Automatic Aarti Machine with Shankh Sound – 18 Inches [2024]


  • Dimensions: 9″ x 9″ x 18″
  • Dhol Nagara Size: 6″
  • Net Weight: 4kg
  • Colors: Golden
  • Materials: Brass, Steel, Copper, Fiber
  • Input Power: 110-270V
  • Motor: 12V DC
  • Power Adapter: 12V=2AMP
  • Sound Strength – Approx. 500 m (At Night)
  • Battery Life – 5 Years
  • Warranty – 1.5 Years (T&C apply)

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Weight 4000 g
Dimensions 45.73 × 22.86 × 22.86 cm


Aarti Machine with Shankh: Elevate Your Worship, Immerse in Divine Sound [2024]


In the heart of Hindu tradition lies Aarti, a beautiful ritual of offering light and expressing reverence to deities. Our exquisite Aarti machines with shankh elevate this sacred practice, filling your home or temple with the mesmerizing sounds of bells, drumbeats, and the auspicious conch shell (shankh).

Discover the Aarti Machine Designed for Your Devotion

We understand that every devotee has unique preferences. That’s why we offer two exceptional models:

  • Aarti Machine with Battery and Shankh Sound: This comprehensive model delivers the full Aarti experience. The battery ensures portability for use during processions or in areas without power outlets, while the shankh sound adds an extra layer of spiritual depth.
  • Aarti Machine without Battery and Shankh Sound: For those seeking the core Aarti experience, this model focuses on the captivating rhythms essential for the ritual. Ideal for fixed locations and those desiring a simpler setup.

Features that Enhance Your Spiritual Practice

  • Authentic Aarti Sounds: Our machines meticulously replicate the intricate melodies and rhythms of traditional Aarti, creating an atmosphere of devotion. The shankh sound (in the battery model) amplifies the sacred ambience.
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Each machine is a testament to artistry. Expertly crafted from high-quality brass, steel, copper, and fiber, they embody both durability and timeless beauty.
  • Stunning Finishes: Choose from Golden, Rose Gold, or Silver with a heavy hardness coating, ensuring your Aarti machine complements your sacred space and remains pristine for years to come.
  • Ideal Size for Versatility: The compact 9″ x 9″ x 18″ dimensions and 6″ Dhol Nagara make it suitable for home temples, larger worship areas, or even outdoor processions when paired with the battery model.
  • Effortless Operation: The 12V DC motor and included 12V=2AMP switching power adapter guarantee smooth performance (with additional flexibility offered by the battery option). Customize the rhythm and sound to your preference.
  • Designed with Safety in Mind: We prioritize your well-being, adhering to strict safety standards during construction.


Why Choose Our Aarti Machines?

  • Deepen Your Spiritual Connection: Immerse yourself in the transformative power of Aarti with the authentic sounds and vibrations.
  • Cultivate a Peaceful Home: Infuse your living space with the calming, purifying energy of Aarti.
  • Proudly Display Your Faith: Showcase your devotion to Hindu traditions with a beautiful centerpiece for your temple or puja room.
  • Offer a Heartfelt Gift: Share the blessings of Aarti with loved ones on Diwali, housewarmings, weddings, or any auspicious occasion.

Enhance your Aarti rituals and deepen your spiritual journey with our exquisite Aarti machines with shankh. Order yours today and experience the transformative power of sacred sound!

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