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SHREE Baglamukhi Chalisa | High-Quality Black Print

Experience the transformative power of the Shree Baglamukhi Chalisa Stotra with this exquisite black print. Revered as one of the ten Mahavidyas (Wisdom Goddesses), Baglamukhi Devi embodies the ability to overcome obstacles, silence adversaries, and attract success and prosperity. This sacred stotra (hymn) is a potent tool for invoking her blessings and seeking protection from negativity.

This stunning Shree Baglamukhi Stotra print features:

High-Quality Baglamukhi Chalisa Black Ink:

Ensures clear, crisp text and imagery.

  • Clarity is Key: The sacred text of the stotra deserves the utmost legibility. High-quality black ink ensures a stark contrast against the background for effortless reading.
  • Visual Appeal: Crisp, well-defined printing enhances the print’s overall aesthetic, making it a beautiful addition to your sacred space.
  • Preservation: High-quality inks are often more fade-resistant, ensuring the text remains clear for years to come.

Elegant Font:

Traditional script for an authentic and devotional feel.

  • Respecting Tradition: Using a traditional script aligns the print with the ancient origins of the stotra, honoring its sacredness.
  • Evoking Devotion: A flowing, elegant script contributes to a feeling of reverence and deepens the devotional experience.
  • The Power of Familiarity: Many devotees might be familiar with the traditional script, making it easier to read and connect with the stotra.

Meaningful Imagery :

Option to include a symbolic representation of Goddess Baglamukhi.

  • Visual Connection: An image of Goddess Baglamukhi can be a powerful focal point for meditation and visualization.
  • Understanding the Divine: Symbolic representations enhance understanding of the Goddess’s attributes and energies.
  • Personal Preference: Offering the option of including imagery caters to different devotional styles.

Durable Material:

Choose from various materials (paper, laminated, framed) for longevity.

  • An Investment in Devotion: Durable materials demonstrate a commitment to creating a product that will be treasured for years.
  • Practical Protection: Lamination shields against wear-and-tear, while framing offers additional protection and a finished look.
  • Different Needs, Different Options: Providing various materials empowers the customer to choose what best suits their needs and budget.

Various Sizes:

Offering different dimensions to fit your space.

  • Space Matters: Not everyone has the same space availability – offering different sizes ensures inclusivity.
  • Adaptability: A small print might be perfect for a personal altar, while a large piece makes a statement in a communal space.
  • Flexibility: Multiple size options emphasize that the customer is in control of how they integrate the print into their life.

Benefits of the Shree Baglamukhi Chalisa Stotra

Overcome Challenges:

Gain strength to face and conquer obstacles hindering your progress.

  • Unleash Your Inner Warrior: The Baglamukhi Stotra helps you tap into a wellspring of courage and determination. You’ll develop the mental fortitude to face challenges head-on, instead of shrinking away from adversity.
  • Shatter Self-Limiting Beliefs: Over time, repeated chanting and contemplation of the stotra can reshape your mindset. Negative thoughts and self-doubt that have held you back start to dissolve.
  • Embrace Resilience: Life inevitably brings setbacks. This practice empowers you to bounce back from difficulties with renewed strength and wisdom.

Protection from Negativity:

Shield yourself from harmful energies, ill intentions, and psychic attacks.

  • Create an Energetic Armor: The Baglamukhi Stotra acts like a protective shield, deflecting negativity directed towards you. Whether it’s jealous gossip, malicious intentions, or draining psychic energies, you’ll feel less vulnerable and more secure.
  • Purify Your Environment: The vibrations of the stotra can help cleanse your space of any lingering negative energies. Your home or workspace will feel lighter and more conducive to positive experiences.
  • Fortify Your Aura: Your aura is your energetic field. Regular practice strengthens this field, making you less susceptible to outside influences and more grounded in your own power.

Success in Legal Matters:

Find victory in court cases, disputes, and conflicts.

  • Tip the Scales of Justice: When facing legal battles, the Baglamukhi Stotra can provide essential support. It helps clear confusion, bring truth to light, and can influence outcomes in your favor.
  • Gain Strategic Advantage: Whether you’re dealing with legal challenges or complicated conflicts, the stotra can inspire clarity of thought and intuitive decision-making, helping you navigate difficult situations with skill.
  • Restore Peace: Prolonged disputes can drain resources and create emotional turmoil. The Baglamukhi Stotra can aid in bringing swifter resolution, allowing you to move forward with greater peace of mind.

Victory over Enemies:

Gain an advantage over competitors and those who seek to harm you.

  • Neutralize Opposition: If others aim to undermine you, whether through direct competition or ill intent, the protective energy of the stotra can weaken their negative influence.
  • Assert Your Power: This practice bolsters your confidence and inner resolve. You’ll project an energy that makes others less likely to choose you as a target.
  • Protection from Unfair Tactics: When facing cut-throat behavior or manipulation, Baglamukhi Devi’s energy provides the strength to stand your ground and defend your interests fiercely.

Manifest Abundance:

Attract prosperity, good fortune, and positive outcomes.

  • Open Doors of Opportunity: As you clear away obstacles and negativity that blocks your flow, the Baglamukhi Stotra allows for greater abundance to enter your life. Unexpected opportunities may appear, and pathways to success become clearer.
  • Attract Favorable Circumstances: Call in fortunate situations and the support of resourceful people who can aid your endeavors.
  • Enhance Prosperity Mindset: This practice shifts your mindset from lack to abundance. You’ll start noticing possibilities you missed before, and your actions will align with your desire for greater prosperity.

Enhance Spiritual Growth:

Deepen your connection with the divine feminine energy.

  • Embody Divine Shakti: Baglamukhi Devi is a fierce yet compassionate manifestation of the divine feminine. Connecting with her awakens aspects of your own inner strength and transformative power.
  • Cultivate Devotion: The practice of chanting the stotra fosters a devotional heart and a deeper connection with a form of the Divine you resonate with.
  • Experience Transcendence: Dedicated practice can lead to profound meditative experiences wherein you feel a connection to something greater than yourself.

How to Use the Shree Baglamukhi Chalisa Stotra Print

Sacred Space:

Create a designated altar or meditation area to display the print.

  • Importance: A dedicated space signifies respect and creates a focused atmosphere for your practice.
  • The Altar: This can be as simple as a clean shelf or tabletop, or as elaborate as a dedicated cabinet. Adorn it with a cloth, a small statue of Baglamukhi Devi (if available), and other meaningful objects.
  • Placement: Ideally, choose a quiet area of your home where you can be undisturbed.

Daily Recitation:

Dedicate time each day for chanting the stotra with focus and devotion.

  • Consistency: Daily recitation amplifies the power of the stotra. Even a few minutes each day can make a difference.
  • Morning or Evening: Choose a time that feels best for you. Traditionally, early mornings or evenings are considered auspicious.
  • Undisturbed Focus: Find a space where you can chant without interruptions. Let others in your household know this is your dedicated time.
  • Devotion: Approach the practice not as a task, but as an offering of your energy to the Goddess.


Combine chanting with visualizations of Goddess Baglamukhi and your desired outcomes.

  • Power of Imagery: Visualization helps to focus your intention and solidify your desires.
  • Visualizing the Goddess: Picture Baglamukhi Devi in her golden form, radiating power and protection. You might envision her holding a mace or silencing enemies.
  • Seeing Your Goals: Visualize yourself overcoming obstacles, achieving success, or surrounded by positive energy – tailor it to your specific intentions.


Enhance your practice with offerings of yellow flowers, turmeric, or other items sacred to the Goddess.

  • Symbolic Act: Offerings express gratitude, devotion, and create a reciprocal energy exchange.
  • Traditional Offerings: Yellow is Baglamukhi Devi’s color; yellow flowers (like marigolds), turmeric powder, mustard seeds, or yellow fruits are all appropriate.
  • Simple and Heartfelt: Even a small offering made with sincerity is powerful.


Thursdays are considered especially auspicious for Baglamukhi Devi worship.

  • Day of the Jupiter: Thursday is associated with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, wisdom, and removal of obstacles – all energies aligned with Baglamukhi Devi.
  • Intensified Practice: If possible, dedicate extra time to chanting, meditation, and offerings on Thursdays.

Why Choose Our Shree Baglamukhi Stotra Print

Crafted with Devotion:

Our prints are not merely decorative objects. They are created with reverence for the sacred energy of the stotra and Goddess Baglamukhi.

  • Intentionality: We understand that the Shree Baglamukhi Stotra is more than just words on a page. It holds profound spiritual significance. Every aspect of our print-making process, from material selection to the printing itself, is imbued with respect and mindful intention.
  • Ritual and Blessing: Consider mentioning if the prints undergo traditional blessings or rituals before being offered for sale. This adds a layer of authenticity and spiritual potency.
  • More Than Aesthetics: Emphasize that while the prints are visually appealing, their true value lies in their ability to serve as a conduit for connecting with the divine energy of Baglamukhi Devi.

Sourced with Integrity:

We work with reliable suppliers who ensure authenticity in the text and respect traditional practices.

  • Accuracy Matters: Highlight the importance of using an accurate and verified version of the Shree Baglamukhi Stotra. Explain that working with reputable suppliers ensures the integrity of the text’s power.
  • Honoring Lineage: Mention your commitment to sourcing from suppliers who honor the traditional lineages and practices associated with Baglamukhi Devi worship.
  • Ethical Sourcing: If applicable, consider stating that you prioritize ethical production methods and fair compensation for those involved in creating the prints.

Tailored to Your Needs:

From simple prints to elaborate framed pieces, we offer options to suit your budget and spiritual practice.

  • Accessibility: Emphasize that you want to make the Baglamukhi Stotra accessible to everyone, regardless of budget. Offer a basic print option for affordability.
  • Individual Practice: Explain that different levels of ornateness appeal to different devotional styles. Some may prefer a simple print for their altar, while others may desire a framed piece as a central focus.
  • Customization: If you can offer it, mention the possibility of customizing prints with the devotee’s name or specific mantras for a more personalized experience.

Harness the Power of the Baglamukhi Chalisa Stotra

This isn’t just a beautiful print — it’s a potent tool for transformation. By incorporating the Shree Baglamukhi Chalisa Stotra into your life, you can:

Break free from limitations:

Shatter self-doubt and obstacles that hold you back.

  • Unleashing Your Potential: We all carry unseen burdens – limiting beliefs, past failures, or fears that whisper “you can’t”. The Baglamukhi Stotra helps you recognize these self-imposed barriers and gives you the divine strength to break through them.
  • Conquering Obstacles: Life inevitably throws challenges in our path. Baglamukhi Devi’s energy doesn’t erase difficulty but grants you the power to transcend them. Whether it’s a practical obstacle or an emotional block, this stotra helps you move forward with confidence.
  • Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone: Growth happens when we dare to venture beyond the familiar. The Baglamukhi Stotra ignites a spark within you, inspiring you to pursue dreams that once seemed too big or intimidating.

Find inner strength:

Develop courage and resilience to face any challenge

  • Unwavering Spirit: True strength isn’t about never facing hardship; it’s about finding the fortitude to rise again when knocked down. Reciting the Baglamukhi Stotra cultivates a warrior-like spirit, knowing that you possess the power to overcome any adversity.
  • Tapping into Inner Reserves: Within each of us lies a wellspring of untapped courage and determination. The Stotra acts as a key, unlocking these hidden resources and reminding you of your innate resilience.
  • Facing Fears Head-On: The Baglamukhi Stotra emboldens you to confront your anxieties rather than avoid them. You’ll develop the ability to look challenges in the eye and act in the face of uncertainty.

Attract positive change:

Manifest your goals and create a life of abundance and fulfillment.

  • Beyond Mere Wishing: Manifestation isn’t just visualizing what you want; it requires aligned action. The Baglamukhi Chalisa Stotra clears away the obstacles that block your path, making your efforts more efficient and focused.
  • Attracting Good Fortune: Baglamukhi Devi is associated with abundance in all its forms – material prosperity, fulfilling relationships, and overall well-being. Her energy helps you become a magnet for positive opportunities.
  • Living in Alignment: True fulfillment comes when we live in harmony with our purpose. The Stotra helps you clear away confusion and distractions, guiding you toward choices that bring lasting joy and meaning.

Order Your Shree Baglamukhi Chalisa Stotra Print Today

Embrace the blessings of Baglamukhi Devi and step into your power. Select the print that resonates with you and begin your transformative journey.

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