Puja Aasan/Assan/Aasana of Velvet/Puja Altar Cloth/Puja Chowki Assan/Puja Cloth for Home Mandir/Temple,Size – 1 Meter,Red

  • Colour – Red , Material – Velvet , Size – 40 Inch (1 Metere), Package Contents – One Piece Velvet Puja Assan/Cloth For Multipurpose use
  • Velvet Puja Aasan Cloth comes with a beautiful embroidered design surrounding it along all corners.To enhance the look of this puja velvet cloth ,The elegant design combination of the cloth gives this Red chowki aasan a very lustrous royal feel.
  • Usage – Our Pooja Aasan Cloth can be used as base of your temple especially on the chowki of any Puja / Hawan or you can place it on Mata ki Chowki, Puja tables, deity thrones, wooden bajot, pedestals etc. Velvet puja aasan are ideal for placing deity idols during puja rituals. It can also be used to cover the head of deity idols.
  • Light & Compact – The Velvet Puja Chowki Aasan is comfortable to use and its portable feature makes it easy to carry anywhere you want. These Red puja asan are ideal for placing deity idols during puja rituals.
  • Velvet clothes are used as backdrops in altars or Puja Mandir. It is used as a backdrop for Krishna, Durga, and other deity idols to brighten the aura. Also used as a curtain for Puja altar or Mandir.


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Dimensions 100 × 100 cm


Red Velvet Puja Aasan – Luxurious Devotion

Embellish your puja rituals with the luxurious touch of this exquisite Red Velvet Puja Aasan. Measuring a generous 1 meter (40 inches), this stunning aasan provides the perfect devotional foundation for your home temple, altar, or sacred space. Crafted from the finest velvet, its rich color and intricate design create an aura of reverence and beauty.

Key Product Features

  • Material: Premium, soft velvet
  • Color: Traditional and auspicious red
  • Size: Spacious 1 meter (40 inches)
  • Design: Embellished border with enhanced visual appeal
  • Package Contents: One high-quality velvet puja aasan/cloth

Multipurpose Versatility

Discover the boundless ways this puja aasan can enhance your spiritual practice:

  • Ideal Temple Base: Create a dedicated space for your deities on this luxurious cloth.
  • Chowki Adornment: Adorn the chowki (small table) used in pujas and hawans.
  • Mata ki Chowki Enhancement: Make a beautiful base for Mata ki Chowki.
  • Elevated Puja Tables: Bring elegance to your puja tables.
  • Deity Throne: Provide a regal resting place for your deity idols.
  • Wooden Bajot Decoration: Complement your wooden bajot (platform).
  • Pedestal Cover: Adds richness to deity pedestals.
  • Idol Head Covering: Cover the heads of your idols in respect.
  • Altar Backdrop: Use as a stunning backdrop for Krishna, Durga, and other idols.
  • Mandir Curtain: A beautiful and respectful curtain for your puja altar or mandir.

The Beauty & Spirituality of Velvet

Velvet, with its softness and luster, is a traditional fabric choice for sacred garments and devotional items. This puja aasan carries that tradition. Its velvety richness creates a sense of opulence and reverence, enhancing the beauty and spiritual significance of your puja space.

Lightweight and Portable Devotion

This comfortable puja aasan is also remarkably lightweight. Its portability lets you effortlessly take your devotional practice with you wherever you go. Carry it easily for pujas at different locations, during travel, or to enhance any temporary altar space.

Your Sacred Space, Elevated

Embellish your puja rituals with the luxurious touch of this exquisite Red Velvet Puja Aasan. This stunning aasan provides the perfect devotional foundation for your home temple, altar, or sacred space. Crafted from the finest velvet, its rich color choices, intricate designs, and available sizes create an aura of reverence and beauty.


  • Material: Premium, soft velvet
  • Colors:
    • Traditional and auspicious red
    • Serene blue (symbolizing peace and vastness)
    • Rich gold (associated with divinity and abundance)
  • Sizes:
    • Standard: 1 meter (40 inches)
    • Compact: 0.5 meters (20 inches) for smaller spaces
    • Large: 1.5 meters (60 inches) for grand displays
  • Design:
    • Embellished border for enhanced visual appeal
    • Options available with intricate embroidery, traditional motifs
  • Package Contents: One high-quality velvet puja aasan/cloth

Red holds profound symbolism in Hindu tradition:

  • Passion and Devotion: It represents ardent love for the divine.
  • Auspiciousness: It symbolizes good fortune, celebration, and new beginnings.
  • Shakti: Red’s vibrant energy is associated with powerful goddesses like Durga and Lakshmi.

Care Instructions

  • Gentle Cleaning: Hand wash in cool water with mild detergent, or spot clean as needed.
  • Air Drying: Lay flat or hang to dry; avoid direct sunlight.
  • Light Ironing: If needed, use a cool iron on the reverse side.

The Perfect Devotional Gift

Share the blessings of devotion with loved ones. This puja aasan makes a thoughtful gift for housewarmings, Diwali, Navratri, weddings, and other auspicious occasions.

Symbolism and Significance

  • Purity and Respect: The aasan creates a sanctified space, separating your deities and ritual items from the ordinary surfaces of daily life. This separation signifies reverence and a dedicated intention toward your spiritual practice.
  • Comfort and Focus: The aasan’s soft material provides a comfortable base during meditation or while performing rituals. This physical comfort contributes to a deeper state of mental and spiritual focus.
  • Aesthetics and Beauty: Puja aasans often feature beautiful designs, colors, and materials. This visual appeal enhances the overall atmosphere of your sacred space, inspiring devotion and a sense of the divine’s presence.

Versatile Uses of the Puja Aasan

  • Temple and Altar Base: The aasan serves as an ideal base for your home temple, altar, or any dedicated worship space.
  • Chowki Covering: It beautifully adorns the chowki, the small table used during pujas and other rituals.
  • Deity Placement: The aasan offers a respectful resting place for your deity idols or sacred images.
  • Enhancement of Ritual Objects: Use it beneath your wooden bajot, pedestals, or other ritual platforms for added elegance.
  • Altar Backdrop or Curtain: A vibrant or embellished aasan can be a stunning visual backdrop for your deities or a decorative curtain for your mandir.

Choosing Your Ideal Puja Aasan

  • Material: Velvet’s softness and traditional appeal make it a popular choice. Other options include silk, cotton, or wool, each with its own textures and benefits.
  • Color: Red is a classic, auspicious choice; however, consider colors that resonate with you or the specific deities you worship. Blue for peace, gold for abundance, or multi-colored asans offer variety.
  • Size: Select a size that comfortably accommodates your deities, ritual items, and your own sitting space. Standard sizes range from 0.5 meters to 1.5 meters or larger.
  • Design: Embroidered borders, intricate motifs, or simple elegance – let your aesthetic preferences guide your choice.

Elevate Your Devotional Practice: Experience the Difference

A beautiful and thoughtfully crafted puja aasan has the power to transform your spiritual rituals. It creates a sacred space, enhances visual appeal, and demonstrates your reverence for the divine. If you’ve been considering adding this meaningful touch to your puja, now is the perfect time.

Why Invest in a Quality Puja Aasan?

  • Enhanced Comfort: A soft, luxurious aasan provides a comfortable base during prayers and meditation, allowing you to focus more deeply.
  • Symbol of Respect: Dedicating a beautiful cloth for your deities shows respect and honors their presence in your home.
  • Visual Beauty: Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your temple or sacred space with a richly colored and embellished aasan.
  • Spiritual Significance: Tap into the rich symbolism of fabrics, colors, and designs traditionally used in devotional practices.
  • Long-lasting Investment: A high-quality puja aasan can be a cherished possession for years to come.

The Time to Act is Now

Don’t delay the opportunity to enhance your spiritual experience. Imagine the feeling of devotion as you perform your next puja on a beautiful aasan made especially for this purpose. Here’s why taking action today makes sense:

  • Limited-time Offers: [If applicable, insert specific promotions or discounts]
  • Wide Selection: Choose the color, size, and design that resonates most with you, while stocks last.
  • Gift of Devotion: Surprise a loved one with a thoughtful and meaningful present for any auspicious occasion.

Experience the joy of a more fulfilling spiritual practice. Invest in a beautiful puja aasan today!

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