Velvet Pooja Aasan Decorative Cloth for Multipurpose Pooja Decorations (10×7 Inch. 1 Piece)

  • Handmade Pooja cloth Aasan Mat from India is Ideal for Devi or Goddess idols during holy rituals.
  • Quantity: Set of 4, Material: Velvet Cloth, Size: 10 x7 Inches, Color: Red (As per Picture)
  • This Mat Aasan is made of Velvet cloth with golden Lace, are light in weight and quite appealing. This can be use as Aasan Mat or on top of Choki, Chowki, Pooja table, Deity thrones, Wooden Bajot, Idol base cloth, backdrop.
  • Use in Pooja rituals, Tika; Navratri, Diwali, Holi Festival or any Indian Festival to Worship and Decoration.
  • Handmade Exclusive Pooja Items article decoration at reasonable price.


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Exquisite Velvet Pooja Aasan – Enhance Your Worship

Immerse your sacred rituals in the luxurious embrace of this handcrafted Velvet Pooja Aasan. Exquisitely designed in India, this decorative cloth is ideal for adorning your pooja space and honoring Devi or Goddess idols during holy celebrations.

Key Features

Premium Velvet Fabric:

Soft, plush velvet in a vibrant red hue (color as pictured) provides a luxurious base for your deities.

  • Soft and Plush: The velvet’s texture offers a gentle, cushioned surface, ideal for respectfully placing your sacred idols.
  • Luxurious Feel: Velvet exudes an air of richness and reverence, creating a beautiful setting for your spiritual practices.
  • Vibrant Red Hue: Red is a deeply auspicious color in many Indian traditions, symbolizing purity, devotion, and divine energy. The vibrant hue complements your deities and enhances the overall ambiance.

Intricate Golden Lace:

Delicate golden lace adorns the edges, adding a touch of traditional elegance and radiance.

  • Traditional Beauty: The golden lace connects this aasan to the rich aesthetic heritage of Indian devotional practices, adding a touch of timeless charm.
  • Radiance and Light: The golden color evokes feelings of auspiciousness and divinity, amplifying the sacredness of your space.
  • Detailed Craftsmanship: The intricate lace demonstrates the careful handiwork that has gone into creating this special aasan.

Ideal Size:

10 x 7 inches offers ample space for idols, while being perfectly sized for most pooja setups.

  • Accommodating Idols: The generous size of the aasan ensures that your deities can be comfortably placed without the fabric feeling cramped.
  • Space-Conscious: Despite its generous deity space, the aasan is compact enough to seamlessly integrate into most home altars or pooja areas, regardless of their size.

Lightweight and Versatile:

Easy to move, arrange, and store, this versatile aasan can be used in various ways.

  • Adaptable: The lightweight nature allows you to easily reposition your aasan depending on your worship needs or altar setup.
  • Multi-Purpose: It can adorn chowkis, serve as a backdrop, or function as a standalone base for idols.
  • Storage-Friendly: When not in use, its lightweight construction makes it effortless to fold and store without taking up excessive space.

Handmade with Love:

Each aasan is carefully crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring quality and a touch of heartfelt devotion.

  • Artisanal Value: Handmade items inherently carry a special energy and uniqueness not found in mass-produced objects.
  • Heartfelt Touch: The knowledge that each aasan is made with care and devotion adds an extra layer of spiritual significance to your pooja space.
  • Quality Assurance: Handmade craftsmanship often signifies superior attention to detail and quality construction.

Ways to Integrate Your Pooja Aasan

Deity Base:

  • Provides a soft, luxurious surface on which to place your revered idols of deities. This offers respect and elevates their position within your worship space.
  • The velvet’s plushness cushions and protects your idols, especially those made of delicate materials.
  • The vibrant colors and elegant design create a visually pleasing foundation that draws focus and reverence toward your deities.

Chowki/Bajot Adornment:

  • Transform a simple wooden chowki or bajot into a more opulent and inviting platform for your deities.
  • The velvet adds a layer of softness and texture, enhancing the overall aesthetic and comfort during rituals.
  • The aasan’s color can be chosen to complement or contrast the wood, creating a visually appealing spiritual focal point.

Throne Decoration:

  • Enhance the grandeur of deity thrones with a touch of velvet elegance.
  • The contrasting textures of velvet against the throne’s material adds visual depth and richness.
  • Using a pooja aasan signifies your devotion and creates a more opulent setting for honoring deities, especially during special occasions.

Backdrop Accent:

  • Create a vibrant and sacred backdrop behind your deities in your altar or mandir.
  • The aasan’s color draws the eye, framing your idols and highlighting their importance.
  • Adds a touch of traditional Indian decor to your sacred space, enhancing the ambiance for prayer and meditation.

Festival Essential:

  • Elevate the celebratory atmosphere during Navratri, Diwali, Holi, and other sacred festivals.
  • The aasan’s vibrant colors and intricate designs complement the festive decorations.
  • Using a pooja aasan on special occasions shows extra reverence and care, symbolizing the importance of the festival.

Experience the Difference

This exquisite Velvet Pooja Aasan is more than just a decorative element; it embodies the spirit of devotion and enhances the ambiance of your sacred space. Here’s why you’ll love it:

Elevates Worship Experience:

The plush texture and elegant design foster a deeper sense of reverence during pooja rituals.

  • Soft Touch: The plushness of velvet creates a luxurious and inviting surface for your deities. This tactile experience enhances the feeling of respect and honor offered during worship.
  • Visual Beauty: The vibrant colors and intricate details, such as golden lace, add a layer of aesthetic richness. This visual appeal helps create a focused and uplifting atmosphere for your pooja rituals.
  • Sense of Importance: Elevating your idols on a dedicated aasan signifies their sacred status and your commitment to revering them. This can deepen your connection to the divine during prayers and meditations.

Symbol of Tradition:

Connects you to the rich heritage of Indian spirituality and craftsmanship.

  • Cultural Significance: Aasans have been used in Indian worship practices for centuries, representing a time-honored element of devotional practice.
  • Handmade Touch: Handcrafted aasans embody the dedication and artistry passed down through generations of Indian artisans. Using one connects you to this lineage.
  • Spiritual Symbolism: The motifs, colors, and materials used in aasans often carry symbolic meanings within Hindu traditions, weaving a layer of spiritual depth into your worship space.

Durable Quality:

The high-quality velvet and construction ensure long-lasting use.

  • Investment Piece: A well-made velvet aasan will retain its richness and beauty for years to come, becoming a cherished part of your pooja rituals.
  • Resilient Fabric: Velvet is known for its durability and ability to withstand regular use.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Careful stitching and construction ensure the aasan maintains its shape and the embellishments remain intact.

Easy Maintenance:

Simple to clean and maintain for continued vibrancy.

  • Practical Consideration: Devoting time to worship is important. A low-maintenance aasan means more time for your spiritual practices and less on upkeep.
  • Colorfastness: Quality velvet should resist fading, ensuring the colors remain bright for an extended period.
  • Easy Cleaning: Depending on the exact fabric, most velvet aasans can be gently wiped or spot-cleaned as needed.

Gifting Potential:

A thoughtful and meaningful gift for loved ones who cherish their spiritual practices.

  • Expression of Support: Gifting a pooja aasan shows that you understand and value the recipient’s spiritual pursuits.
  • Practical Beauty: It’s an item that combines both beauty and functionality, making it a cherished and regularly used gift.
  • Sharing Blessings: By gifting an aasan, you’re helping create a beautiful and sacred space for a loved one’s worship, potentially extending positive vibrations to their spiritual life.

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