Chandan Ki Lakdi | Chandan Stick Natural Red, Yellow , White Chandan Wood Lakdi for Pooja Tilak Havan & Beauty

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Red, White, Yellow


Premium Chandan Sticks (Red, Yellow, White) – Natural Sandalwood

Embrace the timeless fragrance and sacred rituals of India with our exquisite collection of natural Chandan Sticks. Derived from the finest sandalwood varieties, these sticks offer a rich and captivating aroma, perfect for poojas, tilaks, havans, and enhancing your natural beauty.

Experience the Essence of Sandalwood:

Red Sandalwood (Rakta Chandan)

  • Grounding and Protective Energy: Red sandalwood is believed to possess a deeply grounding energy that helps to center the mind and emotions. It’s often used to promote feelings of security, stability, and inner strength. It is thought to offer protection from negative energies and influences.
  • Warm, Woody Scent: The aroma of red sandalwood is distinctly warm, with woody notes reminiscent of cedar and a subtle spiciness. This scent profile helps to calm the mind and create a sense of inner peace.
  • Spiritual Significance: In many traditions, red sandalwood holds significance in rituals and ceremonies. It’s often used for meditation, prayer, and creating a protective atmosphere during spiritual practices.
  • Skincare Benefits: Traditionally used in skincare, red sandalwood is believed to soothe inflammation, reduce the appearance of blemishes, and promote a clear, even complexion.

Yellow Sandalwood (Hari Chandan)

  • Calming and Purifying: Yellow sandalwood calms the mind and emotions, relieving stress and promoting inner tranquility. It’s perfect for enhancing your meditation and relaxation practices.

  • Sweet Floral Aroma: In contrast to red and white sandalwood, yellow sandalwood offers a sweet, floral scent with a hint of honey-like warmth. This gentle fragrance uplifts your mood and fosters a sense of well-being.

  • Spiritual Awareness: Yellow sandalwood purifies the spirit, enhancing your spiritual awareness and deepening your connection to your inner self.

  • Ayurvedic Benefits: In Ayurveda, yellow sandalwood cools and soothes the skin. It calms irritations, reduces inflammation, and promotes a radiant, healthy glow.

White Sandalwood (Shweta Chandan)

  • Serenity and Devotion: White sandalwood is perhaps the most well-known variety, prized for its ability to evoke feelings of serenity, devotion, and spiritual connection. Its soft and creamy scent fosters a peaceful, meditative environment.
  • Creamy, Balsamic Scent: The iconic fragrance of white sandalwood is both sweet and woody. Its balsamic notes are reminiscent of vanilla and musk, creating a comforting and luxurious aroma.
  • Classical Use in Rituals: White sandalwood has use in spiritual practices for centuries. Its distinct fragrance is a familiar presence in temples, meditation spaces, and ceremonies across India and beyond.
  • Balancing Benefits: White sandalwood is believe to have a balancing effect on the mind and emotions. It helps to soothe stress, reduce anxiety, and enhance mental clarity and focus.

Important Note: It’s crucial to source sandalwood from sustainable and ethical sources. Look for reputable suppliers who prioritize responsible harvesting practices to ensure the continued availability of this precious resource.

Versatile Uses for Ritual and Beauty:

Pooja and Havan

  • Purifying the Sacred Space: Burning sandalwood releases fragrant smoke that cleanses the environment, dispels negative energies, and creates a spiritually pure atmosphere for pooja (worship) and havan (sacred fire ceremony)
  • Offerings to Deities: Devotees offer sandalwood sticks or powder directly into the sacred fire of the havan. This highly auspicious offering pleases the deities and helps carry prayers and intentions heavenward.
  • Spiritual Elevation: The sweet, woody fragrance of sandalwood helps to calm the mind, elevate spiritual consciousness, and create a sense of peace and devotion, enhancing the overall experience of the pooja or havan.


  • Preparation: Practitioners grind chunks of sandalwood into a fine paste, typically using a sandalwood slab and water. Depending on tradition, they might mix the paste with other sacred substances like kumkum, turmeric, or sacred ash (vibhuti).
  • Application: The sandalwood paste is applied to the forehead, typically between the eyebrows at the location of the ‘third eye’ (ajna chakra).
  • Significance: A sandalwood tilak carries manifold symbolism:
    • Auspiciousness and blessing
    • Spiritual focus and clarity
    • Devotion to a particular deity or spiritual lineage
    • Protection from negative influences


  • Soothing Face Mask: Sandalwood paste, often mixed with other beneficial ingredients like rosewater, yogurt, or turmeric, creates a cooling and calming face mask. This mask is believe to:
    • Soothe irritated or inflamed skin
    • Reduce the appearance of blemishes and acne scars
    • Promote a radiant, even skin tone
    • Leave skin feeling soft and revitalized
  • Ayurvedic Skincare: In Ayurveda, sandalwood is value for its balancing properties. It’s suitable for various skin types and used in traditional skincare formulations to address a variety of concerns.


  • Diffusion: Diffusing the essential oil of sandalwood fills a space with its calming, sweet, and woody aroma. This can create a sense of peace and tranquility, perfect for meditation, relaxation, or simply unwinding after a long day.
  • Benefits: The aromatherapy use of sandalwood is believe to:
    • Reduce stress and anxiety
    • Promote restful sleep
    • Aid in focus and concentration
    • Create a spiritually uplifting atmosphere

Our Commitment to Quality and Authenticity:

Sourced from Sustainable Forests:

We prioritize responsible sourcing, ensuring our sandalwood comes from ethically managed and sustainable forests.

  • Ethical Responsibility: This statement demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility and respect for the source of sandalwood. It shows that the company cares about the long-term health of sandalwood forests and the livelihoods they support.
  • Consumer Trust: Customers who are conscious of sustainability practices will appreciate this commitment. It builds trust in the brand and the product’s integrity.

Pure and Natural Chandan:

Our chandan sticks are 100% natural sandalwood, free from synthetic fragrances or additives.

  • Uncompromised Quality: This emphasizes that you are getting the authentic sandalwood experience. No artificial fragrances or fillers diminish the inherent aroma or potential benefits.
  • Health and Wellness: For those using chandan for spiritual or therapeutic purposes, knowing it’s pure and natural aligns with their values of seeking wholesome, unadulterated products.

Meticulous Processing:

Each stick is carefully process to preserve its inherent fragrance and beneficial properties.

  • Tradition and Craftsmanship: This statement suggests care and attention to detail. It implies that traditional knowledge or methods are use to process the sandalwood in a way that optimizes its qualities.
  • Value Proposition: Customers understand that meticulous processing contributes to a premium product. It justifies the potential cost when they know they’re getting top-quality sandalwood.

Freshness Guaranteed:

Our airtight packaging ensures your chandan sticks arrive fresh and aromatic.

  • Peak Sensory Experience: Freshness is crucial for a fragrant product like chandan. This assures customers that they’ll get the full olfactory and aromatic experience upon opening the package.
  • Preservation: Airtight packaging helps prevent fragrance loss and protects the sandalwood from degradation, ensuring longevity and maintaining the product’s beneficial properties.

Overall Importance:

These statements work together to create a compelling image of a company that cares about:

  • Sourcing practices
  • Product quality and purity
  • Preserving traditional knowledge
  • Delivering the best possible chandan experience

Order Your Premium Chandan Sticks Today!

Immerse yourself in the timeless traditions and natural goodness of India with our premium Chandan Sticks. Experience the transformative power of sandalwood and elevate your spiritual practices and beauty routines.

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