Artificial Flowers Genda Phool Mala, Garlands, Toran, for Home Decoration (Yellow) – Pack of 5..

Colour: Yellow
Material: Plastic
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 152.4 x 7.6 x 152.4 Centimeters
Plant or Animal Product Type: Artifical

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Bring Vibrant Joy: Artificial Marigold Flower Garlands for Home Decor (Yellow, Pack of 5)

Immerse yourself in the festive spirit and enduring beauty of marigolds with these stunning artificial flower garlands. Perfect for Diwali, weddings, special occasions, or simply adding a touch of sunshine to your daily life.

Key Features and Benefits:

Pack of 5 Lush Garlands:

Transform your space with a generous set of five vibrant yellow marigold garlands, ideal for multiple decorative uses. This abundant pack of 5 lush marigold garlands offers endless decorating possibilities. Drape them, wrap them, or cascade them – their vibrant yellow charm will instantly uplift any space.

Realistic and Durable:

Made from high-quality plastic, these garlands mimic the lush look and feel of natural marigolds while offering lasting beauty. Expertly crafted from high-quality plastic, these garlands surpass your expectations. They faithfully replicate the lush texture and vibrant hues of real marigolds, offering enduring beauty for season after season, without any wilting or fading.

Generous Length:

Each garland stretches an impressive 58 inches, providing ample coverage for doorways, walls, mantels, and more. With a generous 58-inch length, each garland offers incredible decorative flexibility. Drape them elegantly across doorways, wrap them around pillars, cascade them over mantels, or adorn large wall spaces with their festive presence.

Fluffy and Full:

30 flowers adorn each garland, creating a voluminous and authentic marigold aesthetic. Each garland bursts with 30 meticulously crafted marigold blooms, showcasing full petals and lifelike color variations. Their profusion of blooms creates a captivatingly authentic display.

Easy Fluffing:

Gently rub the garlands for maximum fluffiness and an even more natural appearance. Unleash their full potential with a simple touch! Gently rub the garlands to fluff the petals, achieving a breathtakingly natural marigold cascade that will brighten any room.

Versatile Decor:

Perfect for Diwali, weddings, festivals, housewarmings, inaugurations, and year-round home decoration. From grand Diwali celebrations and joyous weddings to intimate housewarmings, festivals, and everyday décor, these marigold garlands infuse any occasion or space with the warmth of Indian tradition and vibrant energy.

Environmentally Conscious:

Crafted from recycled fibers, these garlands offer a sustainable alternative to fresh flowers. Celebrate the beauty of marigolds without the environmental impact. These garlands are thoughtfully crafted from recycled fibers, offering a long-lasting and sustainable choice for enhancing the beauty of your home.

Transform Your Space with Effortless Elegance

These artificial marigold garlands bring the joyful essence of India’s most beloved flower into your home. Their radiant yellow hue exudes warmth and positivity, effortlessly elevating any space.

Ideal For:

Diwali Decorations:

Celebrate the festival of lights with traditional and auspicious marigold decorations. Immerse yourself in the radiant spirit of Diwali with these stunning artificial marigold garlands. Steeped in tradition, marigolds symbolize prosperity, light, and new beginnings – perfect for adorning your home during the festival of lights.

Wedding and Event Decor:

Adorn your wedding venue, mandap, or any special event with marigold’s celebratory charm. Infuse your wedding or special event with the joy and auspiciousness of marigolds. Drape these garlands along the mandap, decorate entryways, or create vibrant backdrops, adding a timeless touch to your joyous celebration.

Home Decoration:

Add a touch of Indian heritage and color to your living room, bedroom, or puja room. Bring a touch of India’s rich heritage into your home with these beautiful marigold garlands. Their vibrant yellow hues add warmth and positive energy to your living room, bedroom, or create a serene ambiance in your puja room.

Festive Touches:

Perfect for Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, and all your favorite Indian festivals. Enhance the celebratory spirit of any Indian festival with these versatile marigold garlands. Whether it’s the vibrant energy of Navratri, the blessings of Ganesh Chaturthi, or any cherished festival, their auspicious presence will elevate the occasion.


A thoughtful gift for loved ones, especially those who appreciate Indian traditions and decor. Share the joy and warmth of Indian traditions with loved ones. These marigold garlands make a thoughtful gift for housewarmings, birthdays, or simply to show someone you care, especially those who appreciate India’s rich culture and beautiful decor.


Color: Vibrant Yellow

“These garlands radiate the warm glow of sunshine with their vibrant yellow hue, reminiscent of the real marigolds that symbolize joy and prosperity. Their color adds an instant burst of cheer to any space.

Material: Recycled Plastic

Enjoy the beauty of traditional marigold garlands with an environmentally conscious touch. These garlands are thoughtfully crafted from recycled plastic, offering a sustainable and long-lasting alternative while maintaining a realistic appearance.

Length: 58 inches per garland

Each garland boasts a generous 58-inch length, providing ample coverage for doorways, walls, mantels, and more. Cascade them, drape them, or wrap them – the possibilities are endless.

Package Contents: 5 Garlands

This value-packed set includes 5 lush marigold garlands, allowing you to decorate multiple spaces or create an extravagant display for special occasions.

Care: Lightly dust for easy maintenance

Maintaining the beauty of these garlands is effortless. For a quick refresh, simply give them a light dusting to preserve their vibrant look.

Experience the Joy of Marigolds – Order Your Garlands Today!

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