Cycle Cotton wicks (रुई की बाती )

Cycle brand

Made with  pure ghee

Quantity – 30N

Lighting Diya before beginning any activity invites positivity into the ambience. Diyas are a way of increasing the purity and spirituality of our home and mind. While lamps are lit using oil and ghee, our tradition prefers ghee diya, especially cow ghee lamp over oil during special occasions.

According to the Agni Purana, lighting Cow Ghee Deepam is supposed to increase the sattvic tattva which includes light, bliss and goodness. Sattvic mind is always steady and is blissful internally. It is a practice to light Cow’s Ghee Diya for health, wealth and happiness.

Om Shanthi Pure Cow Ghee Diya made from Cow ghee are convenient and apt replacement for traditional ghee lamps. These Pure Cow Ghee battis have a burning time of 20-30 minutes. Place these Diya Bhattis in a lamp and light them.



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Cycle Cotton Wicks: Pure Ghee Diyas for Purity, Positivity & Blessings

Experience the divine radiance and auspicious energy of Cycle Cotton Wicks. These ready-to-use pure ghee diyas are crafted with reverence for traditional Hindu rituals and offer a convenient alternative to hand-preparing ghee lamps.

Unleash Positivity, Purity, and Blessings

Diya Lighting:

The Power of Auspiciousness and Positivity

  • Ancient Ritual: Diya lighting is a cornerstone of Hindu tradition, spanning centuries and carrying profound symbolism. The act of lighting a diya is a gesture of inviting light, dispelling darkness, and welcoming auspicious energies into your home and heart.
  • Positive Vibrations: The soft glow of a diya is believed to create a space filled with positivity and spiritual harmony. It signifies the triumph of good over evil and nurtures feelings of hope and optimism.

Ghee Diya Tradition:

Honoring Blessings and Heritage

  • Ghee’s Significance: Ghee, or clarified butter, is highly revered in Hindu rituals. Cow’s ghee is especially prized for its purity and ability to enhance spiritual blessings.

  • Preferred Offering: Many Hindu traditions favor ghee diyas over simple oil lamps. They symbolize a superior offering, believed to magnify prayers and attract greater abundance.

Agni Purana:

Wisdom for a Sattvic Mind

  • Ancient Text: The Agni Purana is a vast and revered Hindu scripture, providing guidance on various aspects of life, including rituals and spiritual practices.
  • Ghee Deepam’s Power: The Agni Purana highlights the ability of cow ghee deepams (a deepam is another word for a diya) to promote a sattvic mind. Sattva is one of the three gunas (qualities) in Hindu philosophy and represents balance, purity, and inner harmony.
  • Benefits of Sattvic Mind: A sattvic mind is associated with peace, clarity of thought, inner bliss, and an enhanced connection to the divine.

Health, Wealth, & Happiness:

The Promise of Ghee Diyas

  • Holistic Well-being: In Hinduism, the flame of a cow ghee diya symbolizes the path towards a fulfilling life encompassing not only spiritual growth but also material abundance, good health, and profound happiness.
  • Symbol of Hope: Lighting a ghee diya is an act of faith and optimism. It represents a belief that through devotion and connection to the divine, we can overcome challenges and find true contentment.

Premium Quality Cycle Cotton Wicks

Pure Ghee Infusion for Optimal Cotton Wicks Flame:

  • Meticulous Preparation: Each cotton wick undergoes a careful process of being completely soaked with 100% pure cow ghee. This ensures the wick absorbs the ideal amount of ghee for a smooth, consistent flame.
  • Clean and Radiant Burn: Thanks to the purity of the ghee, these wicks burn without producing excess smoke or soot, creating a clean and serene atmosphere, ideal for spiritual practices.
  • Long-lasting Illumination: The high-quality ghee infusion results in an extended burn time, allowing you to focus on your prayers or meditation without frequent interruptions.

The Cycle Brand:

A Symbol of Quality and Devotion

  • Expertise in Spiritual Products: The Cycle brand has a well-established reputation for crafting exceptional spiritual items that respect tradition and use high-quality materials.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Their dedication to quality ensures that these cotton wicks meet the highest standards, so you can use them with trust and confidence in your rituals.

Convenience Cotton Wicks

  • Effortless Use: These ready-to-use ghee-infused wicks save you the time and effort of preparing your own diyas, offering a convenient solution for your daily practices or special occasions.
  • 20-30 Minute Burn Time: Each wick provides a generous burn time, allowing you to immerse yourself in your prayers, meditation, or rituals without the need for constant wick replacement.
  • Uninterrupted Focus: The long-lasting burn time lets you maintain a peaceful and undisturbed state of mind throughout your spiritual practices.

Transform Your Sacred Space:

Use Cycle Cotton Wicks for:

Daily Pooja:

Infuse your daily prayers with the soft, steady glow of cotton wicks. As the flame dances, let it symbolize the burning away of negativity and the illumination of your intentions. The gentle warmth and subtle fragrance of burning ghee or oil create an atmosphere conducive to contemplation and unwavering devotion.

Festivals (Diwali, etc.):

The brilliance of festivals like Diwali reaches its zenith with the abundant use of diyas. Let rows of cotton-wick lamps line your home, their collective light signifying the triumph of good over darkness, and a powerful invitation for abundance and blessings in the year ahead.


Whether in your home temple or a grand place of worship, cotton wicks dipped in oil or ghee create a serene, sacred atmosphere. Lighting these lamps symbolizes banishing ignorance and revealing the divine light within.


As you quiet your mind in meditation, focus your gaze on the gentle flame of a cotton wick lamp. The mesmerizing dance of the light becomes an anchor for your attention, leading you deeper into a state of stillness and awareness. The subtly purifying scent of natural wick and oil or ghee helps to cleanse the air and enhance your meditative experience.

Beyond the Ritual: Practical Cotton Wicks Benefits

  • Clean and Natural: Cotton wicks offer a cleaner, smoke-free burn compared to synthetic alternatives.
  • Fragrance Options: Impart subtle fragrance by using scented oils or aromatics with your ghee.
  • Ambiance: Create a warm, inviting atmosphere with the soft, natural light of diyas.

Cotton Wicks Specifications

  • Brand: Cycle
  • Material: Cotton wicks, pure cow ghee
  • Quantity: 30 Diyas

Order your Cycle Cotton Wicks today and experience the transformative power of pure ghee diyas!

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