Hari Darshan Neem and Citronella Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks – 240 Sticks | Natural and Herbal Machhar Agarbatti |Eco-Friendly, Low Smoke Output | Burn Time- 90 Minutes (Pack of 12 X 2, 10 Sticks Each Pack)

Item Form Sticks
Scent Neem and Citronella
Duration 1.5 Hours
Item Length 7 Centimetres

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Hari Darshan Neem & Citronella Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks Agarbatti

Are you tired of buzzing pests ruining your peaceful evenings? Discover the natural power of Hari Darshan Neem & Citronella Mosquito Repellent Agarbatti Incense Sticks! Crafted with pure essential oils, these eco-friendly sticks keep mosquitoes at bay while filling your space with a soothing aroma.

Key Features and Benefits of Agarbatti :

Pure, Potent Agarbatti Ingredients:

Harness the traditional mosquito-repelling powers of 100% natural java-grade citronella oil and neem oil.

  • Citronella Oil: This naturally derived oil, especially java-grade citronella, has a strong, distinctive scent that mosquitoes find unpleasant. Its powerful aroma masks the scents that attract mosquitoes to humans.
  • Neem Oil: Extracted from the neem tree, this oil is a renowned natural insect repellent. It disrupts mosquitoes’ feeding and breeding patterns, adding another layer of protection.

Dual Action:

Not only do these sticks deter mosquitoes, but they also release a pleasant, calming fragrance.

  • Beyond Repellent: While many citronella products have an overpowering scent, Hari Darshan’s blend with neem creates a balanced aroma. It’s both functional and adds a pleasing ambiance to your space.
  • Calming Effect: The subtle scent blend can help create a sense of tranquility in your outdoor or indoor area, enhancing your relaxation while keeping bugs at bay.

Indoor & Outdoor Agarbatti Protection:

Perfect for gardens, patios, balconies, bedrooms, and living rooms.

  • Versatile Usage: These sticks aren’t just for the backyard. Their low-smoke formula makes them well-suited for enclosed spaces (with adequate ventilation), allowing you to enjoy peaceful evenings inside without the annoyance of mosquitoes.
  • Adapting to Your Needs: Whether you’re hosting a barbecue, reading on the balcony, or trying to sleep, these sticks give you the flexibility to create a mosquito-free zone wherever you need it.

Family-Friendly Agarbatti Safety:

Safe to use around children and pets, providing peace of mind.

  • Natural Alternative: The lack of harsh chemicals makes it a safer choice for households with children or pets who may be more sensitive to synthetic repellents.
  • Worry-Free Protection: You can focus on enjoying your time rather than worrying about accidental exposure to potentially harmful ingredients.

Long-Lasting Effect:

Each stick boasts a burn time of up to 90 minutes for extended protection.

  • More Than a Moment: You don’t have to constantly replace sticks, allowing for an uninterrupted, protected environment.
  • Value for Money: The long burn time translates to greater efficiency and fewer sticks used per session.

Low Smoke Output:

Enjoy the benefits without overpowering smoke or fumes.

  • Minimal Irritation: Less smoke means a more comfortable experience, especially for those with sensitivities.
  • Focus on the Aroma: The subtle fragrance of the incense can be appreciated without a heavy, smoky atmosphere.

Convenient Bulk Agarbatti Pack:

Stock up with our 240-stick pack (12 boxes, 10 sticks each) for season-long coverage.

  • Always Prepared: You won’t run out mid-season, ensuring you’re always ready to ward off pesky mosquitoes.
  • Cost-Effective: Bulk packs often offer a better price per stick, saving you money in the long run.

Why Choose Hari Darshan Neem & Citronella Incense Sticks?

Chemical-Free Solution:

Embrace a gentler, more natural way to combat mosquitoes

  • Healthier for you: Many commercial mosquito repellants contain chemicals like DEET, which can cause skin irritation, headaches, and other side effects. Natural incense sticks offer an effective alternative without exposing yourself to potentially harmful ingredients.
  • Better for the environment: Traditional repellants can linger in the air and soil, potentially harming beneficial insects and wildlife. Biodegradable incense made from plant-based oils breaks down naturally, minimizing environmental impact.

Avoid Skin Irritation:

No more harsh sprays or lotions that can irritate sensitive skin.

  • Relief for sensitive individuals: Those with allergies, eczema, or easily-irritated skin often find insect repellents harsh and uncomfortable. Incense removes the need for direct skin application, providing a gentler way to ward off mosquitoes.
  • Protection for everyone: Natural incense can be especially beneficial for children and those with sensitive skin conditions, providing effective mosquito defense without the risks of harsh chemicals.

Create a Relaxing Ambiance:

Enhance your outdoor or indoor experience with a subtle, fresh scent.

  • Beyond just repelling: Citronella and neem offer a pleasant, natural scent that transforms your space. Unlike the strong smell of some repellants, these incense sticks create an inviting and calming atmosphere.
  • Aromatherapy benefits: The subtle scent released by the incense can promote relaxation and help reduce stress – a bonus alongside mosquito protection!

Eco-Conscious Choice:

Protect your family and the environment with biodegradable, sustainable incense.

  • Responsible consumption: By choosing incense sticks, you’re contributing to a greener lifestyle. Biodegradable incense minimizes waste and reduces pollution compared to plastic-and-chemical laden repellents.
  • Holistic protection: This choice is about protecting not only your immediate health but also the long-term health of the planet. It reflects a mindset of caring for the environment and making sustainable choices.

How to Use Mosquito Repellent Agarbatti Incense Sticks


  • Select a suitable location: Choose a spot that is well-ventilated to disperse the scent. For outdoor use, place them strategically around your seating area or perimeter. Indoors, ensure the room has airflow but avoid drafty areas.
  • Find a stable incense holder: Use a holder specifically designed for incense sticks. These are often made of ceramic, metal, or wood, and have a small hole for the stick and a wider base to catch ashes. Never use makeshift holders from flammable materials.
  • Gather your supplies: Have the incense sticks and a lighter or match readily available.

Lighting the Incense:

  • Hold the uncoated end: Pick up the incense stick by the thicker, uncoated end.
  • Ignite the tip: Carefully hold a flame to the coated tip of the incense stick until it catches fire. You should see a small flame for a few seconds.
  • Gently extinguish the flame: Once you see a steady glow on the tip, gently blow or wave your hand to extinguish the flame. A glowing ember should remain, emitting a thin trail of smoke.

Placing the Agarbatti Incense Stick:

  • Secure it in the holder: Carefully insert the uncoated end of the incense stick into the hole of your incense holder. Ensure it’s standing upright and secure.
  • Position safely: Place the incense holder on a heat-resistant surface, away from any flammable materials like curtains, papers, or furniture. Keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Enjoying Your Mosquito-Free Agarbatti Zone:

  • Allow smoke to disperse: The incense stick will release its mosquito-repelling aroma within a few minutes. The smoke and scent should create a protective barrier around the area.
  • Supervise: Never leave burning incense unattended. If you need to leave the area, fully extinguish the incense stick by dipping the glowing end in sand or water.

Additional Tips:

  • Outdoor use: For maximum effectiveness outdoors, place multiple incense sticks approximately 10-12 feet apart around the area you want to protect.
  • Indoor use: In enclosed spaces, one or two incense sticks may be sufficient. Remember to ventilate the room periodically, as the smoke can become concentrated.
  • Ash disposal: Once the stick has completely burned down, carefully dispose of the ash in a fireproof container.

Upgrade Your Mosquito Defense Agarbatti Today

Ditch those toxic sprays and experience the difference with Hari Darshan Neem & Citronella Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks. Order your 240-stick pack now!

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