55 Chalisa Sangrah Book With 55 Aarti Sahit Book | Shree Rudraksha Mala | Chalisa And Aarti Sangrah Book | (Paperback, Hindi, Goswami)

  • Author: Goswami
  • 211 Pages
  • Language: Hindi
  • Publisher: Prakash Publication

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55 Chalisa Sangrah Book with 55 Aarti Sahit Book 

Are you seeking a comprehensive collection of powerful Hindu devotional texts? Look no further than the ’55 Chalisa Sangrah Book with 55 Aarti Sahit Book | Shree Rudraksha Mala | Chalisa and Aarti Sangrah Book.’ This spiritually enriching book offers a wealth of sacred hymns, prayers, and rituals to deepen your connection with the divine.

What’s Inside:

55 Chalisa Sangrah:

Recite the 40-verse devotional poems (Chalisa) dedicated to beloved Hindu deities like Hanuman, Ganesh, Durga, Shiva, and many more.

  • The Power of Chalisa: Each Chalisa is a heartfelt poem composed of 40 verses in praise of a particular deity. These poems express reverence, narrate stories of the deity’s power, and offer petitions for blessings and protection.
  • Diverse Deities: This collection offers Chalisas dedicated to a wide range of Hindu gods and goddesses, including popular figures like Hanuman (strength and devotion), Ganesh (remover of obstacles), Durga (divine feminine power), Shiva (lord of transformation), and many others. This diversity allows devotees to connect with their chosen deities.

55 Aarti Sahit:

Perform the sacred ritual of Aarti, offering light and adoration to the gods and goddesses.

  • The Essence of Aarti: Aarti is a beautiful Hindu ritual where devotees offer lamps with flames to their deities while singing hymns of praise. It symbolizes the devotee’s dedication and signifies the dispelling of darkness with the light of divine love.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: This book provides the text of Aarti hymns for numerous deities, allowing you to perform the ritual even if you are new to the practice.

Shree Rudraksha Mala:

Enhance your spiritual practice with the included Rudraksha bead rosary, revered for its protective and meditative properties.

  • Sacred Rudraksha: Rudraksha beads are seeds from the Rudraksha tree, considered highly auspicious in Hinduism. The word ‘Rudraksha’ is associated with Lord Shiva and means “Tears of Shiva”.
  • Meditation Aid: These beads are commonly used to create malas (rosaries) for chanting mantras and prayers. Their texture helps maintain focus during meditation.
  • Protective Symbol: Many devotees wear Rudraksha malas as a symbol of protection and to gain inner peace.

Hindi Language:

Experience the beauty and depth of these prayers in their original Hindi script.

  • Authenticity and Resonance: Reading the Chalisas and Aarti hymns in their original Hindi form preserves the cultural authenticity and the profound vibrational quality of the sacred texts.
  • Deeper Understanding: Understanding Hindi opens up a deeper connection with the meaning and nuances of the prayers, even if you are a non-native speaker.

Author: Goswami:

Find wisdom and guidance from the respected author, Goswami.

  • Scholarly Expertise: The title “Goswami” often signifies religious scholarship and knowledge of Hindu traditions. This adds credibility to the book.
  • Spiritual Insights: A respected author in this field likely offers valuable insights and interpretations of the hymns and rituals.

Publisher: Prakash Publication:

Trust in the quality and authenticity of this publication from Prakash Publication.

  • Reputable Source: A well-established publisher specializing in religious and spiritual texts provides assurance that the book adheres to traditional practices and maintains textual accuracy.

Why Choose This Chalisa and Aarti Sangrah Book?

Spiritual Enrichment:

Strengthen your faith and deepen your personal devotion.

  • Connection to the Divine: Reciting Chalisas and performing Aarti creates a sacred space for you to connect with the deities and aspects of the divine they represent. This allows for the deepening of your faith and understanding.
  • Cultivating Bhakti: The practice of reciting Chalisa and singing Aarti nurtures ‘Bhakti’ or devotion within your heart. This pure love and surrender can become a powerful force in your spiritual journey.
  • Finding Solace and Guidance: During difficult times, turning to the devotional verses of Chalisa and the heartfelt expressions of Aarti can offer comfort, strength, and guidance from a higher source.

Convenient Collection:

Find all your essential prayers and rituals in one beautiful volume.

  • Time-Saving: Having a consolidated Chalisa and Aarti book eliminates the need to search for individual texts, saving you precious time in your spiritual practice.
  • All-in-One Resource: This comprehensive book ensures you have the right Chalisa or Aarti for any occasion or deity, allowing for a seamless devotional experience.
  • Portable and Accessible: The book’s format makes it easy to carry with you or have accessible at home, encouraging regular spiritual practice.

Inner Peace and Well-Being:

Experience the calming and uplifting power of Chalisas and Aartis.

  • Stress Relief and Mental Clarity: The rhythmic chanting of Chalisa and the melodious singing of Aarti can soothe the mind, reduce anxiety, and improve focus.
  • Positive Vibrations: The sacred words and rituals create a positive and uplifting spiritual atmosphere, fostering inner peace and well-being.
  • Self-Reflection and Mindfulness: The devotional practice helps you turn inwards, promoting self-awareness and introspection leading to a more balanced inner state.

Perfect Gift:

Share the blessings of devotion with loved ones on special occasions.

  • Spiritual Nurture: Give the gift of devotion, especially to those beginning their spiritual journey or seeking deeper connection to Hinduism.
  • Meaningful and Thoughtful: This gift extends beyond material objects, offering a chance for spiritual growth and blessings.
  • Celebrate Occasions: It makes a perfect gift for birthdays, Diwali, housewarmings, weddings, or any occasion where you wish to share positivity and well-wishes.

Cultural Appreciation:

Explore the rich traditions and practices of Hinduism.

  • Understanding Beliefs and Rituals: The Chalisa and Aarti Sangrah provides a window into the heart of Hindu devotional practices and their significance.
  • Respect and Connection: Whether you are Hindu or not, this book offers insight that fosters respect for diverse cultural and spiritual expressions.
  • Deeper Appreciation: Immersing yourself in the practices can broaden your understanding of Hinduism, leading to a greater appreciation of its rich heritage and wisdom.


  • Title: 55 Chalisa Sangrah Book with 55 Aarti Sahit Book | Shree Rudraksha Mala | Chalisa And Aarti Sangrah Book
  • Type: Devotional Book (Hinduism)
  • Language: Hindi
  • Author: Goswami
  • Publisher: Prakash Publication

Physical Specifications

  • Format: Paperback
  • Dimensions: (Estimate – adjust based on actual product)
    • Length: 8 inches
    • Width: 5 inches
    • Thickness: 0.75 inches
  • Page Count: Approximately 200-300 pages
  • Weight: Approx. 10-12 ounces
  • Cover:
    • Material: Softcover (glossy or matte finish)
    • Design: May feature Hindu deities, symbols, or traditional motifs
  • Binding: Perfect binding

Elevate your spiritual journey with the ‘55 Chalisa Sangrah Book with 55 Aarti Sahit Book | Shree Rudraksha Mala | Chalisa and Aarti Sangrah Book.’ Order yours today and discover the transformative power of devotion!

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