Chalisa Sangrah Evam Ramayan Manka 108 (full color) and Saptvaar Vrat katha

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Deepen Your Faith with the Auspicious Chalisa Sangrah & Ramayan Manka 108 (Full Color) & Saptvaar Vrat Katha

Embark on a transformative spiritual odyssey with this Chalisa Sangrah & Ramayan Manka exquisite collection of sacred Hindu texts. It designed to enrich your faith and connect you to the divine.

Chalisa Sangrah: Your Pocket-Sized Temple:

  • Unveil a treasure trove of Chalisa invocations dedicated to revered deities like Hanuman ji, the embodiment of strength and devotion; Shani Dev, the lord of karma; Santoshi Maa, the goddess of contentment; and a multitude of other divine beings.
  • Find solace and blessings as you chant these powerful prayers, each meticulously crafted to invoke specific deities and seek their divine grace.
  • Experience the serenity of reciting these mantras, fostering inner peace, and aligning your spirit with the divine.

Ramayan Manka 108 (Full Color): Carry the Epic Wherever You Go:

  • Embrace the timeless tale of Lord Rama’s righteousness with this stunning 108-bead mala, vibrantly illustrated in full color.
  • Each bead serves as a gentle reminder of Rama’s unwavering devotion to dharma (righteous duty), his courage in the face of adversity. The ultimate triumph of good over evil.
  • Utilize this mala for japa (recitation) or meditation, channeling the essence of the Ramayana and its profound teachings.

Saptvaar Vrat Katha: Unveiling the Wisdom of Weekly Vrats:

  • Unlock the secrets of observing vrats (fasts) for each day of the week with this insightful guide.
  • Delve into the rich tapestry of Hindu traditions as you learn about the significance of these rituals, the associated deities, and the potential benefits they bring – from inner peace and prosperity to appeasement of specific planets and seeking blessings for specific endeavors.
  • Embrace a more mindful and purposeful way of life by incorporating these practices into your weekly routine.

Chalisa Sangrah & Ramayan Manka all-in-one set is the perfect companion for:

  • Devout Hindus: Seeking to enrich their spiritual practice, deepen their connection with the divine, and explore the vast wisdom of Hinduism.
  • Anyone Interested in Hinduism: Embark on a captivating exploration of Hindu mythology, traditions, and rituals. Uncover the profound messages embedded within these ancient practices and gain a deeper appreciation for this rich and vibrant religion.
  • Families: Foster a deeper connection with your faith and pass on these valuable teachings to future generations. Create lasting memories as you share stories, perform puja rituals together, and explore the wonders of Hinduism.

This exquisite set is more than just religious texts; it’s a doorway to a transformative spiritual journey. Whether you’re a seasoned devotee or a curious newcomer, this collection offers a wealth of knowledge, guidance, and inspiration to elevate your spiritual practice and connect with the divine essence.

Order your Chalisa Sangrah & Ramayan Manka 108 (Full Color) & Saptvaar Vrat Katha today.  Embark on a path of spiritual enrichment!

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