Three in One Agarbatti

A flagship product by Cycle Pure, Cycle Three in One Agarbathi is an exquisite amalgamation of love, devotion and prosperity. Fragrances that define the simplicity of life. A pack of Cycle Three in One contains a medley of three exciting fragrances:

1. Serene (Lily) for Devotion – Just like the serene environs where the lily blooms, the delicate, elusive scent of Serene creates an ambience of tranquility around you. Lose yourself in this breathtaking fragrance, and let peace and calm transcend upon you.

2. Yugantar (Fancy) for prosperity – A fragrance laden with the aroma of fresh fruit, Yugantar is a captivating and enticing creation. Rejuvenate and refresh your senses with this sweet and scrumptious scent that lingers around you long after it is burnt.

3. Jagrane (Intimate) for love – An instantly refreshing, resinous and woody scent of lush greens with coniferous undertones brings within a feeling of warmth, soothes the mind and awakens your senses. Jagrane is a fragrance as pure and fresh as nature that alleviates stress and creates a cosy atmosphere.

  • General
    Length of the stick 22.86 cm
    Type of bathi Scented Bathi
    Burning Time 40 Minutes
    Packing Type Rectangular Packet
    Fragrances Woody, Spicy, Powdery, Perfumic, Oriental, Bouquet, Fancy, Intimate, Lily

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Dimensions 22.86 cm


Cycle Pure Three in One Agarbatti: Devotion, Prosperity, and Love in Every Stick

Experience the transformative power of Cycle Pure’s Three in One Agarbatti, a symphony of exquisite fragrances crafted to uplift your spirit and enhance the ambiance of your home.

Unique Blend of Three Fragrances:

Serene (Lily)

  • Key Notes: Delicate lily, subtle hints of jasmine and gardenia, with a powdery soft base.
  • Overall Impression: Evokes a sense of tranquility and purity. The floral heart is reminiscent of a serene garden, fostering a meditative ambiance.
  • Emotional Benefits: Promotes peacefulness, aids in spiritual connection, and reduces feelings of stress or anxiety. Ideal for devotional practices or quiet moments of contemplation.

Yugantar (Fancy)

  • Key Notes: A burst of fresh fruits – think citrus, ripe berries, and a hint of tropical sweetness. May have light floral or vanilla undertones.
  • Overall Impression: Uplifting, vibrant, and energizing. Like a burst of sunshine, this scent brings an element of joyful abundance and optimism.
  • Emotional Benefits: Stimulates creativity, enhances mood, and encourages a sense of prosperity. Perfect for starting your day, social gatherings, or for a cheerful pick-me-up.

Jagrane (Intimate)

  • Key Notes: Deep, woody base (sandalwood, cedarwood), earthy patchouli, resinous notes like frankincense or myrrh, with hints of fresh pine.
  • Overall Impression: Grounding, warm, and comforting. It evokes the feeling of being close to nature with a touch of ancient mystery.
  • Emotional Benefits: Promotes relaxation, creates a sense of intimacy, and reduces feelings of stress. Ideal for unwinding in the evenings, cozy spaces, or when in need of emotional reassurance.

How to Use Agarbatti

These fragrances can be enjoyed individually or even blended depending on the desired mood and setting:

  • Serene: For early morning meditation or to prepare a quiet space for prayer.
  • Yugantar: To energize a workspace, during celebrations, or to enhance a lively atmosphere.
  • Jagrane: For winding down after a long day, creating a sense of intimacy, or promoting restful sleep.

Cycle Pure: A Legacy of Agarbatti Quality

Cycle Pure Agarbatti has been a beloved brand for generations, renowned for its commitment to natural ingredients, traditional craftsmanship, and long-lasting fragrances. The Three in One Agarbatti collection embodies this dedication to quality and authenticity.

Benefits of Using Cycle Pure Three in One Agarbatti:

Spiritual Rituals:

Enrich your daily prayers and meditation with the uplifting scents of Serene, Yugantar, and Jagrane.

  • Serene (Lily): The delicate and pure scent of lilies has been associated with devotion and spiritual connection across many cultures. Its soft, calming aroma aids in focusing the mind and creating a tranquil atmosphere for prayer or meditation.
  • Yugantar (Fancy): Fruity and uplifting scents can bring a sense of joy and abundance, aligning with prayers for prosperity and gratitude. They create a vibrant energy that complements spiritual rituals focused on invoking positive manifestations.
  • Jagrane (Intimate): The grounding and earthy aroma of this fragrance helps to create a sense of rootedness and inner peace. It evokes a connection to nature and the ancient wisdom it holds, perfect for meditative practices or rituals seeking solace and introspection.


Promote relaxation, reduce stress, and create a welcoming ambiance with these soothing fragrances.

  • Serene (Lily): Floral scents like lilies are known for their calming properties, helping to ease anxiety and promote a sense of serenity. This fragrance is ideal for unwinding at the end of the day or creating a restful environment.
  • Yugantar (Fancy): Uplifting citrus and fruity notes naturally boost mood and reduce stress levels. This fragrance is perfect for neutralizing negative energy and creating a light, joyful atmosphere in any space.
  • Jagrane (Intimate): Deep woody scents have a grounding effect that combats stress and promotes relaxation. This fragrance creates a sense of security and can aid in sleep and deep rest.

Environmental Benefits:

Cycle Pure Agarbatti is made with eco-friendly ingredients, ensuring a pure and safe experience.

  • Natural Ingredients: Cycle Pure prioritizes natural and sustainably sourced ingredients, minimizing the use of harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances. This ensures a purer, more gentle experience that is kinder to your health and the environment.
  • Non-toxic: A commitment to eco-friendly practices means the agarbatti won’t release harmful toxins into the air, resulting in a cleaner and safer way to enjoy aromatherapy and fragrance.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: By prioritizing natural materials and sustainable practices, Cycle Pure reduces its overall environmental footprint, making it a responsible choice for conscious consumers.

Agarbatti Specifications:

  • Brand: Cycle Pure
  • Type: Scented Agarbatti (Incense Sticks)
  • Fragrances: Serene (Lily), Yugantar (Fancy), Jagrane (Intimate)
  • Stick Length: 22.86 cm (approximately 9 inches)
  • Burning Time: Up to 40 minutes per stick
  • Packaging: Rectangular Packet

Discover the transformative power of Cycle Pure Three in One Agarbatti and elevate your everyday moments. Whether you seek the tranquility of Serene for meditation, the joyful energy of Yugantar to brighten your day, or the grounding warmth of Jagrane to create a sanctuary, this exquisite collection offers fragrances to uplift your spirit and nourish your soul. Each fragrance crafted from pure, natural ingredients will gently fill your surroundings with a sense of peace, prosperity, and love. Embrace the simple beauty of fragrance and transform your home into a haven.

Experience the magic of Cycle Pure Three in One Agarbatti today!

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