Hanumanji Printed Flag / Bajrangbali /Bhagwa for Hanuman ji Pack of 1 Size | God Ji Face Saffron Tempal And Home Lord Prayer Double Sided Wind Outdoor Bhagwa JI Jhanda

Name : Hanumanji Printed Flag / Bajrangbali /Bhagwa for Hanuman ji Pack of 1 Size 30 X 45 Inch | God Ji Face Saffron Tempal And Home Lord Prayer Double Sided Wind Outdoor Bhagwa JI Jhanda

Product Breadth : 56 Inch

Product Height : 43 Inch

Product Length : 43 Inch

Net Quantity (N) : Pack Of 1

Flying Bhagwa Bajrang Balli Hanuman Ji Jai Shree Ram Printed Flag Pataka Dhwaj Dhwaja Jhanda Big Size Rectangle Indoor and Outdoor Size (27X43 Inch) (1)


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🕉️ Bajrangbali flag : Protection, Strength, Devotion. Buy Now!🕉️

Embrace the power and blessings of Lord Hanuman with this beautiful and vibrant Bajrangbali flag . Featuring a detailed image of God Ji’s face on a saffron background, this double-sided flag is perfect for your temple, home, and outdoor use.

Key Benefits:

Divine Protection:

Invoke Hanuman’s protection against negative energies and evil.

  • Hanuman, a central figure in Hindu mythology, is revered as a symbol of unwavering protection. His presence is believed to ward off negative energies, evil spirits, and forces that seek to cause harm.
  • By displaying the Hanumanji flag in your home or temple, you establish a sacred space under his watchful eye. It serves as a constant reminder of his protective power, creating a sense of security and peace of mind.

Unwavering Courage:

Find strength and determination in the face of life’s challenges.

  • Hanuman is celebrated for his fearlessness, physical strength, and unwavering determination. His adventures exemplify his ability to overcome any obstacle, no matter how daunting.
  • Contemplating the image of Hanuman on the flag can inspire you with his courageous spirit. It can serve as a source of strength when you face your own trials, reminding you of your inner resilience and potential.

Spiritual Connection:

Deepen your devotion and connection to Lord Hanuman.

  • The Hanumanji Printed Flag acts as a focal point for your devotion and prayers. Gazing upon his image can help center your thoughts and cultivate a deeper connection to his divine energy.
  • Regularly honoring Hanuman through prayer or simple acts of devotion in the presence of the flag can strengthen your spiritual bond, opening your heart to his blessings and guidance.

Positive Vibrations:

Create a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere filled with positivity.

  • The colors and symbolism of the Hanumanji flag are believed to radiate positive energy. The bright saffron color is associated with auspiciousness, spirituality, and purity.
  • Displaying the flag can help dispel negative energies in your space and cultivate a sense of peace and well-being. It promotes a positive atmosphere conducive to meditation, prayer, or simply creating a harmonious living environment.

Festive Touch:

Add an auspicious element to your home décor for Hanuman Jayanti and other celebrations.

  • Hanuman Jayanti, the celebration of Lord Hanuman’s birth, is a particularly significant occasion to display the flag. It adds a festive and joyful touch to your home, honoring this important Hindu festival.
  • The Hanumanji Printed Flag is also an auspicious addition during other Hindu celebrations, spiritual gatherings, or simply as a daily reminder of your faith and devotion.

Product Features of Bajrangbali flag


Choose from various sizes to fit your needs.

  • Flexibility: Emphasize that the flag comes in a range of sizes (consider specifying some actual dimensions – e.g., small, medium, large, extra-large). This caters to those with different spaces and preferences.
  • Tailored Fit: Highlight examples – small flags for a personal altar, medium for a living room wall, large for a doorway, extra-large for outdoor display.
  • Customizable: If applicable, mention the possibility of custom sizes for unique needs.

Durable Material:

Crafted for lasting indoor and outdoor display.

  • Weather Resistance: Specify the material (e.g., high-quality polyester, sturdy cotton, etc.) and its resistance to fading, tearing, and weather conditions (sun, rain, wind).
  • Long-lasting Beauty: Explain how the durable material ensures the flag’s colors and design retain their vibrancy over time.
  • Investment: Frame the durability as an investment – the flag won’t need frequent replacement, saving money in the long run.

Vibrant Design:

Eye-catching colors and intricate details.

  • Sacred Imagery: Describe the detailed portrayal of Hanumanji’s face and perhaps other symbols associated with him. Mention the traditional saffron color and any other design elements.
  • Visual Appeal: Highlight the attractiveness of the flag – how it commands attention and adds beauty to any space it’s displayed in.
  • Spiritual Connection: Explain how the intricate details help the devotee focus and enhance their sense of connection to Lord Hanuman.

Made in India:

Proudly support local craftsmanship.

  • Ethical Sourcing: Point out the ethical choice of supporting the livelihood of skilled artisans in India.
  • Tradition: Highlight the connection to India’s rich heritage of devotional art and craftsmanship.
  • Authenticity: Assure the buyer that the flag is a genuine representation of Hindu religious and cultural symbolism.

Bajrangbali flag Ideal For:

Devotees of Lord Hanuman:

Those seeking to deepen their connection with Hanuman and invoke his blessings in their lives.

  • Devotional Focus: The flag serves as a constant visual reminder of Lord Hanuman, his strength, courage, and unwavering devotion to Lord Rama. Gazing upon the flag inspires the devotee and strengthens their spiritual bond.
  • Symbol of Protection: Hanuman is revered as a powerful protector. Displaying his flag invokes a sense of security and provides reassurance that the devotee is shielded from negativity and harm.
  • Offering and Adornment: The flag can be used to adorn a statue of Hanuman or as a standalone offering during prayers, creating a beautiful and reverent atmosphere.

Home Temples/Altars:

Perfect for creating a sacred space for prayer, meditation, and offerings.

  • Sacred Atmosphere: The flag, with its vibrant colors and sacred imagery, instantly transforms a space into a dedicated area for worship and contemplation.
  • Focal Point: The Hanumanji flag acts as a beautiful centerpiece for a home altar, helping the devotee focus their prayers and meditate on Hanuman’s qualities.
  • Auspicious Symbol: The presence of the flag is believed to attract positive energies into the space set aside for worship and spiritual activities.

Hindu Festivals and Celebrations:

A beautiful addition to decorations for Hanuman Jayanti, Diwali, Ram Navami, and other auspicious occasions.

  • Celebration Enhancement: The flag adds a vibrant and festive touch to the décor during special days honoring Hanuman or other Hindu deities.
  • Symbol of Joy: Hanuman, known for his playful and loyal nature, embodies the spirit of celebration and devotion during joyous festivals.
  • Community Connection: Displaying the flag externally signifies a shared faith and participation in wider Hindu celebrations with neighbors and the community.

Yoga and Meditation Spaces:

Helps create a peaceful and spiritually uplifting atmosphere.

  • Calming Presence: The image of Hanuman symbolizes focus, strength, and inner peace, qualities conducive to effective yoga and meditation practice.
  • Clearing Negative Energies: The flag is believed to dispel distractions and negative vibes, creating a conducive environment for deep relaxation and spiritual connection.
  • Inspiration: Hanuman serves as a reminder of limitless potential and the rewards of dedicated spiritual practice.

Businesses and Offices:

Invites positive energy, protection, and prosperity into commercial spaces.

  • Protective Symbol: Business owners may display the flag to invoke Hanuman’s protection against misfortune, obstacles, and ill intentions.
  • Auspicious Beginnings: The flag is considered a good omen, setting a positive tone for business endeavors and attracting prosperity.
  • Workplace Harmony: The image of Hanuman can inspire qualities of loyalty, focus and teamwork among employees.


A thoughtful and meaningful gift for loved ones who are devotees of Hanuman or appreciate Hindu religious symbolism.

  • Spiritual Support: Gifting the flag is a gesture of well-wishing, offering the recipient blessings of protection, strength, and spiritual awakening.
  • Cultural Appreciation: The gift shows respect and sensitivity towards their beliefs and cultural heritage.
  • Unique and Meaningful: Unlike generic gifts, the Hanumanji flag carries deep religious significance and will be cherished.

Specifications of Bajrangbali flag


  • Fabric: High-quality polyester, satin, or cotton (choose the most relevant to your product).
  • Pole/Stand: Wood, metal, or sturdy plastic.


  • Product Breadth : 56 Inch
  • Product Height : 43 Inch
  • Product Length : 43 Inch

Net Quantity (N) : Pack Of 1


The flag’s central focus is a detailed image of Lord Hanuman’s face, meticulously crafted to capture his divine essence. Consider these variations to tailor the design to your target audience:


  • Peaceful and Contemplative: Hanumanji’s serene expression embodies his profound wisdom, unwavering devotion, and inner peace. This resonates with those seeking spiritual connection and tranquility.
  • Fierce and Determined: A powerful expression with a resolute gaze showcases Hanumanji’s immense strength, protective nature, and his ability to overcome all obstacles. This appeals to those seeking protection and courage.


  • Mustache and Beard: Adding these elements can signify maturity, power, and respect.
  • Eyes: Wide, expressive eyes might portray Hanumanji’s compassion and ever-present watchfulness, while narrowed eyes might convey intense focus and determination.
  • Crown or Adornments: A crown symbolizes Hanumanji’s high status as a divine being. Other adornments can add visual richness and further spiritual symbolism.

Symbolism of Bajrangbali flag

  • Elongated Ears: These suggest Hanumanji’s immense capability to listen attentively to the prayers and needs of devotees.

Traditional Saffron Background

  • Color Meaning: Saffron holds deep significance in Hinduism, representing courage, sacrifice, spirituality, and the renunciation of worldly desires. It instills a sense of reverence and sacredness.
  • Vibrancy: Describe the depth of the saffron hue. Is it a rich, fiery orange that commands attention, or is it a softer, golden tone that evokes a sense of tranquility?
  • Texture: The background could be smooth and luminous, conveying a sense of purity, or delicately textured to provide a classic, handcrafted feel.

Potential Additional Elements

  • Mace (Gada): Including Hanumanji’s iconic mace reinforces his strength, power, and his ability to protect devotees against evil.
  • Lotus Flower: A lotus flower blooming gracefully beside Hanumanji symbolizes purity, spiritual enlightenment, and unwavering devotion – qualities he inspires in others.
  • Om Symbol: The sacred ‘Om’ resonates with the universe’s primordial sound, amplifying the spiritual energy of the flag.
  • Decorative Borders: Intricate patterns or geometric designs along the edges can add visual interest while maintaining a strong connection to sacred Hindu art traditions.

Order your Bajrangbali flag today and experience the blessings of strength, protection, and devotion!

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