Chandan agarbatti ,Rose ,Zed Black, Arij, Mogra , Charlie, Manthan Guggal , Pineapple, Kasturi – Zed Black premium agarbatti

Weight – 130g

Commodity – Incence Sticks

SKU – Zipper Medium Arij

Manufacturer- Mysore Deep Perfumery House


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Weight 130 g
Dimensions 15 × 30 × 2 cm


The Alluring Aromas of Zed Black Premium Agarbatti

Experience the profound impact that fragrance can have on your well-being, your environment, and your spiritual connection. Zed Black Premium Agarbatti isn’t merely a collection of incense sticks – it’s a carefully curated invitation to a sensory world where relaxation, inspiration, and a sense of the divine are just a breath away.

Each of our meticulously crafted agarbatti sticks harnesses the finest natural ingredients. Botanicals, resins, and essential oils are blended with traditional knowledge to create fragrances that touch the very essence of your being.

Why Choose Zed Black Agarbatti? 

In today’s fast-paced, often chaotic world, finding moments of true peace and inner connection can seem like a distant dream. Zed Black understands this struggle and offers a simple yet profound solution: The transformative power of fragrance. Our premium agarbatti isn’t simply a way to make your home smell nice – it’s an invitation to a deeper, more fulfilling experience of life.

Unlock the Path to Deep Relaxation

Stress has a way of seeping into every corner of our being, manifesting as tension, anxiety, and restlessness. Zed Black’s carefully curated aromas act as a gentle balm for the soul. Allow the soothing scents of Rose, Chandan, or Arij to envelop you. Feel your worries fade, your muscles relax, and a deep sense of tranquility take hold. Whether you seek preparation for meditation, relief after a long day, or simply a sanctuary of peace, Zed Black fragrances create the perfect ambiance.

Awaken Your Inner Spark of Creativity and Inspiration

When the mind feels burdened or uninspired, fragrance can be an unexpected key to unlocking hidden potential. Zed Black offers invigorating scents like Charlie or Pineapple, designed to dispel mental fog and awaken your senses. Breathe in the vibrant aromas and feel a surge of fresh energy, renewed clarity, and boundless creative possibilities. Let the fragrances guide you towards new ideas, passionate projects, and a greater sense of purpose.

Strengthen Your Spiritual Connection with Agarbatti

The use of incense in spiritual rituals and ceremonies spans centuries and cultures. Our traditional fragrances, such as Manthan Guggal and Chandan, honor this ancient wisdom. As the sacred smoke rises, allow it to elevate your consciousness, deepen your connection to the divine, and enhance the sanctity of your prayers and practices. Zed Black provides more than just fragrance – it’s a tool for seeking higher states of awareness and spiritual growth.

Elevate Your Environment and Attract Positive Energy

Your surroundings have a profound impact on your mood and well-being. Zed Black banishes negativity and replaces it with vibrant, uplifting energy. Choose from any of our captivating scents to transform your home, office, or sacred space into a haven of positivity, joy, and abundance. The captivating aromas not only delight the senses but also cleanse the atmosphere, inviting peace and harmony into every corner.

Our Exquisite Collection of Agarbatti Fragrances

Discover the Agarbatti Enchanting World of Incense: 

Immerse yourself in a world of captivating aromas, where each fragrance unlocks a unique sensory experience. From the timeless romance of roses to the grounding energy of sandalwood, our exquisite collection of incense transforms your space and elevates your mood.

Rose: The Essence of Love

Imagine strolling through a lush rose garden at the peak of its bloom. Our Rose incense captures the sweet, floral essence of freshly picked roses with a touch of honeyed warmth. This classic fragrance evokes feelings of love, tenderness, and gentle tranquility. Enhance romantic moments, unwind after a long day, or simply add a touch of timeless elegance to any room.

Chandan: Find Your Center

The smooth, creamy scent of sandalwood with hints of warm spice and balsamic sweetness defines our Chandan incense. This fragrance has been used for centuries to promote mental clarity, reduce anxiety, and create a tranquil atmosphere. Chandan is ideal for meditation, yoga, or simply finding a moment of inner peace amidst a busy day.

Zed Black: Harmony and Abundance

Our flagship fragrance, Zed Black, is a captivating blend of notes that both energize and soothe. Discover a complex and harmonious aroma that awakens positivity, well-being, and a sense of abundance. Perfect as an all-purpose scent, Zed Black uplifts any space while stimulating the mind and inviting a feeling of calm.

Arij: Breathe in Clarity and Renewal

Experience the clean, fresh scent of Arij incense – a revitalizing blend with hints of citrus and delicate florals. Imagine a spring breeze carrying the aroma of a freshly cleaned room. Arij purifies the air, uplifts the spirit, and dispels negativity, leaving you feeling clear and revitalized. It’s perfect for clearing stagnant energy, or infusing your day with a renewed sense of energy.

Mogra: Sensual and Intoxicating

The heady, sweet fragrance of jasmine blossoms defines our Mogra incense. This intoxicating scent is known for its sensual qualities and ability to reduce stress and promote restful sleep. Enhance romantic moments, create an intimate atmosphere, or simply unwind in the evening with this luxurious fragrance. Mogra is also known to stimulate creativity and ease headaches.

Charlie: A Burst of Sunshine

Charlie incense is a vibrant and invigorating burst of zesty citrus, a hint of spice, and an underlying warmth. This cheerful fragrance sparks enthusiasm, inspires creativity, and brings a touch of positive energy to any space. Great for a morning boost, creative projects, or whenever you need to dispel fatigue and improve concentration.

Manthan Guggal: Grounding and Protective

Immerse yourself in the deep, earthy, and resinous fragrance of Manthan Guggal. This incense evokes a sense of ancient rituals and sacred spaces. Believed to cleanse the aura, ward off negativity, and deepen spiritual connections, it’s ideal for meditation, prayer, or creating a sense of peace within your home.

Pineapple: Tropical Cheer

Add a touch of summertime fun with our Pineapple incense. Its sweet, juicy, and tropical aroma evokes feelings of warmth, hospitality, and playful energy. Pineapple is perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere, livening up social gatherings, or simply bringing a touch of sunshine to your day.

Kasturi: Sensual and Grounding

Discover the deep, musky, and slightly sweet scent of Kasturi. This sensual and mysterious fragrance promotes feelings of intimacy, inner peace, and tranquility. Use Kasturi to enhance romantic moments, reduce stress, or add an air of allure and introspection to your space.

Experience the Power of Agarbatti Fragrance

Our incense is handcrafted with the finest natural ingredients to ensure a pure and long-lasting fragrance. Elevate your everyday rituals, deepen your spiritual practices, and transform the ambiance of your home with our exquisite range of aromas.

Specifications of Agarbatti

  • Brand: Zed Black
  • Product Type: Premium Agarbatti (Incense Sticks)
  • Fragrances: Rose, Chandan, Zed Black, Arij, Mogra, Charlie, Manthan Guggal, Pineapple, Kasturi
  • Key Benefits: Relaxation, Inspiration, Spiritual Connection, Air Purification, Mood Enhancement
  • Material: Natural Herbs, Resins, Essential Oils, Bamboo Sticks
  • Burn Time: Approximately 30-45 minutes per stick
  • Weight: Varies by pack. Example: 130g
  • Packaging: May include resealable zipper pouches, decorative boxes depending on the pack
  • Manufacturing: Handcrafted in India
  • Safety: Use in a well-ventilated area, keep away from flammable objects, use an incense holder
  • Weight (Specific): 300 grams
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 15cm x 30cm x 2cm

The Zed Black Agarbatti Difference: Quality You Can Trust

At Zed Black, we believe in using only the finest natural ingredients to create our agarbatti. Our sticks are handcrafted with care using traditional methods, ensuring a long-lasting and consistent burn. We source our botanicals responsibly and ethically, supporting sustainable practices and the communities that cultivate them.

Ways to Enjoy Zed Black Agarbatti

Unlock Inner Peace and Elevate Your Well-Being with Zed Black Agarbatti

Experience the profound impact of scent on your daily life, your spiritual practices, and your overall well-being with Zed Black Agarbatti.

Meditation and Yoga:

Finding Stillness Within When your mind is restless, and focus feels elusive, let the soothing fragrances of Zed Black agarbatti guide you inward. Fragrances like Chandan, with its grounding sandalwood notes, promote mental clarity and stillness, allowing you to deepen your meditation practice. The purifying scent of Arij can help clear distractions and create an environment conducive to yoga, enhancing your breath awareness and body connection.

Spiritual Rituals:

Connecting with the Sacred For centuries, incense has played an integral role in spiritual ceremonies across cultures. Create your own sacred rituals with the time-honored fragrances of Chandan and Manthan Guggal. Their rich, earthy aromas evoke a sense of reverence, helping you connect with the divine, offer prayers, and perform traditional ceremonies with a deeper sense of meaning.


A Balm for the Soul After a long and demanding day, allow the gentle fragrances of Zed Black to wash over you like a wave of tranquility. The delicate sweetness of Rose soothes the senses and promotes feelings of love and comfort. Chandan’s calming aroma melts away stress and anxiety, while Arij’s fresh scent creates a haven of peace within your home.

Mood Enhancement:

Ignite Joy and Abundance Transform your mood and elevate your energy with the vibrant scents of Zed Black agarbatti. Our signature fragrance, Zed Black, infuses your space with positive vibrations, attracting abundance and promoting a sense of well-being. Awaken your senses with the invigorating Charlie, sparking creativity and playful optimism. Or, bask in the tropical delight of Pineapple, filling your surroundings with warmth and cheerful energy.


Harnessing the Power of Nature Zed Black agarbatti draws on the ancient wisdom of aromatherapy to enhance your holistic wellness. Tap into the stress-reducing and sleep-promoting benefits of Mogra’s intoxicating jasmine. Ease anxiety and find mental focus with the grounding aroma of Chandan. Experience the purifying and mood-boosting effects of Arij’s clean, fresh scent.

Home Deodorizer:

A Breath of Fresh Air Let the purifying power of our fragrances naturally freshen your living spaces. Eliminate unwanted odors and create an inviting atmosphere with the clean scent of Arij, the uplifting aroma of Pineapple, or the invigorating notes of Charlie. Zed Black agarbatti offers a safe and effective alternative to harsh chemical air fresheners.

Order your favorite Agarbatti scents today and discover the beauty of fragrance!

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