Hari Darshan Sandalwood | Rose | Khus | Patcholi | Musk | Rose Premium Masala Agarbatti Natural Incense Sticks (40 Sticks,60gm Per Pack) | Long Lasting Fragrance for Daily Pooja, Havan, Meditation and Yoga (Copy)

Item Form Sticks
Scent Sandalwood
Duration 0.75 Hours
Product Benefits Meditation
Item Length 21 Centimetres

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Experience Exquisite Fragrances with Hari Darshan Premium Masala Agarbatti Natural Incense Sticks

Unwind and immerse yourself in the captivating aromas of Hari Darshan Premium Masala Agarbatti Natural Incense Sticks. This exquisite collection features the timeless scents of Sandalwood, Rose, Khus, Patchouli, and Musk, meticulously crafted to elevate your daily rituals, meditation sessions, and yoga practice.

The Benefits of Hari Darshan Natural Incense Agarbatti

Premium Quality

  • Reputation: The Hari Darshan brand, specifically its Natural Series, is well-known for its commitment to quality and the use of only the finest natural ingredients. This reputation builds trust and confidence in the value of the incense.
  • Superior Fragrances: Careful ingredient selection leads to fragrances that are captivating, complex, and authentic. These incense sticks stand out from mass-produced alternatives that often use synthetic scents.
  • Natural Ingredients: The absence of synthetic fragrances and fillers ensures that the true beauty and purity of natural essential oils, herbs, and wood powder come through in the aroma.

0% Charcoal

  • Clean Burn: Charcoal-free incense produces significantly less smoke and residue, creating a more pleasant experience and minimizing potential concerns about charcoal-related health issues.
  • Fragrance Purity: With no charcoal, the natural fragrances of the essential oils and herbs are not masked or muddied, leading to a clearer and more authentic scent profile.
  • Healthier: This is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a cleaner, potentially safer way to enjoy the benefits of incense.

Natural Ingredients

  • Artisan Touch: Each incense stick is handcrafted, showing care and attention to detail that guarantees quality and a unique experience.
  • Traditional Methods: If the production process follows traditional incense-making practices, highlight this as it adds a sense of history, authenticity, and connection to ancient techniques.
  • Authentic Fragrances: Natural ingredients are the key to rich, complex, and long-lasting scents. These fragrances often evoke natural environments and connect to traditional spiritual practices.

Long Burn Time

  • Extended Enjoyment: The generous length and burn time allow you to savor the fragrance without frequent interruptions, promoting full immersion in the experience.
  • Creating Atmosphere: The longer burn time allows the aroma to fully transform a space, creating an ambiance of serenity ideal for meditation, relaxation, or spiritual practice.

Ideal for Daily Use

  • Everyday Ritual: These incense sticks can be a part of daily routines for stress relief, creating a welcoming home fragrance, or focusing the mind in a workspace.
  • Variety of Benefits: Different scents can offer a range of effects, from calmness and peace to inspiration and joy, making them suitable for a variety of needs.


  • Spiritual Connection: Perfect for traditional Hindu practices like pooja and havan, appealing to those seeking connection to these spiritual customs.
  • Broad Appeal: The benefits go beyond traditional use, promoting mindfulness, aromatherapy, and personal well-being for a wider audience.
  • Gifting: A thoughtful gift for those seeking spiritual connection, peace, or simply a way to enhance the ambiance of their home.

Agarbatti Specifications

Product Name: Hari Darshan Premium Masala Agarbatti Natural Incense Sticks

Fragrance Options: Sandalwood, Rose, Khus. Patchouli, Musk

Number of Sticks per Pack: 40

Stick Length: 9 inches

Approximate Burn Time: 40 minutes

Charcoal Content: 0%

Ingredients: Natural essential oils, herbs, wood powde

Discover the Enchanting Agarbatti Scents


Embrace the rich, woody, and inherently calming aroma of Sandalwood. Ideal for meditation, prayers, and creating a serene atmosphere.

  • Classic and Sacred: Sandalwood has been revered for centuries in spiritual practices for its deep, grounding, and contemplative aroma.
  • Mental Clarity: Its calming nature is believed to aid in focusing the mind, making it ideal for meditation and prayer.
  • Soothing and Tranquil: The warm, woody notes promote a sense of serenity, helping you unwind from stress and find inner peace.
  • Atmosphere Enhancer: Creates an environment conducive to relaxation, introspection, and spiritual connection.


Indulge in the sweet, floral, and romantic fragrance of Rose. Uplifts the spirit and promotes feelings of love and joy.

  • Symbol of Love: Rose is universally associated with love, romance, and beauty. Its fragrance can evoke feelings of warmth and happiness.
  • Mood Booster: The sweet, floral aroma can naturally lift your spirits, promoting a sense of optimism and joy.
  • Heart-Opening: Rose has a gentle, nurturing quality that can promote emotional well-being and open up feelings of compassion and love.
  • Celebratory and Romantic: Its luxurious scent is perfect for creating a celebratory atmosphere or setting a romantic mood.


Experience the refreshing, earthy, and slightly sweet scent of Khus. Known for its cooling and grounding properties, perfect for hot weather.

  • Ayurvedic Tradition: Khus (or Vetiver) is a staple in Ayurvedic medicine, renowned for its cooling and calming effects on the body and mind.
  • Beat the Heat: Its refreshing, earthy scent provides a natural sense of coolness, making it ideal for hot climates or to combat feelings of internal heat and agitation.
  • Grounding and Balancing: Khus helps you feel anchored and connected to the earth, especially when feeling overwhelmed or scattered.
  • Summery and Uplifting: Its subtly sweet, grassy aroma is both revitalizing and soothing.


Immerse yourself in the rich, earthy, and slightly musky aroma of Patchouli. Promotes relaxation, eases stress, and inspires a sense of grounding.

  • Relaxing and Comforting: Patchouli’s deep, earthy scent has a profound effect on the nervous system, promoting relaxation and easing anxiety.
  • Stress Buster: Helps to dispel stress, worries, and nervous tension, encouraging a sense of peace and inner balance.
  • Grounding and Sensual: Its musky undertones add a layer of warmth and sensuality, making it a comforting and subtly arousing fragrance.
  • Hippie Era Favorite: Its distinctive scent evokes a sense of freedom, bohemian spirit, and connection to nature.


Enjoy the warm, sensual, and slightly sweet fragrance of Musk. Creates a comforting and inviting ambiance.

  • Warm and Alluring: Musk has a velvety, sensual quality that is both comforting and seductive.
  • Cozy and Intimate: Evokes a sense of warmth and closeness, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.
  • Subtle Sweetness: Musk has a delicately sweet undertone that adds depth and softness to its overall aroma.
  • Confidence-Boosting: Its sensual nature can subtly enhance confidence and a feeling of attractiveness.

The Power of Natural Fragrance

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to promote relaxation, enhance mood, and support spiritual practices. Hari Darshan incense taps into the power of natural scents to transform your environment and uplift your senses.

How to Use Hari Darshan Agarbatti

1. Choose your desired scent.

  • Consider your mood: Are you looking to relax, feel uplifted, energized, or grounded? Choose a fragrance known for the effects you’d like to experience (e.g., Sandalwood for relaxation, Rose for joy, Khus for cooling down.)
  • Match the occasion: For meditation or spiritual practices, a classic scent like Sandalwood or Patchouli may be fitting. For a romantic or indulgent mood, Rose or Musk are excellent choices.

2. Find a safe and well-ventilated space.

  • Fire safety first: Choose a spot away from flammable materials like curtains, papers, or furniture. Ensure a stable surface for your incense holder.
  • Air circulation: A well-ventilated area helps the fragrance disperse evenly and prevents the smoke from becoming overpowering. Consider a slightly open window or door for good airflow.
  • Away from disturbances: Pick a location where you won’t be interrupted, allowing for full enjoyment of the experience.

3. Place the Agarbatti in an  incense holder.

  • Choose a suitable holder: Incense holders come in various shapes and materials (wood, ceramic, metal). Select one that securely holds the incense stick at a slight angle or upright, depending on your preference.
  • Catch the ash: Ensure the holder is designed to collect falling ash, protecting your surfaces and maintaining cleanliness.

4. Light the tip of the incense stick until it glows.

  • Match or lighter: Use a safe and convenient method to create a flame.
  • Hold the flame steady: Apply the flame to the very tip of the incense stick until it catches fire. Allow a small flame to establish itself for a few seconds.
  • Observe the glow: Once a glowing ember forms at the tip of the stick, it is properly lit.

5. Gently blow out the flame and enjoy the captivating Agarbatti fragrance.

  • No open flame: Ensure the flame is completely extinguished, leaving only the glowing red ember.
  • A wisp of smoke: A gentle trail of smoke should rise from the stick, carrying the beautiful fragrance.
  • Immerse yourself: Take a moment to relax, close your eyes, and simply breathe in the aroma. Let the fragrance guide your meditation, enhance your mood, or transform the atmosphere of your space.

Experience the transformative power of Hari Darshan Premium Masala Agarbatti Natural Incense Sticks.

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