Artificial Marigold Fluffy Flowers Garlands for Festive Pooja Wedding Housewarming Diwali Decorations Festival Events Home Table Bedroom Pooja Room (Yellow,Approx. 4.5 to 4.9 ft

Plant or Animal Product Type Marigold
Colour Yellow
Material Plastic
Product Dimensions 5D x 149.4W x 5H Centimeters
Specific Uses For Product Outdoor Decor,Home Decor,Office Decor
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Outdoor
Package Information Bottle
Occasion Wedding, Housewarming

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 149 × 5 × 5 cm


Stunning  Marigold Artificial flowers Garlands

Experience the timeless beauty of marigolds without the hassle of fresh flowers. These meticulously crafted Artificial flowers marigold garlands offer the authentic look and celebratory feel of traditional “Genda Phool” for all your special occasions and décor needs.

Transform Any Space with Festive Flair Artificial flowers 

Diwali Decorations

  • Doorways: Frame your entrance with lush marigold garlands for a grand welcome. Intertwine them with fairy lights or diyas for a magical touch.
  • Windows: Transform windows into festive displays by draping marigold garlands. Add hanging diyas or lanterns for a multi-dimensional, glowing effect.
  • Puja Rooms: Create a sacred and celebratory atmosphere in your puja room. Adorn your idols with marigold garlands, drape them around the walls, and sprinkle petals to complete the divine look.
  • Rangoli Designs: Integrate loose marigold flowers into your rangoli designs, enhancing their vibrancy and texture.

Wedding Decor

  • Backdrops: Design mesmerizing backdrops with a cascading waterfall of marigolds. Incorporate different colors for a visually stunning effect.
  • Mandap Hangings: Enhance a mandap’s beauty by adorning it with lush marigold garlands. Experiment with weaving in fairy lights or delicate fabric for extra charm.
  • Entryways: Mark the entrance to your wedding venue with a majestic archway made entirely of marigolds in multiple colors for a dramatic and festive welcome.
  • Table Decorations: Utilize marigold garlands as delightful table runners accented by candles or scattered petals.

Festivals & Events

  • Navratri: Create festive ambiance by draping marigold garlands around your home, especially if you’re hosting gatherings. Add traditional touches with brass urlis filled with water and floating marigold flowers.
  • Housewarmings: Welcome guests into a new home with the warmth of marigolds. Decorate doorways, railings, or create a festive centerpiece.
  • Cultural Events: Bring marigolds into community celebrations to symbolize tradition, joy, and shared heritage.

Home & Office Decor

  • Mantelpieces: Enliven your mantelpiece with a cheerful marigold garland. It adds a pop of color and freshness to any room.
  • Staircase Railings: Wrap garlands around your staircase for a beautiful and welcoming touch.
  • Bookshelves: Bring a touch of nature and warmth by placing marigold garlands on the tops of bookshelves for an unexpected decorative accent.
  • Office Reception: Create a positive and inviting atmosphere for visitors by using marigold garlands as part of your office reception décor.

Additional Tips for using Artificial flowers

  • Color Play: Experiment with a mix of classic yellow, orange marigolds or branch out with other festive shades.
  • Mix and Match: Combine with other traditional Indian flowers like jasmine or roses for added fragrance and texture.
  • Lighting: Enhance the beauty of the garlands with fairy lights or strategically placed candles to create a warm and enchanting glow.

Key Features and Benefits of Artificial flowers garlands

Crafted with Care: Experience the Artistry Behind Each Bloom

Each vibrant marigold flower within these garlands is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Notice the lifelike textures, the careful attention to petal shapes, and the subtle color gradients that mirror the beauty of real marigolds. This dedication to detail ensures your garlands radiate authenticity, making them a true visual delight.

Fluffy & Full: Recreate the Lushness of Nature

Unleash the full potential of your garlands with a simple touch. Gently run your fingers through the strands to fluff up the marigold blooms. This will create a cascading effect, mimicking the lush, full appearance of a freshly picked marigold bunch. The result is a breathtakingly natural decoration that brings a touch of the outdoors into your space.

Versatile Decoration: Your Imagination is the Limit

These marigold garlands are your canvas for creative expression. Drape them gracefully over doorways to welcome guests with warmth. Wrap them around pillars to transform ordinary spaces into festive havens. Craft stunning centerpieces that burst with color and joy. Whether your style is traditional, modern, or whimsical, these garlands will effortlessly adapt to your vision.

Eco-Friendly Artificial flowers

Celebrate the beauty of nature while contributing to its preservation. Our artificial marigold garlands are made with recycled plastic, offering a sustainable alternative to fresh flowers. You can revel in their beauty guilt-free, knowing you’re making an environmentally conscious choice.

Durable & Reusable: Elegance that Endures

Say goodbye to the fleeting beauty of fresh flowers. These artificial marigold garlands are designed to last, providing you with vibrant decorations for multiple festivals, events, and years of enjoyment. Their durability saves you the time, hassle, and expense of continually replacing fresh flowers, offering exceptional value for your investment.

Lightweight & Easy to Handle: Effortless Decorating

Decorating becomes a breeze with these lightweight garlands. Easily maneuver them into the perfect position without worrying about excessive weight. Adorn high ceilings, intricate backdrops, or delicate structures with ease, knowing that they won’t strain or damage your décor elements.

Customizable Artificial flowers

Do you have a specific color scheme or design in mind? We’re here to make your vision a reality. Reach out to us to explore color and pattern customizations that seamlessly blend with your décor theme. From subtle variations to bold designs, let’s create marigold garlands that are an expression of your unique style.

Specifications of Artificial flowers

  • Material: Recycled plastic
  • Origin: Proudly made in India
  • Length: Approximately 4.5 to 4.9 feet per garland
  • Flower Size: Approximately 2 inches/5 cm in diameter
  • Package Includes: 1 string of artificial marigold garlands
  • Colors: A wide variety of options, including classic yellow, orange, and other festive hues.
  • Weight: Approximately 100-200 grams

Embrace the Enduring Beauty of Artificial flowers Marigolds garlands

Marigolds hold a special place in Indian culture, symbolizing auspiciousness, prosperity, and joy. Bring their vibrant energy into your life with these stunning artificial garlands.

Artificial flowers Ideal For:

Diwali Decorations

  • Doorways & Entrances: Welcome Laxmi with a vibrant doorway! Frame doors and entrances with lush marigold garlands for a grand Diwali entrance.
  • Windows & Balconies: Create a spectacle of light and color by outlining windows and balconies with marigold garlands and twinkling fairy lights.
  • Puja Rooms & Altars: Adorn your puja space with garlands. Drape them around idols, decorate your thali, or use them to create a backdrop for your Diwali puja.
  • Rangoli Designs: Integrate marigold flowers into your rangoli designs for an extra splash of festive color and traditional beauty.

Wedding Décor

  • Mandap Decorations: Design a breathtaking mandap with marigolds. Drape them along pillars, create a cascading flower ceiling, or a stunning backdrop behind the bride and groom.
  • Entrance & Walkways: Welcome guests with a walkway lined with marigold garlands intertwined with fairy lights for a magical ambiance.
  • Stage & Backdrop: Frame the wedding stage with vibrant garlands, or use them to create floral patterns and designs as a beautiful backdrop.
  • Table Centerpieces: Combine marigold garlands with candles, diyas, or other decorative elements for elegant table centerpieces.

Festival Decorations

  • Navratri & Ganesh Chaturthi: Adorn idols, puja areas, and pandals with the auspicious colors of marigolds for both of these much-loved festivals.
  • Dussehra & Onam: Incorporate marigolds into your Dussehra and Onam celebrations to welcome victory, prosperity, and happiness.
  • Community Festivities: Decorate streets, community halls, and shared spaces with marigold garlands to spread festive cheer throughout the neighborhood.

Home Décor

  • Living Rooms & Bedrooms: Add a pop of color with marigold garlands draped on mantels, shelves, or around mirrors.
  • Dining Areas: Create a festive tablescape by weaving a garland along the center of your dining table.
  • Entrances & Foyers: Make a welcoming first impression with marigolds gracing your entryway or foyer.

Office Décor

  • Reception Areas: Add a welcoming touch to your office reception with marigold garlands adorning the counter or walls.
  • Conference Rooms: Brighten up meetings and presentations with a touch of festive floral decoration.
  • Workspaces: Infuse positivity and a sense of celebration into work areas with small marigold accents on desks or cubicle partitions.

Pooja Rooms

  • Idols & Altars: Adorn deities with marigold garlands, bringing their vibrancy and auspiciousness into your sacred space.
  • Walls & Frames: Hang garlands around pictures or frames in your pooja room for a beautiful devotional touch.
  • Entrances: Create a welcoming and auspicious doorway to your pooja room with a lush marigold garland.


  • Main Entrances: Design a grand entrance to the temple with cascading marigold garlands and festive lighting.
  • Deities & Idols: Embellish deities with marigold garlands as a symbol of devotion and auspiciousness.
  • Pillars & Archways: Enhance the temple structure with marigold garlands wrapped around pillars and archways.

Event Spaces

  • Birthdays & Anniversaries: Add warmth and color to birthday and anniversary celebrations with marigold decorations.
  • Cultural Events: Decorate stages and backdrops for cultural performances and events.
  • Corporate Gatherings: Incorporate a touch of traditional Indian décor for corporate parties with marigold accents.

Anyone who loves the beauty of marigolds

Those who appreciate the timeless beauty and symbolism of marigolds will find creative ways to use these garlands all year round, adding cheer and auspicious energy to any space.

Order Your Marigold Artificial flowers Garlands Today!

Experience the difference that high-quality artificial flowers can make. Add a touch of color, tradition, and enduring beauty to your celebrations and everyday life.

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