Laddu Gopal kanha ji Thakur ji Brass Pooja Bhog Thali Set- 5 Pcs [Plate, Glass,2 Bowl and Spoon] Size: 5.5 Inch

  • Small size bhog thali for laddu gopal ji in brass 5 pcs in set.
  • Size- Small , Diameter of plate- 5.5 cm, Glass – 3 cm, Bowl- 4 cm, Spoon- 6.5 cm, Weight- 74 grams
  • Best Gifting option for any occasion like for Janmashtami, Wedding, Corporate Gift, Kitty Party, House Warming party, Diwali, Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Lohri and other festivals

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Weight 74 g
Dimensions 12 × 12 cm


✨Laddu Gopal Brass Bhog Thali Set✨

This exquisite 5-piece Laddu Gopal Brass Pooja Bhog Thali Set is the perfect way to present offerings to your beloved deities and enhance your spiritual practice. Crafted from the finest brass, this set exudes warmth, divinity, and a timeless appeal that will uplift your sacred space for years to come.

Key Features:

Set Includes:

  • 1 Brass Plate (Diameter: 5.5 inches): This generously sized brass plate provides an elegant base for your bhog offerings. Its 5.5-inch diameter comfortably holds sweets, fruits, and other food items for your beloved deity.
  • 1 Brass Glass (Height: 3 cm): This petite brass glass is perfect for offering water, milk, or other sacred liquids to Laddu Gopal. Its traditional shape and gleaming finish add charm to your pooja space.
  • 2 Brass Bowls (Diameter: 4 cm): These versatile brass bowls are ideal for holding a variety of offerings – from dry fruits and nuts to small portions of cooked prasadam. Their size and design complement the rest of the set perfectly.
  • 1 Brass Spoon (Length: 6.5 cm): This delicately crafted brass spoon adds both functionality and beauty to your thali set. Use it to offer bhog to Laddu Gopal, or for ritually pouring water or milk during pooja ceremonies.

Material: High-quality brass for durability and shine

This bhog thali set is meticulously crafted from the finest quality brass. This material offers several benefits:

  • Durability: Brass is renowned for its strength and resistance to wear and tear. Your thali will withstand regular use and retain its beauty for generations.
  • Shine: The lustrous golden shine of brass exudes a divine warmth and radiance. Your pooja space will gleam with devotion and auspicious energy.
  • Spiritual Significance: Brass is considered a sacred metal in Hinduism, often used in pooja items for its positive vibrations and purifying properties.

Size: Compact and perfect for smaller Laddu Gopal idols

The dimensions of this thali set make it ideal for those who have smaller Laddu Gopal idols. It’s designed to be proportionate and visually appealing with petite idols, ensuring a balanced and harmonious look on your altar.

Weight: Lightweight at just 74 grams

The lightweight nature of this bhog thali set adds to its practicality. It’s easy to handle and move around during pooja rituals, and also convenient to store when not in use.

Craftsmanship: Intricate designs and a beautiful brass finish

Each piece in this bhog thali set showcases the finest traditional Indian craftsmanship:

  • Intricate Designs: Depending on the particular set, you may find delicate engravings, patterns, or embossed motifs adorning the brass surfaces. These add a touch of artistry and cultural significance.
  • Beautiful Finish: The brass is carefully polished to achieve a smooth, mirror-like shine that reflects light and enhances the devotional atmosphere.

Ideal Gifting Choice:

This Laddu Gopal Brass Pooja Bhog Thali Set makes a heartfelt and auspicious gift for various occasions:

Janmashtami: Celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna with this blessed offering set.

  • Honor Krishna’s love of sweets: Laddu Gopal is known for his fondness for sweets. This beautiful thali set is the perfect way to present traditional offerings like makhan mishri (sweetened butter), ladoos, or other delicacies on this auspicious day.
  • Create a festive atmosphere: The gleaming brass set adds radiance and a sense of celebration to your Janmashtami pooja, elevating the devotional experience.
  • A lasting memory: This durable and beautiful bhog thali will become a cherished part of your Janmashtami celebrations for years to come.

Weddings: Gift a symbol of devotion and new beginnings to the couple.

  • Blessing for harmony: The thali represents a sacred space for offerings, symbolizing the couple’s dedication to building a home filled with love and devotion.
  • Symbol of auspicious beginnings: Brass is considered a highly auspicious metal in Indian culture, signifying good fortune and blessings for the newlyweds.
  • A timeless gift: This enduring bhog thali serves as a constant reminder of the blessings and well-wishes bestowed upon the couple on their special day.

Corporate Gifting: Show appreciation to clients and colleagues with a meaningful present.

  • Demonstrate cultural sensitivity: This gift demonstrates respect for India’s rich heritage and spiritual traditions, fostering stronger business relationships.
  • Unique and memorable: The bhog thali stands out from generic corporate gifts, making a lasting impression on the recipient.
  • Symbolism of prosperity: The traditional association of brass with abundance and good luck makes it a fitting gift to wish success and prosperity in business endeavors.

Kitty Parties: Delight your friends with this unique and thoughtful gift.

  • Perfect for sharing: The compact size of the bhog thali makes it ideal for presenting small delicacies, sweets, or dry fruits to share amongst friends.
  • Conversation starter: This unique gift will spark conversations about Indian culture and traditions, adding a special touch to your gathering.
  • Thoughtful gesture: Show your appreciation for your friends with a gift that reflects both spirituality and a shared love for beautiful objects.

Housewarming Parties: Bless new homeowners with prosperity and positive energy.

  • Symbol of abundance: The thali set traditionally represents overflowing blessings and good fortune, an ideal sentiment to welcome into a new home.
  • Auspicious beginnings: Brass signifies positivity and divine protection, creating a warm and welcoming spiritual atmosphere for the new homeowners.
  • Practical yet beautiful: The bhog thali can be used as both a decorative piece and a functional item for pooja or serving, adding value beyond its aesthetic appeal.

Diwali, Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Lohri, and other festivals: Spread the joy and light of these special celebrations.

  • Versatile for various traditions: The bhog thali set can be incorporated into various festival rituals across different regions of India, offering sweets, fruits, or flowers.
  • Symbol of shared celebration: Gifting this set highlights the common thread of devotion and joyousness that binds together diverse Indian festivals.
  • Gift of light and warmth: The gleaming brass embodies the light and positive energy associated with these vibrant celebrations.

How to Use the Laddu Gopal Brass Pooja Bhog Thali Set:

Offerings (Bhog):

  • The Heart of Devotion: In Hindu traditions, offering bhog to deities is a gesture of profound love and respect. It symbolizes your willingness to share your sustenance with the divine and your gratitude for their blessings.
  • Sweet Surrender: Laddu Gopal is especially fond of sweet delights. Prepare small portions of his favorite sweets like laddus, pedas, kheer, or halwa, and arrange them beautifully on the thali.
  • Fruits of Nature: Offer fresh, seasonal fruits as a symbol of the abundance provided by nature and the divine. Wash and arrange fruits like bananas, mangoes, or pomegranates with care on the plate.
  • Nectar of Nourishment: Milk is considere as a sacre offering, representing purity and nourishment. Fill the small brass glass with fresh, preferably unpasteurized, cow’s milk.
  • Beyond Food: Don’t limit yourself to edible offerings alone. You can also offer flowers, incense, and water as symbols of devotion and purification.


  • Illuminating Worship: Aarti is a beautiful ritual where a diya (oil lamp) with a lit wick is moved in circular motions in front of the deity while devotional songs are sung.
  • Plate of Light: The brass thali acts as a perfect base to hold one or several diyas during aarti. Its reflective surface enhances the brilliance of the flames, creating a captivating devotional atmosphere.
  • Channel of Blessings: As you perform aarti, visualize the light from the diya dispelling any darkness. It inviting divine blessings into your heart and home.


  • Sacred Adornment: Your Laddu Gopal Brass Pooja Bhog Thali Set is a work of art in itself. Place it prominently on your home altar or pooja space, even when not in active use for offerings or aarti.
  • Symbol of Faith: The presence of this thali set creates a spiritually uplifting ambiance. It serves as a constant reminder of your devotional path.
  • Auspicious Touch: The warm gleam of brass adds an auspicious and welcoming energy to your sacred space.

Additional Benefits:

Easy to Clean: Effortless Maintenance for Daily Use

  • Smooth, non-porous surface: Brass naturally has a smooth finish that prevents food or other offerings from sticking stubbornly. A simple wipe with a damp cloth or mild soap and water often does the trick, saving you time on cleanup.
  • No stubborn stains: The inherent properties of brass help it resist tough stains. You won’t have to worry about persistent discoloration, preserving the beautiful shine of your thali set.
  • Quick drying: Brass dries quickly after washing, ensuring it’s ready for your next pooja ceremony without fuss.

Durable: An Investment in Timeless Devotion

  • Enduring strength It resists denting, scratches, and everyday wear and tear, maintaining its pristine appearance for years.
  • Passed down through generations: With proper care, this brass thali set could become a cherished heirloom. Also, symbolizing your family’s spiritual traditions.
  • Investment in quality: Choosing brass means you won’t need to replace your pooja items frequently, saving you money in the long run.

Versatile: Beyond the Altar

  • Hospitality with a touch of tradition: When not used for pooja, this thali set can elegantly serve small snacks like nuts, dried fruits, or sweets to guests.
  • Impress with unique serveware: Surprise your guests with the set’s decorative charm, adding a cultural and personal touch to your gatherings.
  • Multi-purpose elegance: The thali set can double as a beautiful display piece on a shelf or table when not actively in use.

Elevate Your Spiritual Practice and Gift with Love

This exquisite Laddu Gopal Brass Pooja Bhog Thali Set is a testament to devotion, tradition, and the joy of gifting. Order yours today and experience the divine blessings it brings to your life and the lives of your loved ones.

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