5 Face Brass Diya for Pooja, Mandir, Diwali Festival Oil lamp Diya for Daily Pooja/ Diwali Pooja Charmukhi Diya for Pooja Size-02, Pack of 1

Material Brass
Finish Type Brass
Colour Golden
Style Traditional

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Weight 41 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 5 cm


The Power and Beauty of a 5 Face Brass Diya

In the heart of Hindu traditions, a diya (oil lamp) holds profound significance. Its flickering flame represents knowledge dispelling darkness, a metaphor for the triumph of good over evil. A 5 Face Brass Diya, also known as a Charmukhi or Panchmukhi Diya, takes this symbolism to the next level. With five wicks radiating light, it embodies:

Earth (Prithvi): The Foundation of Form

  • The Brass Body: The very substance of the diya, brass, originates from the earth. Its solidity and weight create a sense of grounding and stability, reminding us of our physical existence within the material world.
  • Symbolic Stability: The diya’s form, often rooted in traditional designs passed down through generations, anchors us to the enduring nature of spiritual practices and the wisdom they embody.
  • Connection to the Material World: Using a diya made from natural elements like brass reinforces our connection to the earth. It acknowledges the origins of material objects, fostering a sense of respect for the resources gifted by nature.

Water (Jal): The Essence of Fluidity

  • Fueling the Flame: Ghee (clarified butter) or oil, the traditional fuels for a diya, are fluid in nature, mirroring the qualities of water. They represent cleansing and purification, offering themselves as the medium through which the fire is sustained.
  • Adaptability and Change: Just as water adapts to its container, the oil within the diya finds its perfect shape, filling the space and conforming to the intricate contours of the lamp. This reminds us of flexibility, encouraging us to flow with change and navigate life’s complexities.
  • Emotional Resonance: Water is often connected to our emotions. The diya, with its liquid fuel, symbolizes the importance of allowing emotions to flow and be processed for inner cleansing and healing.

Fire (Agni): Transformation and Illumination

  • The Radiant Flame: Fire is, of course, the most striking element visualized in a diya. It embodies the power of transformation, consuming the fuel and turning it into light. This echoes the spiritual aspiration of converting ignorance into knowledge and dispelling negativity.
  • Inner Light: The flame of the diya is a metaphor for our inner spirit, our ‘agni’ that drives and inspires us. Tending to the flame mirrors attending to our internal light and nurturing our spiritual growth.
  • Purification and Protection: Across cultures, fire has cleansing and protective qualities. The diya’s flame wards off symbolic darkness and safeguards the sanctity of the space where it is lit.

Air (Vayu): Breath of Life and Movement

  • Oxygen’s Vital Role: Unseen, yet absolutely essential, air nourishes the fire, allowing it to burn brightly. This represents the life-giving force of prana, the vital energy that animates everything within the universe.
  • Movement and Expansion: Air evokes a sense of freedom and movement. The gentle flickering of the flame, influenced by air currents, becomes a visual reminder of the ever-changing nature of existence.
  • The Power of Breath: As we light the diya, focusing on our own breath, we connect to the rhythm of prana, cultivating mindfulness and serenity.

Space (Akasha): Infinite Consciousness

  • Light Filling the Void: Akasha, ether or space, is the expanse in which all elements reside. The diya’s light radiates outward, pushing back the boundaries of darkness. This mirrors the expansion of awareness and consciousness during spiritual practices.
  • Limitlessness and Connection: Space symbolizes both vastness and interconnectedness. The light from a diya merges with the surrounding space, reminding us of our fundamental connection with the universe.
  • A Conduit to the Divine: The ethereal nature of space aligns with the formless aspect of the divine. The diya becomes a vehicle to contemplate the infinite and experience a sense of transcendence.

The Five Senses (Pancha Indriya)

Touch (Sparsha): The Tactile Connection

  • Cool Smoothness: Imagine the initial touch of the brass diya—its coolness against your fingers. This sensation awakens your sense of touch, bringing awareness to the physical object and the tangible reality of your devotional act.
  • Subtle Textures: Feel the variations in its craftsmanship. Is the surface perfectly polished or adorned with delicate engravings? These subtle textures create a tactile journey, engaging your hands as you prepare the diya.
  • Weight and Form: Notice the weight of the diya as you lift it, feeling its groundedness. Explore its form, the curvature of its base, and the graceful extension of the wick holders. This tactile interaction fosters a sense of connection to the diya as a sacred object.

Taste (Rasa): Sweetness of Devotion

  • The Ritual of Prasad: While the diya itself isn’t tasted, it’s deeply connected to the offering of prasadam—food blessed during the pooja. The sweetness of this offering symbolizes the sweetness of your devotion and the blessings you invite.
  • Sensory Extension: Even the preparation of prasadam engages taste. Choosing fruits, sweets, or other offerings allows flavors to mingle with your devotional intentions, creating a holistic sensory experience.
  • Sweetness as Metaphor: Taste serves as a powerful metaphor in spiritual practices. Just as we savor the prasadam, we’re encouraged to savor the sweetness of divine grace and blessings in our lives.

Sight (Drishti): The Power of the Flame

  • Mesmerizing Beauty: The flickering flame of a diya is captivating. Its warm glow and soft shadows create a mesmerizing visual experience that draws your focus inward.
  • Light and Darkness: The diya is a powerful symbol of light dispelling darkness. Meditating on its flame reminds you of the inner light of knowledge and the triumph of good.
  • Symbol of Transformation: Fire is transformative. Witnessing the oil or ghee fuel the flame reinforces the concept of spiritual transformation—a reminder that our offerings and devotion can be transmuted into illumination and blessings.

Sound (Shabda): Sacred Vibrations

  • Mantra and Song Chanting mantras or singing devotional songs in tandem with the diya creates a powerful sonic landscape. The vibrations of these sacred sounds harmonize with the diya’s light, amplifying their effect on the mind and spirit.
  • The Power of Resonance: Sacred sounds resonate within us, fostering inner peace and alignment. The physical space around you is transformed by the reverberations, creating a sanctuary filled with positive energy.
  • Silence as Contrast: Even moments of silence near the diya become profound. The contrast between sound and silence enhances awareness and cultivates a deeper listening for inner guidance.

Smell (Gandha): The Fragrance of Devotion

  • Incense: The delicate aroma of incense is often used alongside a diya. Whether floral, woody, or spicy, the scent awakens your sense of smell and creates a feeling of sacred space.
  • Flowers: Fresh flowers placed near the diya add a natural fragrance to the devotional experience. Their delicate scent symbolizes purity and offering.
  • Burning Oil: Even the subtle scent of the burning oil or ghee has its role. This earthy, slightly sweet aroma contributes to the overall sensory atmosphere, enhancing feelings of warmth and groundedness.

Goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi embodies wealth, abundance, prosperity, and good fortune. Lighting a 5 Face Diya is a way to honor and invite her blessings into your home or sacred space. The five facets of the diya can represent her various aspects and the multifaceted nature of true prosperity, including spiritual riches and inner abundance.

Other Auspicious Deities

In Hindu tradition, each face of a 5 Face Diya can be associated with different deities, amplifying the devotional energy and focus of the worshipper. Some common representations include:

  • Lord Ganesha: Remover of obstacles and bestower of auspicious beginnings.
  • Lord Shiva: The embodiment of transformative power and supreme consciousness.
  • Lord Vishnu: The preserver of the universe, associated with protection and sustenance.
  • Goddess Durga: The fierce protector, symbolizing the strength to overcome challenges.
  • Goddess Saraswati: Goddess of knowledge, wisdom, and the arts.

Key Takeaway diya

The 5 Face Brass Diya is far more than a decorative object. It’s a potent symbol with deep roots in Hindu philosophy and tradition, connecting us to the fundamental elements, our senses, and the divine realm.


  • Product Name: 5 Face Brass Diya for Pooja, Mandir, Diwali Festival
  • Intended Use: Oil lamp for devotional practices in Hinduism
  • Primary Material: Brass
  • Height: 5 Centimeters
  • Length: 6 Centimeters
  • Width: 6 Centimeters
  • Weight: 41 Grams
  • Color: Golden
  • Finish: Brass
  • Shape: Round with 5 distinct wick holders
  • Style: Traditional Indian
  • Type of Light Source: Oil lamp (specify if ghee is also suitable)
  • Number of Wicks: 5
  • Components: Single body diya
  • Materials:  cardboard box, protective wrap
  • Branding: Pujagoodies
  • Included Items: Diya
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Care Instructions: Basic cleaning and maintenance advice

Features and Benefits diya That Elevate Your Practice

Exquisite Brass diya Craftsmanship:

  • Emphasize artistry: “This 5 Face Diya is a testament to the skill of Indian artisans. Each curve, detail, and swirl in the brass are meticulously hand-shaped, showcasing a tradition of metalworking passed down through generations.”
  • Highlight quality: “Crafted from solid, high-quality brass, this diya is not only beautiful but built to last. Feel its satisfying weight and admire its resistance to tarnish, promising to be a cherished devotional piece for years to come.”
  • Golden finish: “Bathed in a warm, golden finish reminiscent of temple bells, this diya exudes a timeless elegance. The polished brass gleams in the light, creating a mesmerizing focal point in any sacred space.”

Traditional, Symbolic Design of diya

  • Dive into symbolism: “More than just a lamp, this diya’s design is steeped in symbolism. Its five faces evoke the five elements, five senses, and the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Consider featuring a small image of Lakshmi on your product page to reinforce the connection.”
  • Connect with traditions: “Feel the connection to centuries of Hindu rituals and spiritual practices as the familiar form of this diya reminds you of the rich history it represents.”
  • Authenticity is key: “For those seeking authentic pieces for their devotional practices, the traditional design of this 5 Face Diya honors the spirit and intentionality of centuries-old traditions.”

Ideal Size diya for Your Pooja or Mandir:

  • Versatility: “Whether you have a grand home temple or a small corner for prayer, this diya’s compact size (Size-02) adapts beautifully. Use it on its own or in a group to enhance the ambiance.”
  • Space-conscious: “Ideal for apartments or homes where space is limited, this diya allows you to create a devotional atmosphere without sacrificing precious space.”
  • Travel-friendly: “For those who travel often, this diya can bring a touch of sacredness to any temporary space, easily packed with your other spiritual essentials.”

Perfect for Daily Pooja and Diwali:

  • Daily devotion: “Let this 5 Face Diya become a comforting constant in your life. Its radiant glow invites contemplation and reflection during your daily prayers, bringing a sense of peace and focus to your mornings or evenings.”
  • Diwali radiance: “Imagine the breathtaking sight of multiple 5 Face Diyas during Diwali. Their collective light symbolizes the victory of good over evil, making them an essential centerpiece for your festival celebrations.”

Easy to Use diya and Maintain:

  • User-friendly: “Even those new to diya care will find this 5 Face Diya simple to use. Clear instructions ensure proper filling with oil or ghee, and the smooth brass surface makes cleaning a breeze.”
  • Minimalist beauty: “Enjoy the simple yet profound ritual of lighting this diya, letting the soft glow and subtle crackle of the cotton wick soothe your spirit.”

A Thoughtful Gift Option diya:

  • Spiritual connection: “Gift the blessing of light and devotion with this 5 Face Diya. It’s a meaningful present for housewarmings, weddings, Diwali, or any occasion where you want to celebrate spirituality and cultural heritage.”
  • Share the warmth: “Introduce loved ones to the beauty of Hindu rituals with this diya. It’s a gentle invitation to explore their own spiritual path or deepen their existing practices.”

Transform your sacred spaces with the illuminating power of a 5 Face Brass Diya. Order yours today and experience the difference a beautifully crafted, traditional diya can make in your spiritual practice.

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