Aastha pooja products are made from best quality ingredients & aimed at creating a divine atmosphere. It is considered the natural Sandal fragrance and the ayurvedic herbs has a great significance in controlling diseases and purifies the environment. This dhoop is made with natural herbs. It helps to establish the connection between aatma (inner soul) & parmatma (almighty god) intact.

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Weight 200 g


Uplift Your Spiritual Space with aastha sandal cone dhoop (200 g)

Experience the tranquility and inviting aroma of AASTHA SANDAL cone dhoop, crafted from the finest natural ingredients. This premium dhoop cone offering infuses your surroundings with the essence of pure sandalwood, renowned for its calming and grounding properties.

Aromatic Bliss for Mind, Body, and Soul

Light an aastha sandal cone dhoop to create a sacred atmosphere for meditation, prayer, yoga, or simply to unwind and de-stress. The gentle fragrance of sandalwood is believed to:

  • Promote relaxation and inner peace
  • Enhance focus and concentration during spiritual practices
  • Create a sense of calmness and well-being
  • Purify the environment and eliminate negative energies (according to Ayurvedic principles)

Perfect for Daily Rituals and Special Occasions 

Daily Puja (Prayer) Offerings:

  • Sacred Rituals: Emphasize the role of dhoop in creating a sacred and reverent atmosphere for daily prayers. Explain how the fragrance helps focus the mind on the divine, facilitating a deeper connection with deities or spiritual figures.
  • Symbol of Devotion: Connect the act of burning dhoop with a selfless offering to the divine, a symbol of one’s love and respect for higher powers.
  • Purification and Positive Energy: Highlight that the fragrance of dhoop is believed to cleanse the aura, purify the space, and attract positive vibrations essential for spiritual practices.

Meditation and Yoga Sessions:

  • Mindful Focus: Describe how the gentle aroma of dhoop can aid focus and concentration during meditation. Explain how it helps quiet the mind and achieve deeper states of awareness.
  • Enhanced Breathing: Mention the potential of dhoop to improve the quality of breathing during yoga practices (pranayama). The calming scent can promote smoother, more rhythmic breathwork.
  • Peaceful Environment: Emphasize that dhoop complements meditation and yoga by creating a tranquil, sanctuary-like environment, free from distractions.

Creating a Serene Ambiance for Relaxation

  • Stress Relief and Calmness: Explain how the fragrance of dhoop can be a powerful tool for combating stress and anxiety. Describe its ability to induce a sense of peace and tranquility.
  • Natural Sleep Aid: Suggest the use of dhoop before bedtime to promote relaxation and prepare the body and mind for restful sleep.
  • Personal Sanctuary: Mention how dhoop turns any space into a personal haven, ideal for quiet reflection, reading, or simply unwinding after a long day.

Uplifting the Atmosphere During Festivals and Special Occasions

  • Celebration and Joy: Connect the fragrance of dhoop with a heightened sense of festivity, linking it to joyous occasions, celebrations, and the welcoming of guests.
  • Cultural Heritage: Emphasize the deep-rooted tradition of using dhoop during festivals in many cultures, evoking a sense of tradition and community.
  • Symbol of Auspiciousness: Explain that burning dhoop is considered auspicious, attracting positive blessings and good fortune during special moments or new beginnings.

Specifications of cone dhoop

Individual Cone

  • Length: 3 cm
  • Width: 1.5 cm (base diameter)


  • Length: 15 cm
  • Width: 10 cm
  • Height: 5 cm

Made with the Finest Natural Ingredients in cone dhoop

We use only the highest quality ingredients in aastha sandal cone dhoop, ensuring a pure and authentic sandalwood experience. Our cones are free from synthetic fragrances and harmful chemicals, making them a safe and natural choice for your spiritual practices.

Long-Lasting Fragrance

Each AASTHA SANDAL CONE DHOOP burns for an extended period, filling your space. A beautiful and calming sandalwood aroma that lingers long after the cone has finished.

Experience the Difference of aastha sandal cone dhoop

Order your AASTHA SANDAL CONE DHOOP (200 g) today and elevate your spiritual practice. A simply create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere in your home.

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