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Good quality original camphor.

Karpooram or Camphor has a high place in Hindu religious ceremonies. No puja is complete without an arti using karpooram.

Use Om Shanthi Karpooram, the ready to use high-quality camphor tablets and make your puja pure and complete.


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Om Shanthi Karpooram Kapur Tablets – Small, Medium, Big – Cycle Brand

Are you seeking the purest camphor for your sacred pujas and religious ceremonies? Look no further than Om Shanthi Karpooram  Kapur Tablets from the renowned Cycle Brand. Our premium-quality camphor is meticulously crafted to ensure an authentic and spiritually uplifting experience.

The Essence of Purity: Om Shanthi Karpooram

Sourced with Care:

The Journey to Purity

The essence of Om Shanthi Karpooram begins with its origins. Our camphor isn’t merely manufactured; it’s carefully cultivated. We understand that the source of this sacred substance plays a vital role in its spiritual potency. That’s why we meticulously seek out the finest sources, ensuring that our camphor is derived from trees responsibly grown in environments where they flourish. This dedication results in a camphor that burns with an exceptionally clean, bright flame, releasing a captivating fragrance that fills your space with an air of purity.

Tradition Embodied:

A Legacy of Excellence

The Cycle Brand name carries with it a rich heritage. For generations, we have been synonymous with providing high-quality puja essentials that honor the sacred traditions of Hinduism. Our commitment to authenticity and uncompromising standards is woven into the very fiber of our camphor. When you choose Om Shanthi Karpooram, you are not simply purchasing a product; you are embracing a legacy of devotion and respect for the rituals that have shaped spiritual life for countless individuals.

Spiritual Significance:

Illuminating the Divine Within

In Hindu tradition, camphor transcends its material form. As the flame dances and the captivating fragrance fills the air, it becomes a symbol of profound spiritual transformation. The act of burning camphor represents the burning away of negativity, ego, and worldly attachments. In their place, it illuminates the divine light within, fostering a deeper connection to the source of all being. It serves as a reminder that, like camphor, we too have the potential to burn brightly, offering ourselves in service of a higher purpose.

Experience the Transformation

  • The Cleansing Power of Fragrance: As the rich, aromatic scent of Om Shanthi Karpooram permeates your sacred space, it does more than simply delight the senses. It creates an ambiance of tranquility, purifying the atmosphere and preparing your mind and heart for the puja or ritual to come.
  • The Symbolism of Light: Witness the steady, luminous flame dance before you. It serves as a beacon of hope, dispelling shadows and illuminating the path towards spiritual clarity.
  • The Promise of Purity: Our commitment to quality ensures that our camphor burns cleanly, leaving minimal residue. This reflects our reverence for the sacredness of your space and the importance of an uncluttered environment for spiritual practice.

Experience the Difference

Intense, Purifying Fragrance:

Experience the transformative scent of Om Shanthi Karpooram. Its rich, slightly pine-like aroma has hints of spice, instantly filling your sacred space. As the camphor illuminates, the fragrance deepens, transporting you to a state of peace and spiritual clarity. In Hindu practices, this scent symbolizes purification, dispelling negativity and inviting positive energies.

Bright, Long-Lasting Flame:

Unlike some camphor that flickers and fades, Om Shanthi Karpooram offers a steady, luminous flame. This vibrant light is a symbol of the divine, illuminating your arti and prayers. This long-lasting burn means you can focus on your devotion without the distraction of frequent re-lighting.

Minimal Residue:

The purity of Om Shanthi Karpooram is not only spiritual but practical. Our camphor burns with minimal residue, ensuring a clean and hassle-free experience. After your puja, you’re left with a sense of spiritual fulfillment, not the burden of cleaning. This allows for a smooth flow in your rituals and lets you maintain the sanctity of your sacred space.

Convenient and Versatile Kapur

Ready-to-Use Tablets: 

Om Shanthi Karpooram understands the importance of focus during your pujas. Our pre-formed camphor tablets eliminate the need for breaking, crumbling, or any messy handling of raw camphor. Simply select your desired size and place the tablet directly in your arti lamp or burner – it’s that easy! This convenience allows you to dedicate your energy to the spiritual aspects of your practice.

Variety of Sizes:

Whether you’re performing a simple daily puja or a more elaborate ceremony, Om Shanthi Karpooram offers the perfect fit. Our tablets come in small, medium, and big sizes, allowing you to customize the amount of camphor used. This ensures the right intensity of fragrance and flame for every occasion, while also helping you manage your supplies efficiently.


The benefits of Om Shanthi Karpooram extend beyond formal rituals. Its subtle, purifying fragrance creates a serene ambiance throughout your home. Place a small tablet in a diffuser to gently scent your living space, promoting tranquility and a sense of well-being. Its traditional use as a natural insect repellent also makes it a practical addition to your household.

Why Choose Om Shanthi Kapur

When you choose Om Shanthi Karpooram, you choose purity, tradition, and an elevated spiritual experience. Let the purifying flame of our camphor illuminate your path of devotion.

Order your Om Shanthi Karpooram Kapur Tablets today and experience the transformative power of authentic puja essentials!

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