Pure Brass Bowl Hand Made Round Puja Katori Capacity 300 ml Size-2

Bowl Material Brass
Number of Pieces 1
Colour Gold
Style Modern


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Pure Brass Bowl Hand Made Round Puja Katori Capacity 300 ml Size-2:

Are you seeking an exquisite, handcrafted vessel to enhance your spiritual practices, dining rituals, or simply add a touch of traditional Indian elegance to your home? Look no further than this stunning Pure Brass Bowl. Meticulously handmade and gleaming with a golden hue, this multipurpose katori is the perfect addition to your home.

Key Features and Benefits

Authentic Purity

Forged from the finest quality brass, sourced from the heart of Rajasthan’s metalworking communities, this bowl embodies the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship. Brass has been used for centuries to create sacred vessels in Hindu temples and homes. This bowl honors that tradition, its enduring quality reflecting the timeless rituals for which it may be used.

Versatile Design

The classic round shape and generous 300 ml capacity make this katori exceptionally adaptable. Enhance your puja ceremonies with offerings of water, fragrant flowers, or burning incense held within this katori. It’s a beautiful and practical addition to your altar. Beyond spiritual uses, serve delectable individual portions of creamy dals, vibrant curries, or sweet, syrupy desserts. Its generous size is perfect for sharing or savoring a special treat.

Handcrafted Artistry

Each bowl bears unique marks – subtle hammered textures, delicate etched patterns, or slight variations in its golden finish. These are the hallmarks of a handcrafted piece. The artisans who create these bowls inherit their skill through generations, passing down the techniques of their ancestors. Support their tradition of craftsmanship with this purchase.

Elevates Spiritual Practice

Whether used in formal rituals or simply to hold objects of contemplation, this brass bowl adds a sense of tranquility. It’s perfect for meditation, mindfulness exercises, or creating a calming corner. The warm tone of brass and its gentle resonance when struck with a small mallet create a soothing soundscape for meditation or prayer.

Enhances Dining Experiences

Bring a touch of India’s renowned hospitality to your table. Serving food in brass bowls is a gesture of warmth and generosity, transforming any meal into a more meaningful occasion. The golden hue of the brass creates a beautiful backdrop for colorful dishes, and the metal subtly retains the warmth of the food within.


  • Material: 100% pure brass
  • Capacity: 300 ml
  • Size: Size-2
  • Color: Golden
  • Style: Traditional Indian, minimalist

Uses of Brass Bowl

Spiritual & Ritual Uses

  • Puja Essential: Traditionally used in Hindu ceremonies, a brass bowl is perfect for holding offerings during puja such as:
    • Water – for ritual cleansing and blessings
    • Flowers – as a gesture of devotion and beauty
    • Kumkum or turmeric powder – for marking deities or worshippers
    • Incense – for its purifying scent and offering of fragrance
  • Meditation Aid: The warm tone of brass and soft resonance can be conducive to meditation practice:
    • Hold crystals or other objects of contemplation within the bowl.
    • Strike the bowl gently with a mallet for a calming sound bath.
  • Altar Adornment: Whether you have a dedicated altar or just a sacred corner, a brass bowl is beautiful and practical:
    • Use it to burn sage or palo santo for cleansing the space.
    • Place a small statue or meaningful figurine within the bowl.

Dining & Culinary Uses of Brass Bowl

  • Individual Serving: Perfect for portion control and creating an elegant presentation:
    • Dals, curries, and other saucy Indian dishes
    • Rich, creamy desserts or sweet treats
    • Appetizers, dry snacks, or nuts
  • Beyond Indian Cuisine: Get creative with how you use it:
    • Small salads with a vibrant vinaigrette
    • Individual portions of soup or stew
  • Tabletop Decor: When not used for serving, a brass bowl makes a lovely centerpiece or accent:
    • Fill with seasonal fruit or colorful potpourri
    • Display decorative stones or small treasures

General Home Decor

  • Catch-All: Place a brass bowl by the entryway as a stylish spot for keys, wallets, etc.
  • Vanity Organizer: Use it in the bathroom or on a dressing table to neatly hold jewelry, hair accessories, or cosmetics.
  • Nature’s Showcase: Turn your bowl into a mini-terrarium with succulents or air plants, adding moss and stones for a natural touch.

Additional Notes

  • Size Matters: Larger bowls have greater versatility, while smaller ones are perfect for individual portions or holding small objects.
  • Food Safety: While brass is traditionally used for eating, some foods with high acidity (tomato, citrus) may react with the unlined metal. If using for serving, consider adding a small liner or limit those types of foods.

Caring for Your Brass Bowl: A Tradition Worth Keeping

Brass is naturally beautiful, but to maintain its luster and prevent excessive tarnishing, gentle care is essential. Here’s how to ensure your brass bowl remains a treasured piece for years to come:

The Power of Handwashing Brass Bowl

Dishwashers use harsh detergents and high temperatures that can strip the protective layer off brass and accelerate tarnishing. To preserve the beauty of your handcrafted bowl, always wash it by hand. Use a soft sponge, mild dish soap, and warm water for a gentle yet effective clean. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue.

Nature’s Polish Brass Bowl

Brass naturally forms a patina with time, which some find charming. But if you desire a bright, gleaming bowl, there are easy natural methods to restore its shine:

  • Lemon Power: Cut a lemon in half and rub it directly on the tarnished brass. Or, create a paste of lemon juice and baking soda, apply it gently to the bowl, leave for a few minutes, then rinse and dry.
  • Pitambari Power: Pitambari powder is a traditional Indian brass cleaner with gentle abrasive properties. Mix it with a little water to form a paste, apply, rinse, and dry for excellent shine restoration.

The Importance of Drying

Moisture is the enemy of brass shine! Immediately after washing or polishing, meticulously dry your brass bowl with a soft cotton cloth. This simple step prevents water spots, minimizes future tarnishing, and keeps your bowl looking its best.

Proper Storage

When not in use, treat your brass bowl like the treasure it is. Store it in a dry place, away from excess humidity. For extra protection, wrap it in a soft cloth or acid-free tissue paper to minimize exposure to air and prevent scratches.

Remember: With a little care and attention, your brass bowl will bring beauty and a touch of tradition to your home for many years to come!

The Timeless Beauty of Patina

  • A Living Finish: Brass isn’t static. The gradual darkening, known as patina, isn’t a defect, but rather a testament to its natural properties. Think of it as a living finish that evolves organically alongside your bowl, adding richness and depth with every passing day.

  • Whispers of the Past: Much like the rings of a tree, patina tells a silent story. It’s a visual reminder of the passage of time and the life your katori holds within your home – the joyous meals shared, the sacred rituals performed, the simple moments of quiet contemplation.

  • The Charm of Imperfection: The beauty of patina lies in its uniqueness. Like a fine wine, your brass bowl will age gracefully, developing a patina that reflects its individual journey. Embrace the subtle changes in color, the variations in tone and texture – it’s these “imperfections” that give handcrafted brass its inimitable charm, setting it apart from mass-produced items.

  • Effortless Elegance: If you find the antique look of patina appealing, there’s a simple beauty in letting it develop naturally. Less frequent polishing is needed, allowing your bowl to acquire a unique character without constant upkeep.

Tips For Embracing Patina

  • Placement Matters: If you’re aiming for a more pronounced patina, placing your bowl where it’s exposed to air and natural variations in humidity can encourage a more rapid change.
  • Gentle Cleaning: Even with a patina, occasional gentle cleaning is still recommended. This removes dust or buildup while preserving the beautiful aged character of the brass.

Embrace the Timeless Beauty of Brass Bowl

This Pure Brass Bowl is not just an object; it’s an embodiment of heritage, craftsmanship, and the potential to elevate your everyday life. Embrace the timeless beauty of brass and add this exquisite piece to your home today!

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