Brass Aasan Pure Brass Aasan | Singhasan or Seat used in temple for Pooja for placing God Idols, God Chair, God Sofa, God Brass (L-8cm, B -12cm, H -15cm)

Theme Glossy
Brand Generic
Colour Gold
Style Antique
Material Brass
Cartoon Character Singhasan with Chatra
Room Type Office
Specific Uses For Product Home decor
Special Feature Washable
Number of Pieces 1


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Premium Brass Aasan: Elevate Your Pooja Space and Gifting Occasions

Embrace the rich tradition and auspiciousness of a beautifully crafted Brass Aasan (also known as a Singhasan or God Chair). This sacred seat is designed to elevate your Pooja experience, placing your beloved God Idols on a pedestal of elegance and reverence. Perfect for your temple, home, office, hotel, and other devotional spaces.

Exquisite Craftsmanship Aasan:

Exquisite Craftsmanship: A Masterpiece of Skill and Tradition

  • The Heart of the Aasan: Purest Brass This magnificent aasan begins with the finest quality brass. Unlike thin, less durable alloys, the solid brass used here guarantees longevity. Its inherent weight lends a sense of substance and permanence, fitting for its sacred purpose.
  • Hands that Shape the Divine: While machines may play a role, the true beauty lies in the handcrafted elements. Imagine the artisan’s touch guiding tools over the metal – the careful hammering, the precise etching. Each mark isn’t an imperfection; it’s the story of the aasan’s creation.
  • Timeless Design Evoking Ancient Temples: The aasan’s design draws inspiration from traditional motifs found in centuries-old temples. These intricate patterns, whether floral, geometric, or depicting deities, hold deep symbolism. Their inclusion adds a layer of spiritual richness and heritage.

The Beauty of Detail: A Feast for the Eyes

  • Not Just a Smooth Surface: Go beyond the overall design and focus on the minutiae. Are there tiny swirls engraved within a larger pattern? Does the edge feature a delicate beaded design? These intricacies reward close observation and elevate the aasan from simply functional to a true work of art.
  • The Power of Reflection: The aasan’s glossy polish isn’t just about shine. It transforms the metal, making it a mirror for the intricate details. Play with the aasan in different lighting – the way its gleaming surface reflects and distorts the carvings adds another dimension of beauty.

A Luxurious Touch for Your Most Sacred Space

  • More Than Visual; It’s Tactile: Picture yourself handling the aasan. It has a satisfying coolness and smoothness unlike cheaper, lightweight materials. This weight and texture enhance the feeling of luxury and importance.
  • The Aura of Gold: Brass has a natural warmth reminiscent of gold. This color inherently signifies auspiciousness, wealth, and the divine. It elevates the aasan beyond the ordinary and creates an atmosphere conducive to devotion.
  • A Centerpiece That Commands Attention: The aasan, with its gleaming surface and detailed patterns, naturally draws the eye. Whether resting empty or adorned with an idol, it commands respect. It transforms a corner of your temple or home into a place of reverence and beauty.

Enhance Your Decor and Spiritual Practice:

Elevate the decor of your home, temple, office, or hotel with this stunning Brass Aasan. 

  • Transcending Trends: The ageless appeal of brass and the traditional design of the aasan allow it to harmonize with a wide range of decor styles. Whether your space is classic and ornate, minimalist and modern, or eclectic and vibrant, this sacred piece will add a touch of timeless beauty.
  • Versatile Placement: This Brass Aasan isn’t just limited to the temple. Consider enhancing the ambiance of your living room, foyer, meditation corner, or even a thoughtfully curated display shelf. Its golden gleam and intricate design will infuse any area with a sense of reverence and sophistication.
  • Hospitality Haven The warm and welcoming energy of the Brass Aasan makes it an ideal addition to hotels and guesthouses. Place it in lobbies, reception areas, or even thoughtfully decorated guest rooms to create a memorable atmosphere steeped in cultural richness and respect.

Create a sacred and inviting atmosphere for your daily pooja rituals, placing your cherished God idols upon this divine throne.

  • A Divine Stage: Pooja rituals become even more meaningful when your beloved God idols are elevated upon a dedicated, beautiful platform. The Brass Aasan acts as a throne, showcasing their significance and creating a focal point for your worship.
  • Aura of Reverence: The very act of placing your idols on the aasan cultivates a deep sense of respect and devotion. Its gleaming brass reflects the light, creating an almost ethereal glow around your deities.
  • Inviting Energy: The visual beauty and sacred symbolism of the aasan contribute to a peaceful and inviting atmosphere. This encourages focused meditation, heartfelt prayers, and a sense of being within a sanctified space.

Experience a deeper connection to your spirituality as you honor your deities with this symbol of respect and devotion.

  • Tangible Expression of Faith: The Brass Aasan transforms your acts of worship from routine to ritual. Its presence serves as a constant reminder of your reverence, strengthening your spiritual focus.
  • The Power of Symbolism: The intricate design, the auspicious material of brass – every element of the aasan carries centuries of spiritual meaning. As you interact with it during pooja, you tap into this rich symbolism, deepening your connection to the divine.
  • A Legacy of Devotion: A beautifully crafted Brass Aasan can be passed down through generations, becoming a cherished heirloom. It serves as a tangible symbol of your family’s faith and the continuity of spiritual traditions.

The Perfect Gift for Aasan Auspicious Occasions:


  • Symbol of Unity and New Beginnings: A Brass Aasan signifies the creation of a sacred space within the new couple’s home. It represents a place where they can honor their spiritual beliefs and traditions together as they embark on their journey of love and companionship.
  • Prosperity and Abundance: Brass is associated with wealth, good luck, and auspiciousness. Gifting a Brass Aasan to a newlywed couple is a way of wishing them a life filled with happiness, prosperity, and the blessings of the divine.


  • Celebration of Enduring Love: A Brass Aasan is a timeless gift that symbolizes the strength and endurance of a couple’s love. It’s a reminder of their shared spiritual journey and the sacred bond they have cultivated over the years.
  • Reaffirmation of Blessings: The gift of a Brass Aasan on an anniversary is a beautiful way to renew the blessings of good fortune and happiness that the couple has received throughout their marriage.

Housewarming Ceremonies:

  • Welcoming Positivity and Divinity: A Brass Aasan is a warm and auspicious way to welcome a family or individual into their new home. It creates a sanctified space for deities and invites positive energy and divine protection into the dwelling.
  • A Touch of Tradition: The gift of a Brass Aasan adds a touch of traditional elegance and spiritual significance to the housewarming, honoring the homeowner’s values and beliefs.

New Ventures:

  • Blessings for Success: Starting a new business or project is a significant milestone. A Brass Aasan symbolizes divine support, inviting good fortune, abundance, and success to the venture.
  • Creating a Positive Workspace: Placing a Brass Aasan in a new office or business space fosters a sense of auspiciousness and spiritual grounding, guiding decisions, and inspiring a positive work environment.

Award Ceremonies:

  • Honoring Achievement with Symbolism: A Brass Aasan is a unique and meaningful way to recognize outstanding accomplishment. Its symbolism of respect, reverence, and prosperity makes it a fitting tribute to the awardee’s dedication and success.
  • A Timeless Memento: Unlike typical trophies or plaques, a Brass Aasan stands as a beautiful and enduring reminder of the individual’s achievement, showcasing their excellence.

In Summary

A Brass Aasan is a versatile and heartfelt gift that carries profound meaning across various celebratory events. Its symbolism of respect, tradition, prosperity, and divine blessings makes it a truly auspicious present that will be cherished for years to come.

Product Specifications of Aasan:

  • Theme: Glossy
  • Brand: Generic
  • Colour: Gold
  • Style: Antique
  • Material: Pure Brass
  • Special Feature: Washable
  • Dimensions: L-8cm, B -12cm, H -15cm

Additional Features

Singhasan with Chatra: A Symbol of Divine Protection and Honor

  • The Chatra’s Significance: In many spiritual traditions, a ‘chatra’ – a decorative umbrella-like canopy – symbolizes royalty, protection, and the highest respect. Placing a chatra above the Brass Aasan signifies that your beloved deities reside in a place of honor and are shielded by divine grace.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: The addition of a chatra not only carries deep meaning but also significantly elevates the visual appeal of your Brass Aasan. The delicate arch of the chatra creates a sense of balance and grandeur, making it a captivating focal point within your pooja space.
  • Variations in Design: The chatra itself might be crafted in various styles. Some feature simple, elegant curves, while others may be adorned with intricate filigree work, mirroring the level of detail found on the aasan itself.

Intricate Details: Masterful Craftsmanship in Every Curve

  • Beyond the Basic Form: While the core shape of the aasan provides a sacred platform, it’s the intricate details that truly breathe life into this devotional object. These details showcase the masterful skill of the artisans and imbue the aasan with a unique personality.
  • Engravings and Patterns: The surface of the aasan might be adorned with delicate etchings. These could depict auspicious symbols like lotus flowers, deities, or geometric patterns that hold spiritual significance.
  • Embellishments: Some aasans incorporate beautiful embellishments such as small bells, sculpted figures of mythical creatures, or inlaid gemstones. These elements add another layer of visual richness and symbolism.

Aasan Care Instructions:

Maintaining the Luster of Your Brass Aasan

  • Regular Dusting: The simplest and most frequent maintenance step is to dust your Brass Aasan regularly with a soft, dry cloth. This removes surface dust and fingerprints, preventing buildup that can dull the shine.

  • Deeper Cleaning: For a more thorough cleaning, try these options:

    • Mild Brass Polish: Choose a commercial brass polish specifically formulated for delicate surfaces. Apply a small amount according to the manufacturer’s instructions, using a soft cloth to gently buff the surface.

    • Natural Cleaning Solution: Mix equal parts lemon juice and baking soda to create a paste. Apply this paste to the brass aasan, let it sit for a few minutes, then gently rub in circular motions with a soft cloth. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry completely.

Additional Tips

  • Prevent Tarnish: Minimize exposure to moisture and humidity, as this can contribute to tarnishing. If you live in a humid area, consider storing your Brass Aasan in an airtight container or with silica gel packets to absorb excess moisture.

  • Handle with Care: Avoid dropping or bumping your Brass Aasan as it may dent or scratch the surface.

  • Dry Thoroughly: After cleaning with any liquid solution, always ensure the aasan is completely dry before placing it back in its designated spot. Any residual moisture can cause tarnishing.

  • Severe Tarnish: For heavy tarnish, consult a professional who specializes in brass restoration.

Important Note: Always test any cleaning solution on a small, inconspicuous area before applying it to the entire aasan.

By following these simple care guidelines, you’ll ensure your beautiful Brass Aasan maintains its radiance and becomes a cherished heirloom for years to come.

Experience the transformative power of this Brass Aasan. Order yours today and begin infusing your life with its divine blessings!

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