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Shiv Shakti Camphor Tablets – Pure, Authentic, and Divine

In the rich tapestry of Indian tradition, camphor (कपूर) holds a place of reverence and spiritual significance. For centuries, the aromatic white substance derived from the Cinnamomum camphora tree has been an integral part of poojas, rituals, and a symbol of divine light and purification. Shiv Shakti Camphor Tablets bring the essence of this sacred tradition to your home, elevating your spiritual practices and creating a serene and uplifting atmosphere.

Crafted with Purity and Devotion

Sourced from the finest sources and expertly crafted in India, Shiv Shakti Camphor Tablets embody the principles of purity and authenticity. Our manufacturing process ensures that each tablet retains the maximum level of camphor’s natural fragrance and beneficial qualities. We take pride in offering a product that aligns with the true spirit of Indian devotion.

Essential for Every Pooja

Igniting a Shiv Shakti Camphor Tablet marks the auspicious beginning of any pooja or ritual. As the camphor flame burns brightly, it symbolizes the dissipation of negativity and the illumination of the divine spirit. The purifying fragrance fills your pooja space, creating an ambiance of serenity and spiritual focus.

Unleash the Aromatic Benefits

The power of Shiv Shakti kapoor extends beyond religious observances. Its fresh, invigorating aroma has a multitude of practical and therapeutic benefits for your home and well-being:

Natural Air Purifier

  • Odor Eliminator: Camphor’s potent aromatic compounds can neutralize and mask unpleasant smells. It’s particularly effective at combatting lingering food odors, mustiness, or the smell of stale air.
  • Antimicrobial Potential: Some studies suggest camphor may have mild antimicrobial properties, helping to reduce airborne bacteria or mold spores. This can contribute to a fresher, healthier indoor environment.
  • Refreshing Scent: The clean, slightly medicinal aroma of camphor leaves a sense of freshness and revitalization in your space.

Effective Insect Repellent

  • Natural Deterrent: The strong fragrance of camphor is a natural deterrent to many flying and crawling insects like mosquitoes, flies, moths, and ants.
  • Non-toxic Alternative: Burning v provides a safe and chemical-free alternative to commercial insecticides, making it a good option for sensitive individuals or households with pets and children.
  • Multi-purpose: Camphor can be used in diffusers to ward off insects indoors, or burned in outdoor areas to create a bug-free zone.

Aromatherapy Aid

  • Relaxation and Stress Relief: The aroma of kapoor can have a calming effect on the mind and body, promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety.
  • Sleep Support: Camphor’s soothing qualities may help ease tension and restlessness, potentially improving sleep quality and helping you fall asleep faster.
  • Respiratory Aid: Inhaling camphor vapors is sometimes used in traditional remedies to help open airways and provide temporary relief from congestion.

Mood Enhancer

  • Invigorating Aroma: Camphor’s sharp, fresh scent has an invigorating effect, helping to clear the mind and increase focus.
  • Energy Boost: It can provide a quick pick-me-up, dispelling mental fatigue and lethargy.
  • Positive Atmosphere: Camphor’s uplifting qualities can create a sense of positivity and well-being in your living space.

Experience the Shiv Shakti Difference

100% Pure Camphor:

We guarantee the authenticity of our camphor, providing you with the most potent and effective experience.

  • Uncompromised quality: Shiv Shakti emphasizes that their kapoor is derived from the purest sources, without adulteration or the use of synthetic substitutes.
  • Maximum benefits: Pure camphor delivers the full range of benefits expected from this traditional product. Its fragrance is stronger, its purifying effects are more pronounced, and its spiritual significance is uncompromised.

Long-lasting Fragrance:

Our camphor tablets burn evenly, releasing a persistent and soothing aroma that lingers long after use.

  • Slow, consistent burn: The manufacturing process ensures that Shiv Shakti Camphor Tablets burn in a controlled and steady manner, allowing the fragrance to fully develop and spread throughout your space.
  • Enduring aroma: The scent doesn’t simply dissipate as soon as the flame is extinguished. The lingering fragrance creates a lasting ambiance of purity and tranquility.

Safe and Clean Burning:

Shiv Shakti Camphor Tablets leave minimal residue, ensuring a clean and hassle-free experience.

  • Minimal mess: High-quality kapoor, when burned correctly, produces very little ash or soot. This means there’s no need for extensive cleanup after use.
  • Safe for surfaces: You can confidently use Shiv Shakti kapoor on suitable holders or plates without worrying about staining or damaging them.

Versatile Usage:

Ideal for pooja, aromatherapy, home fragrance, and even as a natural moth repellent for closets.

  • Pooja: The primary use of kapoor remains in religious rituals and poojas, where its sacred flame and fragrance are essential.
  • Aromatherapy: The calming and clarifying scent of kapoor has applications in aromatherapy for relaxation, stress relief, and potentially improved sleep.
  • Home fragrance: Beyond rituals, kapoor serves as a natural way to freshen the air in your home, eliminating odors and creating an invigorating atmosphere.
  • Natural moth repellent: The strong smell of kapoor deters moths, making it a safe alternative to chemical mothballs for protecting your clothing in storage.

Convenient Camphor Packaging:

Available in various pack sizes (50gms, 100gms, 500gms) to suit your needs

  • Flexibility: Shiv Shakti offers kapoor in different quantities, allowing you to purchase the amount that best aligns with your usage frequency.
  • Cost-effective: Whether you’re a casual user or require camphor regularly for poojas, there’s a pack size to fit your budget.

How to Use Shiv Shakti Camphor Tablets:

Preparing to Use Shiv Shakti Camphor Tablets

  1. Choose a Safe Location: Select a flat, stable, and heat-resistant surface away from any flammable materials like curtains, paper, or other fabrics. A small metal or ceramic plate, or a specially designed kapoor holder is ideal.
  2. Ventilation: If possible, ensure the area you are using the camphor in has some ventilation. This helps circulate the fragrance and avoids the scent becoming overpowering in a small space.
  3. Supervision: Never leave burning camphor unattended. Keep it out of the reach of children and pets.

Lighting the Camphor

  1. Placement: Place a single Shiv Shakti Camphor Tablet in the center of your chosen surface or holder.
  2. Ignition: Use a match or lighter to carefully ignite the edge of the camphor tablet. It should catch flame fairly quickly.
  3. Enjoy the Flame: Allow the camphor tablet to burn undisturbed. The flame will often be quite tall initially, and then gradually diminish in size as the tablet is consumed.

Extinguishing and Aftercare

  1. Natural Extinguishing: The camphor flame will naturally extinguish itself once the tablet is fully consumed. Do not attempt to blow it out or extinguish it with water.
  2. Residue: Camphor generally leaves minimal residue. However, always check your holder or plate after the flame has extinguished for any leftover material.
  3. Fragrance: The purifying, aromatic fragrance of the camphor will linger in the space long after the flame has gone out.

Important Safety Reminders:

  • Combustibility: kapoor is flammable. Exercise extreme caution when burning.
  • Potential for Burns: The kapoor holder or plate may become hot during use. Avoid touching it until it has cooled down completely.
  • Ingestion: Camphor is toxic if ingested. Keep it stored safely away from children and pets.
  • Medical Conditions: If you have asthma or other respiratory conditions, consult with your doctor before using camphor, as the strong fragrance might be an irritant.

Elevate Your Spiritual Practice and Transform Your Home with Shiv Shakti Camphor Tablets. Order Yours Today!

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