Cotton wicks with ghee (रुई की बाती )

Long lasting Special Ghee diyas 

Made with special ghee

Brand = Cycle 

Made in India


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Enhance Your Prayers with Pure Cotton Wicks and Ghee Diyas (रुई की बाती)

Embrace the divine radiance of traditional Indian spirituality with our premium cotton wicks infused with pure ghee (रुई की बाती). Perfect for daily prayers, auspicious occasions, and creating a serene ambiance, these long-lasting special ghee diyas are meticulously crafted with the finest materials.

Experience the Power of Purity

Pure Cotton Wicks:

The Essence of a Clean Flame

  • 100% Natural Purity: Our wicks are meticulously crafted from premium-grade cotton fibers, completely free from synthetic materials or harmful additives. This ensures a clean, toxin-free burn that won’t pollute the air in your sacred space.
  • Steady, Bright Flame: The natural absorbency of cotton allows for optimal ghee saturation, resulting in a consistent and long-lasting flame. Enjoy the gentle warmth and radiance of the diya without flickering or sputtering.
  • Smoke-Free and Residue-Free: Unlike wicks made with synthetic materials, pure cotton burns without producing harsh smoke or soot. This protects the sanctity of your surroundings and preserves the pristine appearance of your diyas.

Authentic Ghee:

The Heart of Tradition

  • The Purest Essence: We source only the finest quality ghee, meticulously clarified from cow’s butter to achieve its purest form. This ensures a clean, sweet fragrance that enhances the ambiance of your prayers.
  • Ayurvedic Significance: Ghee holds immense value in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of holistic healing. It is revered for its ability to nourish the body, mind, and spirit, making it a perfect offering for the flame.
  • Hindu Reverence: In Hinduism, ghee is considered sacred and a symbol of purity. Its use in diyas represents nourishment, illumination, and a connection to the divine.

Traditional Cotton Wicks Craftsmanship:

The Soul of the Diya

  • Honoring Ancestral Techniques: Each cotton wick is skillfully shaped and infused with ghee by hand, preserving the centuries-old methods of diya making in India. This process embodies cultural heritage and respect for tradition.
  • The Human Touch: Handmade diyas possess a unique beauty and authenticity that mass-produced alternatives cannot replicate. Each wick carries the energy and care of the artisan who crafted it.
  • Supporting Local Communities: By choosing handmade diyas, you directly support skilled artisans in India, promoting sustainable livelihoods and preserving traditional arts.

Cycle Brand Promise:

A Commitment to Excellence

  • Unwavering Quality: The Cycle brand has earned a reputation for exceptional quality and unwavering commitment to purity in devotional items. Our ghee cotton wicks uphold this legacy.
  • Spiritual Integrity: We understand the sacred nature of our products and strive to provide the best possible materials to facilitate your spiritual practices with utmost sincerity.
  • An Experience Beyond the Product: Using a Cycle diya represents a choice to elevate your prayers with the highest quality materials and unwavering devotion.

Eco-Conscious Cotton Wicks:

In Harmony with Nature

  • Natural and Biodegradable: Both cotton and ghee are derived from natural sources and will decompose safely, minimizing their environmental impact.
  • Sustainable Practices: We work with suppliers and artisans who prioritize sustainable practices, ensuring responsible sourcing and production methods.
  • Respect for the Earth: Our commitment to eco-friendliness reflects our reverence for nature and our interconnectedness with the world around us.

Illuminate Your Home and Heart

Ideal for Daily Puja:

Create a sacred atmosphere in your home for your morning and evening prayers.

  • Sacred Space: Lighting ghee diyas transforms a simple corner of your home into a designated puja space, infusing your surroundings with sanctity and reverence.
  • Focus and Connection: The soft light of the diya helps center your mind, aiding focus on prayers, mantras, and connection with your chosen deities.
  • Ritual and Routine: The daily act of lighting diyas provides a sense of structure and discipline to your spiritual practice, fostering consistency.
  • Auspicious Start/End to the Day: Beginning and ending your day with the glow of ghee diyas invites positive energy and sets a peaceful, devotional tone.

Festive Celebrations:

Add a touch of brilliance to Diwali, Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, and other auspicious festivals.

  • Tradition and Celebration: Ghee diyas are an essential element of Hindu festivals, symbolizing joy, illumination, and the victory of good over evil.
  • Enhanced Decor: Rows of sparkling diyas beautify homes, temples, and streets, amplifying the festive atmosphere and creating a sense of awe.
  • Blessings and Prosperity: During festivals, lighting diyas is an act of inviting abundance, good fortune, and divine blessings into household and community.
  • Cultural Connection: Sharing light through diyas strengthens community bonds and a deep sense of shared cultural heritage.

Meditation and Mindfulness:

The soft, flickering light of our ghee diyas fosters a sense of calm, perfect for meditation and reflection.

  • Relaxing Ambiance: The warm, gentle glow of a ghee diya creates a soothing environment, easing away distractions and allowing the mind to settle.
  • Visual Focus: Gazing at the diya flame provides a point of focus for meditation techniques like Trataka, aiding in concentration and stilling thought processes.
  • Sensory Experience: The natural flicker and subtle scent of ghee enhance the meditative experience, creating a sense of serenity.
  • Inner Peace: Meditation with ghee diyas fosters self-awareness and a deeper connection with your inner stillness.

Aromatherapy Benefits:

The subtle, sweet fragrance of ghee promotes relaxation and well-being.

  • Calming Aroma: The natural, slightly sweet scent of ghee has a grounding effect on the mind and body, reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Positive Associations: The fragrance of ghee is linked to positive memories, feelings of warmth, and a sense of comfort.
  • Ayurvedic Connection: In Ayurveda, ghee is regarded for its nourishing and revitalizing properties, extending its benefits to the emotional realm.
  • Enhanced Mood: The aromatherapy aspect of ghee diyas creates a haven of calmness and well-being.

A Thoughtful Gift:

Share the blessings of light and purity with loved ones on special occasions.

  • Symbolic Meaning: Gifting ghee diyas is an act of sharing peace, prosperity, and positive energy.
  • Gift of Experience: It provides the recipient an opportunity to create their own sacred moments, meditation sessions, or festive ambiance.
  • Versatile Occasions: Suitable for birthdays, housewarmings, Diwali, spiritual milestones, or as a simple ‘just because’ gesture.
  • Lasting Impression: Ghee diyas are a practical and beautiful gift that leaves a memorable and meaningful impact.

Discover the Benefits of Ghee Diyas

  • Spiritual Significance: In Hinduism, the diya represents the triumph of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance.
  • Purification: The ghee flame is believed to cleanse the aura, removing negativity and inviting positive energies.
  • Auspiciousness: Lighting a diya signifies new beginnings and attracts prosperity and good fortune.
  • Connection to the Divine: The warm glow of the diya facilitates a deeper connection with your chosen deities.

How to Use Cotton Wicks

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Preparation:

    • Choose your diya: Select a traditional diya made of clay (terracotta) or metal (brass, copper, silver are common) that’s the right size and shape for your needs. Clean the diya thoroughly to remove any residue or dust.
    • Gather your wick: Use a pure cotton wick with ghee already infused into it. For convenience, you can purchase these wicks pre-made or prepare them yourself by soaking cotton threads in pure ghee and rolling them into wicks.
  2. Placing the Cotton Wicks:

  • Positioning: Gently place the cotton wick in the center of the empty diya, ensuring it stands upright.
  • Stability: If the wick doesn’t seem secure, you can add a tiny drop of molten ghee to the base of the diya to help the wick adhere and stand straight.
  1. Adding the Ghee:

    • Pouring: Slowly pour a small amount of pure ghee over the wick and into the diya. Aim to fill the diya approximately ⅔ of the way.
    • Soaking: Ensure the wick is completely saturated with ghee. This will help the flame burn steadily.
  2. Lighting the Diya:

    • Igniting with Care: Using a matchstick, lighter, or another diya that’s already lit, carefully ignite the tip of the ghee-soaked wick. Be cautious not to bring the flame source too close to the ghee pool.
    • Adjusting the Flame: Initially, the flame might be slightly larger. Gently blow on it if needed to reduce its size and intensity.
  3. Placement and Enjoyment:

  • Sacred Space: Place your lit diya in your designated prayer or meditation area. If you are using multiple diyas, arrange them in a visually appealing and safe manner.
  • Ambiance: Enjoy the warm glow, the subtle fragrance of the ghee, and the spiritual ambiance created by the diya’s flame.
  1. Maintenance:

    • Refilling: As the ghee burns, the level in the diya will decrease. Carefully refill with small amounts of ghee as needed to maintain the flame, using a teaspoon or any suitable utensil.
    • Wick Trimming: If the wick starts to char and produce black smoke, gently extinguish the flame. Use a wick trimmer or small scissors to trim the burnt portion of the wick, and relight.

Important Safety Precautions:

  • Fire Hazard: Never leave a lit diya unattended.
  • Placement: Place the diya on a stable, heat-resistant surface, away from flammable materials like curtains, papers, etc.
  • Children and Pets: Supervise children and pets around lit diyas.
  • Extinguishing: If you need to put out the diya, use a diya snuffer or gently smother the flame with a non-flammable object. Never blow out a diya with your mouth, as per tradition.

Cotton Wicks Specifications

  • Materials: Pure cotton wicks, clarified cow’s butter (ghee)
  • Brand: Cycle
  • Origin: Made in India
  • Packaging: Available in various pack sizes to suit your needs.

Let the radiant light of our ghee diyas guide your spiritual journey.

Order Cotton Wicks now and experience the transformative power of pure devotion.

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