Book Reading Stand |Wooden Brown Rehal Handmade |Handcrafted Sheesham Premium Geeta/ Ramayana Holy book stand(Size = 30.4 cm x 14.8 cm x 2.8 cm,12-inch)Ramayana stand ( रहल )

Material Wood
Brand Generic
Item Weight 400 Grams
Product Dimensions 14.8D x 30.4W x 2.8H Centimeters
Form Factor Fold


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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 14.8 × 30.4 × 2.8 cm

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Handcrafted Wooden Book Reading Stand  – Elegant Rehal for Sacred Texts (Geeta, Quran, Bible, Ramayana)

Are you looking for a beautiful and functional way to display your sacred texts? This handcrafted wooden Book Reading Stand , also known as a rehal, is the perfect solution. Made with care by skilled artisans in India, this elegant stand honors your holy books while making your reading sessions more comfortable and fulfilling.

Key Features & Benefits:

Authentic Handcrafted Design: A Work of Art in Itself

Each book stand is a testament to the skill and dedication of rural Indian artisans. Instead of mass-produced uniformity, these stands are carefully shaped and carved from premium Sheesham wood. This wood, known for its rich hues and beautiful grain patterns, makes each rehal a one-of-a-kind piece. As your eyes trace the smooth curves and intricate details, you’ll sense the hours of dedicated labor that went into its creation. No two stands are exactly alike, mirroring the natural variations in the wood itself, ensuring you have a truly unique treasure.

Intricate Etchings: Stories Etched in Wood

The beauty of these handcrafted stands goes beyond mere form. Delicate patterns and motifs are painstakingly etched into the wood’s surface by hand. These designs draw inspiration from rich cultural symbolism, perhaps featuring swirling floral patterns, geometric shapes, or even stylized representations of sacred figures. The hand-etched quality lends a sense of depth and texture, inviting you to lose yourself in their detail. Each motif tells a silent story, adding another layer of meaning and reverence to your reading experience.

Ideal for Sacred Texts: Display Your Faith with Reverence

Whether you cherish the wisdom of the Geeta, the peace of the Quran, the inspiration of the Bible, or the epic tales of the Ramayana, this book stand is designed to elevate your sacred text. It’s more than just a practical tool – it’s a statement of your faith and respect. Imagine your holy book resting upon this beautiful surface, its pages open to a passage that stirs your soul. The stand becomes an extension of your spiritual devotion, creating a dedicated space for reflection and contemplation.

Enhanced Reading Comfort: Finding Peace in Posture

Beyond aesthetics, this rehal is designed with your comfort in mind. Many hours can be lost in the pages of a beloved text, but this can sometimes lead to discomfort and strain. The elevated design of the stand encourages better posture, gently raising your book to an optimal reading angle. This helps reduce neck strain, allowing your shoulders to relax, and your back to find a more supported position. You can now immerse yourself in your readings for longer periods without those distracting aches and pains, allowing for a deeper connection to the words on the page.

Foldable for Easy Storage: Beauty That’s Also Practical

The ingenuity of these stands doesn’t end with their appearance. They are cleverly designed to fold flat when not in use, transforming from a sculptural display to a compact form for easy storage. Whether you’re tucking it away on a bookshelf, traveling with your sacred text, or simply need to free up space temporarily, the stand’s foldable nature offers everyday convenience.

Supports Indian Artisans: More Than Just a Purchase

When you choose this handcrafted rehal, you’re not just acquiring a beautiful object; you’re making a positive impact on the lives of skilled artisans in India. These stands are a testament to centuries-old woodworking traditions passed down through generations. Your purchase directly supports these talented individuals, allowing them to continue their craft, provide for their families, and preserve an important part of their cultural heritage. Instead of supporting faceless mass-production, you become part of a story of empowerment and sustainability.

Experience the Difference

Transform your sacred readings into a multisensory experience. Feel the smooth texture of hand-carved wood, admire the intricate etchings, display your cherished book with pride, find comfort in improved posture, and know you’re making a meaningful difference. This rehal is an investment in both your spiritual practice and the preservation of an ancient art form.


  • Material: High-quality Sheesham wood
  • Dimensions (open): Approximately 30.4 cm (W) x 14.8 cm (D) x 2.8 cm (H) / 12-inch (W)
  • Color: Rich, natural wood tones
  • Finish: Smooth and polished

Upgrade Your Sacred Space

This handcrafted rehal is more than just a book stand; it’s a symbol of your respect for your faith. Enhance your spiritual practice and add a touch of timeless elegance to your home with this exceptional piece.

Elevate Your Reading Experience and Support Traditional Craftsmanship

You’ve searched for it – the perfect way to honor your sacred texts and enhance your reading sessions. A book stand that’s not just functional, but a testament to beauty, tradition, and your own values. Look no further.

The Rehal You Deserve

Imagine this:

  • The feel of authenticity: Smooth, hand-carved Sheesham wood under your fingertips, each piece unique with its natural grain.
  • A touch of the sacred: Intricate etchings steeped in cultural meaning, adding a layer of reverence to your reading space.
  • Comfort redefined: Your posture relaxed, your neck and back thanking you as you lose yourself in the written word.
  • Beauty that folds away: Space-saving design for effortless storage when not in use.
  • The warmth of empowerment: Knowing your purchase directly supports skilled Indian artisans and their time-honored craft.

More Than Just a Book Reading Stand 

This rehal is an investment:

  • In your spiritual growth: Create a dedicated, reverent space for your sacred texts.
  • In lasting quality: Heirloom potential, crafted to stand the test of time.
  • In ethical choices: Support fair trade and the preservation of traditional arts.
  • In a deeper reading experience: Eliminate distraction and discomfort to fully immerse yourself in the text.

The Time is Now

This isn’t just about owning a beautiful object. It’s about choosing a way of life that values authenticity, craftsmanship, and respect for tradition. It’s about finding deeper meaning in the simple act of reading.

Limited Availability

Due to the handcrafted nature of these rehals, each batch is limited in quantity. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of functional art that nourishes both your spirit and the livelihoods of talented artisans.

Order Your Book Reading Stand Today

Experience the difference for yourself. Embrace the beauty, comfort, and significance that a handcrafted book stand brings to your sacred readings.

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