MONET 3 arabian night attar perfume Floral Attar (Woody)

We supply Alcohol Free Arabian Night Attar Roll on Perfumes in attractive packing. Roll on Perfumes are best to be used on skin since they last longer that spray type perfumes .Monet 3 arabian night attar perfume,8 ml eaxh ,pack of 3
Lasts For
  • 24 hr
Capacity .3 ml
  • Woody
  • Floral Attar

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MONET 3 Arabian Night Attar Perfume – Captivating Woody Floral Fragrance

Experience the luxurious and alluring scent of the Orient with MONET 3 Arabian Night Attar Perfume. This exquisite fragrance blends rich woody notes with delicate floral accords to create a truly captivating aroma.

Immerse Yourself in the Allure of Arabian Nights

MONET 3 Arabian Night Attar Perfume is a symphony of exotic scents. It opens with warm, spicy top notes that give way to a heart of opulent florals. The fragrance dries down to a rich, woody base that lingers on the skin, leaving an unforgettable impression.

The Benefits of Alcohol-Free Attar Perfumes

Longer-lasting scent:

Alcohol-free attars are highly concentrated, allowing the fragrance to develop slowly and last for hours.

  • The Power of Concentration: Unlike traditional alcohol-based perfumes, attars are made with pure fragrance oils without alcohol dilution. This means a small amount of attar delivers a potent and lasting fragrance experience.
  • Slow Release: Alcohol in perfumes causes rapid evaporation, carrying the top notes (the initial burst of scent) away quickly. Attars, on the other hand, release their fragrance gradually over time. This allows the complex layers of the scent to unfold, revealing new nuances throughout the day.
  • The Skin Factor: Our body chemistry interacts with fragrance. Attar oils blend with the skin’s natural warmth and moisture, creating a unique and personalized scent that lasts significantly longer than an alcohol-based perfume.


Gentle on the skin, perfect for those with sensitive skin types.

  • Alcohol’s Effects: Alcohol in perfumes can be drying and irritating, especially for those with sensitive skin. It can strip away natural oils, leading to redness, dryness, and potential allergic reactions.
  • The Soothing Touch of Oils: Attars are typically made with natural carrier oils like jojoba or sandalwood oil. These oils not only act as a base for the fragrance but also have moisturizing and skin-soothing properties.
  • Sensitive Skin Solution: Alcohol-free attars are a godsend for people with sensitive skin. They can enjoy luxurious fragrances without the worry of irritation or discomfort.

Traditional fragrance experience:

Attars embody the authentic, ancient art of perfumery.

  • Historical Roots: Attars have a rich history dating back thousands of years to ancient civilizations in the Middle East and India. They were prized for their exquisite aromas and therapeutic properties.
  • Artisanal Process: Traditional attar making is a meticulous and time-honored art. Fragrant materials like flowers, spices, and resins are carefully distilled in natural oils, creating complex and nuanced fragrances.
  • Cultural Significance: Attars hold cultural significance in many regions, often used in religious ceremonies, celebrations, and personal rituals. They represent a connection to heritage and tradition.

Experience the Magic of MONET 3 Arabian Night Attar Perfume

This exquisite attar is perfect for special occasions, evening wear, or whenever you want to feel confident and alluring. Its compact roll-on format makes it easy to apply and travel-friendly.

  • Key Notes: Woody, Floral, Spicy
  • Occasion: Special occasions, evening wear, or daily use
  • Capacity: 9 ml (convenient roll-on applicator)
  • Alcohol-Free: Gentle and long-lasting

Enhance Your Scent Ritual

Layer MONET 3 Arabian Night Attar Perfume with other complementary products for an even more luxurious fragrance experience:

Arabian Sandalwood Soap

Immerse yourself in the rich, creamy lather of our Arabian Sandalwood Soap. This luxurious bar is handcrafted with pure sandalwood oil, renowned for its warm, woody aroma and skin-soothing properties. Its calming scent evokes a sense of tranquility and relaxation, transforming your shower routine into a spa-like experience.


  • Gently cleanses and moisturizes skin
  • Warm, comforting sandalwood scent promotes relaxation
  • May help soothe irritated or dry skin
  • Creates a luxurious, pampering experience

Exotic Incense

 Ignite your senses with our Exotic Incense. This exquisite blend features the precious resin of the agarwood tree, prized for its complex and captivating aroma. As the incense burns, it releases a rich, smoky fragrance with hints of spice, leather, and sweet balsamic notes. Its alluring scent creates a mystical and meditative atmosphere in any space.


  • Creates a sense of ambiance and tranquility
  • Powerful, long-lasting fragrance
  • May aid in relaxation and stress reduction
  • Perfect for meditation or special occasions

Rose-Infused Body Lotion

Indulge your skin with our Rose-Infused Body Lotion. This lightweight, silky formula melts into the skin, providing deep hydration and leaving a delicate floral scent. Infused with the essence of fresh roses, it evokes a sense of femininity and romance. Its nourishing ingredients leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and subtly scented.


  • Deeply moisturizes and nourishes skin
  • Delicate, long-lasting rose fragrance
  • Promotes soft, supple skin
  • Luxurious, lightweight formula absorbs quickly

Discover the Enchanting World of Attar Perfumes

If you love MONET 3 Arabian Night Attar Perfume, explore our wide selection of traditional Arabian attars. We offer a variety of captivating fragrances to suit every taste and preference.

Order Your MONET 3 Arabian Night Attar Perfume Today and Embrace the Allure of the East!

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