Organic Holy Homemade Pure Indian Desi Cow Dung Cake for Religious Purpose (Pack of 12) – 1/2 Kg Approx with 51 Ingredients Havan Samagri

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Weight 500 g


Discover the Power of Pure Indian Cow Dung Cakes for Havans & Rituals

Enhance your spiritual practices with our Organic Holy Homemade Pure Indian Desi Cow Dung Cakes (Pack of 12). These authentic, hand-crafted cakes are made with 100% pure cow dung and infused with a free 51-ingredient Havan Samagri (250g) for a truly purifying experience.

Benefits and Uses:

Religious Ceremonies

  • Hawans, Pujas, Yagnas, Homas, and Agnihotras: Cow dung cakes are an essential fuel source for these sacred fire rituals in Hinduism. The burning of cow dung is believed to create a purifying atmosphere conducive to spiritual connection and offerings to deities.
  • Symbolism: Cow dung holds deep symbolic meaning in Hinduism. The cow itself is revered as a sacred animal, and its byproducts are considered purifying and auspicious.

Spiritual Purification

  • Cleansing Properties: The smoke from burning cow dung purifies both the physical environment and the spiritual atmosphere. It dispels negative energies and creates a sacred space for prayer and meditation.

  • Connection to the Divine: Purification rituals using cow dung invoke divine blessings and create a harmonious environment for spiritual practices.

Atmosphere Cleanser

  • Oxygen Release: When cow dung cakes are burned with ghee (clarified butter), they are believed to release oxygen, which helps enhance the purifying effect on the air.
  • Insect Repellent: The smoke generated from burning cow dung has natural insect repellent properties, creating a more conducive environment for rituals, especially those conducted outdoors.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

  • Natural Ingredients: Cow dung is a completely natural and renewable resource. Its use in religious practices aligns with Hindu respect for nature and living in harmony with the environment.
  • Traditional Practices: The use of cow dung for rituals is a practice rooted in ancient traditions, reflecting a sustainable approach to utilizing readily available resources.

Important Considerations:

Understand that Hindu beliefs and traditions primarily drive the significance and practices surrounding cow dung. Its use centers on religious symbolism and spiritual practices, while potential practical benefits like insect repelling play a secondary role.


Pack of 12: Convenient for Regular Use

This pack provides ample cow dung cakes for those who engage in daily or frequent spiritual rituals and practices. The quantity ensures you won’t run out unexpectedly, maintaining the flow of your devotional activities.

5-Inch Diameter: Easy to Handle and Store

The moderate size of these cow dung cakes makes them simple to light and manage during ceremonies. They also take up less space in your storage area, particularly beneficial for those with limited room for spiritual supplies.

Long Shelf-Life: Completely Dried for Lasting Quality

The careful drying process extends the lifespan of these cow dung cakes, preventing premature degradation. You can confidently purchase them knowing you can use them for extended periods and enjoy their freshness and efficacy.

Free Havan Samagri (250g): Enriches Your Rituals with a Blend of Sacred Herbs and Ingredients

This generous inclusion of traditional Havan Samagri significantly enhances the value of your purchase. The blend of sacred herbs and other natural ingredients amplifies the purifying and auspicious atmosphere of your havan, creating a more profound and immersive spiritual experience.

Embrace the Sacred Power of Cow Dung Cakes

In the rich tapestry of Hindu traditions, it holds a revered place. Its purifying smoke and inherent sanctity have been woven into spiritual practices for centuries. Our authentic, handcrafted cakes are your gateway to this profound legacy.

Experience the Cleansing Energy:

As the flames consume the cow dung, feel negativity and impurities dissipate, replaced by a sense of peace and renewal.

  • The Transformative Power of Fire: In Hindu belief, fire is a sacred purifier. As the cow cake ignites, visualize not just its physical form disintegrating, but the burdens of your spirit lifting as well. Imagine stress, worries, and negative energies dissolving into the smoke, leaving behind a lightness and clarity of mind.

  • A Ritual of Release: Feel a conscious letting go as you offer the dung to the flames. Allow this act to symbolize releasing all that no longer serves your highest good. Breathe deeply and welcome the peace that washes over you.

Uphold Timeless Rituals:

Whether performing daily hawan, intricate yagnas, or simple pujas, these cakes are your essential companion.

  • The Bridge to Tradition: Using dung cakes connects you to a lineage of spiritual practices spanning millennia. Whether you perform elaborate rituals or simple acts of devotion, these cakes become a tangible link to generations of seekers who found solace and meaning in identical actions.

  • A Constant in Your Practice: The dependability of these  dung cakes becomes a comforting presence. Daily hawan, special ceremonies, or quiet moments of prayer – knowing they are there allows you to confidently maintain your rituals with consistency and reverence.

Connect with the Divine:

The aroma of burning  dung, blended with the free Havan Samagri, creates an ambiance that fosters a deep connection to the divine.

  • Sacred Scentscape: As the fragrant smoke from the cow and the Havan Samagri intertwine, they create an olfactory experience unlike anything else. This unique aroma becomes inextricably linked in your mind with a state of spiritual openness and receptivity.

  • Gateway to the Inner Realm: Allow the scent to guide you inward. With each breath, surrender more deeply into the stillness of your heart. Let the sensory experience transport you beyond the mundane, opening you to the vastness of the divine presence.

Elevate your spiritual journey. Order your pack of 12 pure cow dung cakes today.

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