Sandalwood Mala for Photo Frame- Small, Medium , Big| Chandan Mala | Garland for photo | Photo Frame Mala With Sandalwood Scent | Chandan Scented Wooden Chaal Mala

Model Number
  • Sandalwood Processed Photo Frame Mala | Chandan Scented Wooden Chaal | Wooden Garland for Photos of Loved Ones|Traditional Mala for God, Ancestors and Pitra, Pooja Room (12 Inches)
Model Name
  • Sandalwood-Haar-30Inch
Pack of
  • 1
  • Photo Frame Mala
  • Beige
  • wood
String Material
  • Thread
  • Yes
Country of Origin
  • India
Net Quantity
  • 1

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15 inch, 20 inch, 25 inch


Adorn Your Memories with Elegance: Premium Chandan Mala for Photo Frames

Honor the memory of loved ones or enhance your sacred space with our exquisitely handcrafted Chandan Mala. This traditional garland, lovingly made by skilled Indian artisans, features delicate sandalwood chips curled into beautiful flowers. Its long-lasting fragrance and natural beauty make it the perfect tribute.

Key Features & Benefits of Chandan Mala

Authentic Sandalwood: Experience the calming, sacred aroma of genuine Chandan Mala.

  • Emphasize Rarity: True sandalwood is a precious material, sourced sustainably. Highlight its unique qualities.
  • Sensory Appeal: Describe the fragrance – is it sweet, woody, earthy, or slightly floral? Evoke a sense of calm and tranquility.
  • Spiritual Significance: Sandalwood has long been used in religious ceremonies and meditation practices for its grounding and purifying properties.

Versatile Sizes: Find the ideal fit with our Chandan Mala small, medium, and big mala options.

  • Functionality: Explain how the different sizes cater to various photo frame dimensions or the desired prominence of the garland.
  • Personalization: Allow customers to select the size that best aligns with their intended use and aesthetic preferences.
  • Example: “Our small mala is perfect for intimate photos, while the big mala creates a dramatic statement for larger portraits.”

Honoring Traditions: Add a touch of reverence to photos of departed loved ones, deities, or wedding portraits.

  • Cultural Resonance: Stress the timeless tradition of using malas to pay homage and show respect, connecting your product to established customs.
  • Versatility: Emphasize the mala’s suitability for various spiritual and remembrance practices.
  • Evocative Language: Use words like “reverence,” “tribute,” and “memory” to stir an emotional response.

Handmade with Love: Support the artistry of rural India with this unique creation.

  • Social Impact: Underscore the positive impact of purchasing this product – it supports traditional craftsmanship and sustains livelihoods.
  • Uniqueness: Each mala is one-of-a-kind due to its handmade nature, carrying slight variations that add to its charm.
  • Storytelling: Consider sharing a brief story about the artisans or their community if possible.

Long-lasting: Enjoy the enduring sandalwood scent for a meaningful connection.

  • Longevity: Emphasize the quality of the sandalwood, ensuring the fragrance will remain for an extended period.
  • Sentimental Value: Link the enduring scent to lasting memories and the enduring nature of love and respect.
  • Practical Benefit: Assure customers they won’t need to replace the mala frequently, contributing to its value.

Specifications of Chandan Mala

  • Product Name: Sandalwood Mala for Photo Frame (With Size Options)
  • Model Options:
    • Sandalwood-Haar-12Inch
    • Sandalwood-Haar-30Inch
  • Pack Quantity: 1
  • Type: Photo Frame Mala
  • Primary Material: Sandalwood (chips)
  • String Material: Thread
  • Handmade: Yes
  • Country of Origin: India

Perfect for:

1. Paying Homage to Ancestors

  • Tradition and Remembrance: In many cultures, sandalwood holds spiritual significance and is used in rituals to honor ancestors. The mala’s fragrance and its adornment on photos create a symbolic offering of respect and love.
  • Creating a Sacred Space: The sandalwood mala transforms a simple photo frame into a memorial corner. It helps establish a dedicated space for reflection and connection to those who have passed.

2. Adorning Photos of Deities

  • Symbol of Devotion: The sandalwood mala becomes a beautiful garland to adorn images of deities in home shrines or temples. The natural fragrance is seen as a pleasing offering to the divine.
  • Enhancing Spiritual Atmosphere: The soothing scent of sandalwood is believed to promote tranquility and aid in meditation. The mala enhances the sacred ambiance of worship spaces.

3. Spiritual Decor and Meditation

  • Beyond Religious Use: Even without a specific deity in mind, the sandalwood mala can be incorporated into any space dedicated to mindfulness. Its scent enhances a calm and meditative atmosphere.
  • Visual and Fragrant Focus: The mala’s visual beauty and subtle fragrance can become a point of focus during meditation or prayer, aiding in centering the mind.

Order your exquisite Chandan Mala from PUJAGOODIES today. Embrace tradition, honor memories, and find peace in the timeless beauty of sandalwood.

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