Tortoise (पीतल का कछुआ) | Metal Brass Turtle on Plate Feng Shui Vastu Tortoise (Gold, Medium, 3 inch)

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    • Tortoise has great significance both in vastu and in feng shui. Tortoise has a long life and hence it denotes long life. That is why it is recommended to old people for increasing their longevity
    • The turtoise or the kachua represents the maximum age and longevity, stability, determination and will power
    • Tortoise produces wonderful results to enhance career luck.
    • This turtle should be placed in the north or north-east sector of your house
Brand Generic
Colour Gold
Style Antique
Material Metal
Product Dimensions 70L x 70W x 1H Millimeters
Cartoon Character Turtle
Specific Uses For Product Good Idol
Special Feature Programmable
Finish Type Ceramic
Item Weight 42 Grams

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Weight 42 g


Feng Shui Crystal Tortoise with Plate

Unleash the auspicious energies of Feng Shui with this exquisitely crafted crystal tortoise and plate. Renowned for its symbolism of longevity, wealth, stability, and protection, this stunning piece is a must-have for anyone seeking to enhance their home or office with positive vibrations.

Harness the Power of the Tortoise

In the ancient practices of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, the tortoise holds immense significance. Its long lifespan symbolizes enduring health, while its sturdy shell represents protection and stability. By incorporating this crystal tortoise into your space, you invite these blessings into your life.

Key Features and Benefits

Crafted from Radiant Crystal

The exquisite craftsmanship of this Feng Shui crystal tortoise is captivating. Each facet shimmers with a radiant clarity that amplifies the positive energies the tortoise represents. This crystal clarity not only highlights the intricate details of the tortoise but also enhances the flow of auspicious energy throughout your space. Imagine this radiant tortoise perched upon the included plate, adding a touch of timeless elegance to your home or workspace.

Accompanied by an Auspicious Plate

Feng Shui principles emphasize thoughtful placement to maximize the power of objects and symbols. The included plate provides a dedicated, auspicious space for your crystal tortoise, ensuring proper respect and maximizing its potential benefits. This plate creates a visual distinction, setting the tortoise apart and emphasizing its significance within your surroundings.

Symbol of Abundant Wealth

Ancient legends associate the tortoise with good luck, financial prosperity, and abundant opportunities. By inviting this crystal tortoise into your life, you invite these blessings of wealth and material gain. Visualize financial burdens lifting, new streams of income emerging, and a sense of abundance flourishing within your life.

Promotes Longevity and Wellbeing

The tortoise’s reputation for a long lifespan makes it a potent symbol of longevity and enduring health. Embrace the energy of this crystal tortoise as a reminder of your own potential for a long, fulfilling, and healthy life. Let its presence be a source of comfort and inspiration along your journey to greater wellbeing.

Enhances Career Success

The tortoise’s qualities of stability, determination, and slow-but-steady progress make it a powerful ally in your career endeavors. Strategically place this crystal tortoise within your workspace – ideally in the North or North-East sector – to foster focus, grounded stability, and unwavering determination to achieve your professional goals.

Ideal Feng Shui Placement

To reap the maximum benefits from your Feng Shui crystal tortoise, the principles of Feng Shui suggest positioning it in the North or North-East sector of your home or office. These sectors are associated with career and personal development, making them ideal for amplifying the tortoise’s supportive energies.

A Thoughtful Gift That Keeps on Giving

The gift of a Feng Shui crystal tortoise carries deep meaning and enduring good wishes. Share the blessings of prosperity, longevity, and auspicious energy with loved ones by choosing this tortoise as a heartfelt housewarming, birthday, or special occasion gift. Your thoughtfulness will be remembered and appreciated for years to come.

Experience the Transformative Power of the Crystal Tortoise

Invite the wisdom, stability, and auspicious energy of the Feng Shui crystal tortoise into your life. Whether seeking greater wealth, a long and healthy life, career success, or simply a more harmonious environment, this elegant symbol is a powerful companion on your journey. Embrace its radiant beauty and legendary power, and experience the transformation it can bring.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: High-quality crystal
  • Color:  Gold
  • Dimensions: 70L x 70W x 1H Millimeters
  • Weight: 42 gram
  • Special Features: May include intricate details, etching, etc.

Unraveling the Ancient Symbolism of the Tortoise

In the revered traditions of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, the tortoise holds a place of immense significance. These ancient practices, rooted in harmonizing energy flows within a space, view the tortoise as a beacon of longevity, wealth, and unwavering protection. Its slow and steady pace symbolizes a long and fulfilling life, while its sturdy shell represents security and the ability to deflect negativity.

Legends of Luck and Longevity

Legends throughout Asia reinforce the tortoise’s auspicious nature. One such tale speaks of the Black Tortoise of the North, one of the four celestial guardians of Feng Shui. This tortoise holds the power to shield against misfortune and promote longevity. Other stories tell of tortoises revealing divinatory symbols upon their shells, linking them to wisdom, prosperity, and good fortune.

The Amplifying Power of Crystal

The radiant crystal from which this tortoise is crafted infuses Feng Shui principles with even greater potency. Crystals are renowned for their ability to amplify energy, purify intentions, and bring clarity to any space. Envision this crystal tortoise as a conduit, its shimmering facets magnifying the blessings of longevity, wealth, and protection that it signifies.

Harness the Power of Visualization

Take a moment to visualize this crystal tortoise gracing your home or workspace. Picture it nestled upon its accompanying plate, a radiant beacon of positive energy. See the sunlight catching its facets, sending shimmering light throughout your space. As you gaze upon this symbol, let your desires align with the tortoise’s energy. Imagine abundant wealth flowing freely into your life, your health flourishing with vitality, and your career blossoming with success.

Embrace the Transformative Power of the Crystal Tortoise

By welcoming this Feng Shui crystal tortoise into your life, you invite ancient wisdom, legendary blessings, and amplified good fortune. Let it serve as a timeless reminder of your potential for longevity, abundance, and unwavering protection on your journey towards a prosperous and fulfilling life.

“Enhance your life with the blessings of the Feng Shui Crystal Tortoise with Plate. Order yours now and pave the way for longevity, wealth, and unwavering stability.”

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