BRASS PLATE(पीतल की थाली) | Handmade Brass Puja Thali/Pooja Plate (Gold, 8 Inch)

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Material Metal
Brand Pujagoodies
“font-weight: 700 !important; line-height: 20px !important;”>Colour Gold
Size 8 INCH
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About this item

  • Material: Brass..Size-8 inch(appx.)
  • Brass enhance your home décor & gives an elegant look to your space. Authentic & a value gift for every occasion.
  • Heavy, washable, durable
  • Note-1 order contains 1 Piece

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Handmade Brass Plate (Gold, 8 Inch) – Elevate Your Devotions

Embrace the rich traditions of India with this exquisite Handmade Brass Plate, meticulously crafted to enhance your sacred rituals and spiritual practices.

Product Features & Benefits

The Sacred Resonance of Brass

In the tapestry of Indian spirituality, brass holds a place of profound reverence. For millennia, its warm gleam and resonant sound have been intertwined with rituals, prayers, and the pursuit of the divine. When you choose a pure brass puja thali, you connect with this rich tradition, infusing your sacred practices with the echoes of ancient wisdom.

Hindu beliefs ascribe auspicious qualities to brass. Its ability to resonate is said to dispel negativity and attract positive vibrations. Temples across India reverberate with the deep tones of brass bells, believed to purify the atmosphere and awaken the spirit. By bringing this sacred metal into your home with a puja thali, you create a sanctuary where your prayers resonate with potent energy.

Touched by the Divine: The Artistry of Brass

Each of our brass puja thalis is a testament to both craftsmanship and devotion. Skilled artisans, inheritors of generations-old techniques, shape the molten metal with care and precision. Intricate patterns emerge under their hands – floral motifs, sacred symbols, or the graceful forms of deities. No two thalis are exactly alike, for each bears the unique touch of its creator. As you hold this handcrafted thali, you sense the heart and soul poured into its creation, adding a layer of sacredness beyond mere material value.

Aesthetics of Abundance: The Symbolism of Brass Plate

Its gleaming golden surface is more than just beautiful – brass thalis embody concepts of purity, abundance, and the blessings of the divine. This radiant hue mirrors the celestial light of the sun, a powerful life-giving force in Hinduism. When you adorn your brass puja thali with offerings, you create a microcosm of auspiciousness. Imagine vibrant kumkum and turmeric, the snowy whiteness of rice grains, fragrant blossoms, and the soft flicker of a diya – a representation of the bounty and blessings you seek in life.

Beyond the Puja: A Touch of the Timeless

While its primary purpose is sacred, a brass puja thali’s beauty transcends any single use. Proudly displayed on a sideboard or hung as a wall accent, it brings an air of spirituality and timeless elegance to your home. The intricate artistry and warm glow of brass create a captivating focal point, reminding you of your daily devotions and the peace they bring, even outside of ritual times.

The Gift of Grace: Sharing Auspiciousness

In Indian culture, gifts hold both practical and symbolic value. A beautifully crafted brass puja thali is a meaningful present that goes beyond the material. Gifted for housewarmings, weddings, Diwali, or other special occasions, it expresses wishes for prosperity, well-being, and spiritual connection. The recipient receives not only an object but a token of your deep wishes for their happiness and fulfillment.

A Legacy of Devotion: Caring for Your Brass Plate

The robust nature of brass ensures your puja thali will be a cherished part of your spiritual life for years to come. With simple care, its golden radiance remains untarnished. After each use, gently wash it with mild soap and water. To address deeper cleaning needs, a natural paste of lemon juice, salt, and flour works wonders. Dry the thali thoroughly and store it in a dry place to prevent moisture buildup.

Experience the Spiritual Significance of Brass

In Hindu and many Eastern traditions, brass is highly revered. Its resonant sound is said to drive away negative energies and attract auspicious vibrations. Brass puja items are believed to enhance the potency of your prayers, facilitating a deeper connection with the divine.

Brass Plate Specifications

  • Material: Brass
  • Brand: Pujagoodies
  • Color: Gold
  • Size: 8 inches (approximate)
  • Contents: 1 Brass Puja Thali

How to Use Your Brass Plate

Purification: The Ritual of Cleansing

Before its inaugural use in your devotional practices, it is customary to cleanse your brass puja thali. This purification ritual imbues it with fresh energy and prepares it to be a sacred vessel for your offerings. A simple yet effective way to do this is with a mixture of lemon juice and salt.

  • Combine the juice of one lemon with a tablespoon of salt, creating a slightly abrasive paste.
  • Gently apply this paste to the entire surface of your thali, using small circular motions. Pay attention to any decorative details.
  • Allow the paste to rest for 5-10 minutes.
  • Thoroughly rinse the thali with water and dry it completely with a soft cloth. You’ll notice the brass gleam with renewed radiance.

Ritual Preparation: Creating an Altar of Abundance

With your thali purified, the next step is to adorn it with sacred offerings. This process transforms it into a miniature altar, inviting a deeper connection to the divine. Consider the following traditional elements:

  • Kumkum & Turmeric: Place small mounds or create beautiful designs with these vibrant powders, representing purity, auspiciousness, and the energy of the divine feminine.
  • Rice Grains: Scatter a handful of uncooked rice grains on the thali, symbolizing abundance, prosperity, and the nourishment of life.
  • Flowers: Choose fresh, fragrant flowers as a symbol of beauty, devotion, and the opening of your heart. Roses, marigolds, and jasmine are traditional favorites.
  • Diya: At the center of your thali, place a diya – a small oil lamp. Traditionally clay, but brass diyas are also beautiful. As you light it, contemplate its symbolism of overcoming darkness and seeking the light of knowledge.

Prayers & Rituals: Connecting with the Heart

Now, your brass puja thali is ready to be a focal point for your devotional practices. Whether you perform aarti (waving the diya in reverence), chant mantras, or offer heartfelt prayers, the thali grounds your rituals.

Hold the intention that the brass amplifies your devotion, its resonance carrying your prayers outward into the universe. As you engage with your chosen rituals, allow a sense of heightened reverence to fill you.

Post-Puja Care: Honoring the Sacred

After completing your puja, demonstrate respect for the sacred items by carefully tending to your thali.

  • Gently wipe your thali clean of any residue from the offerings with a soft cloth.
  • If needed, wash with mild soap and water, and dry thoroughly.
  • Store your thali in a dry place. Avoid stacking it with other items to prevent scratches or dents.

By treating your puja thali with care, you ensure its enduring beauty and preserve its role as a sacred centerpiece in your home.

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