscious: Perfect for friends or family members in apartments or dorms – they’ll appreciate the chance to celebrate without sacrificing valuable space.
  • Personalized Touch: Pair the tree with a set of special, sentimental ornaments to create a truly unique and thoughtful gift.

Specifications of christmas tree

  • Brand: Pujagoodies
  • Product Dimensions: 25D x 25W x 60H Centimeters (approximately 2 feet)
  • Color: 2 FT + 24 PCS – 1 (Specify ornament colors)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Weight: 200 Grams
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Recommended Uses: Christmas Tree
  • Occasion: Christmas
  • Special Features: Foldable, Light Weight, Sturdy
  • Season: Winter

Ordering and Shipping 

Easy Ordering: Your Christmas Tree is Just a Few Clicks Away

Enjoy a stress-free shopping experience on our secure and user-friendly website. Easily add the Pujagoodies 2-Foot Artificial Christmas tree to your cart and complete your purchase with confidence, knowing your information is protected. We make ordering your perfect holiday decoration a breeze!

Fast Shipping of christmas tree

We understand the excitement of receiving your Christmas tree and want to make sure it arrives promptly for the holidays. That’s why we offer fast and reliable shipping options tailored to your needs. Choose from a selection of delivery speeds to ensure your tree arrives at your doorstep right when you want it.

Transform your space with the Pujagoodies 2-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree. Order yours today and get ready to enjoy the magic of Christmas!

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