Wooden Dandiya Sticks for Navratri Garba Dance (1 Pair)

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      • Wood: Hardwood (specify type if possible – teak, maple, etc.)
      • Fabric: Bandhani, cotton, silk, or blends
      • Embellishments: Beads, mirrors, sequins, embroidery thread, etc.
    • Dimensions:

      • Length: Standard sizes range from 14-18 inches, with smaller options for children
      • Diameter: Approximately 1-1.5 inches for comfortable grip
    • Weight:

      • Lightweight for ease of use (provide an approximate weight range)


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    • Color Scheme: Multicolor, dual-tone, or single color with contrasting embellishments
    • <li data-sourcepos=”19:5-19:80″>Motifs/Patterns: Floral, geometric, peacocks, or other traditional designs

  • Embellishments: Describe the types and their placement (tassels, fringe, etc.)
  • Construction:</strong>

    • sourcepos=”23:5-23:59″>Wood Finishing: Smooth sanded, lacquered, or painted
    • Fabric Attachment: Securely wrapped and glued



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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 35 cm


Vibrant Wooden Dandiya Sticks: Celebrate Navratri with Authentic Garba Flair

Embrace the energy of Navratri with these exquisite, handcrafted wooden dandiya sticks. Experience the joy of Garba, the vibrant Gujarati folk dance, and immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Indian celebrations.

Dandiya sticks Features and Benefits:

Authentic Craftsmanship of Dandiya sticks:

  • Imported hardwood: This signifies that the dandiya stick are made from high-quality wood sourced from outside of India, suggesting increased durability and a premium feel.
  • Traditional Bandhani cloth: Bandhani is a classic Indian tie-dye technique that creates intricate and colorful patterns. Its inclusion emphasizes the traditional, cultural significance of the dandiya sticks and adds a touch of elegance.
  • Genuine Gujarati feel: Gujarat is the birthplace of Garba and Dandiya Raas dances. This statement assures buyers that the dandiya sticks possess authentic design elements associated with the region, making them ideal for Navratri celebrations.

Smooth and Safe:

  • Meticulously sanded for comfort: This highlights the attention to detail in crafting the dandiya sticks, ensuring a smooth finish that protects the user’s hands during rigorous dance movements.
  • Free of burrs: Burrs are rough wooden splinters that can cause discomfort and potential injury. This point emphasizes safety and a pleasant handling experience.

Perfect Size of Dandiya sticks:

  • 10 inches (35 cm): This size offers a great balance of control and striking power for Garba dance. It suits a wide range of users, making them appealing for groups and families.

Lightweight and Portable Dandiya sticks:

  • Effortlessly take the festivities wherever you go: This emphasizes the convenience of the dandiya stick – easy to carry along to various Navratri celebrations, dance events, or other cultural gatherings.

Versatile Beauty:

  • Multicolor design: The bright and varied colors are a hallmark of Navratri festivities and add to the visual appeal of the dandiya sticks during Garba dances.
  • Handcrafted elegance: Handcrafting signifies uniqueness and a touch of artistry, making the sticks special for celebrations.
  • Perfect for Navratri, weddings, Mata Chowki gatherings, Ras Garba nights, and any Indian celebration: This broadens the appeal of the dandiya sticks beyond just Navratri, emphasizing their value as a cultural accessory for various Indian festivities.

Celebrate with Joy and Authenticity

These dandiya sticks are more than just tools for dance; they symbolize the vibrant spirit of Navratri and Indian culture. Their intricate designs and traditional elements will enhance your Garba experience, adding a touch of authenticity to your celebrations.

Key Specifications of Dandiya sticks

  • Material: Imported hardwood, Bandhani cloth.
  • Size: 10 inches / 35 cm.
  • Package: One pair of dandiya stick.


  • Bandhani: A traditional Indian tie-dye technique known for its intricate and colorful patterns, adding a vibrant, authentic touch to dandiya stick.
  • Silk: A luxurious fabric with a smooth, shimmering finish, enhancing the elegance and premium feel of dandiya stick.
  • Cotton: A breathable, comfortable, and affordable option for dandiya sticks, making them accessible and practical.
  • Embellishments: Decorative elements like sequins, tassels, or embroidery that add sparkle, texture, and a festive flair.
  • Beads: Vibrant accents that create a playful look and can enhance the rhythmic sounds produced by the dandiya stick.
  • Mirrors: Small, reflective pieces that add visual interest and create a dazzling effect during dance performances.


  • Embroidered: Intricate stitching with threads of various colors, often depicting traditional Indian motifs or geometric designs.
  • Painted: Hand-painted embellishments that can depict traditional scenes, deities, or abstract patterns.
  • Printed: Pre-designed patterns applied to the fabric of the dandiya sticks, offering a wider range of colors and imagery.
  • Motifs (peacocks, flowers, geometric patterns): Recurring design elements with cultural significance in India: peacocks represent beauty and grace, flowers symbolize joy and celebration, and geometric patterns can hold religious or symbolic meanings.


  • LED Dandiya Stick: Modern dandiya stick featuring embedded LED lights, creating a dynamic and visually stunning display during nighttime celebrations.
  • Children’s Dandiya Stick: Specifically designed for younger dancers, often smaller in size, lighter in weight, and featuring brighter colors or playful designs.
  • Designer Dandiya Stick: High-end, bespoke dandiya stick with intricate craftsmanship, luxurious materials, and unique artistic touches.


  • Weddings: Dandiya Raas is a popular dance performed during Indian wedding celebrations, especially in Gujarati communities.
  • Sangeet: A pre-wedding celebration filled with music and dance where dandiya stick are a common accessory.
  • Diwali: The festival of lights is often accompanied by joyous dances and festivities where dandiya sticks add to the celebratory atmosphere.
  • Dance Competitions: Dandiya Raas competitions are held at various levels, and participants often choose colorful, eye-catching dandiya stick.


  • Dance Accessories: Classifies dandiya stick as a specialized tool for specific dance forms.
  • Indian Folk Dance: Emphasizes the cultural and traditional roots of Garba and Dandiya Raas.
  • Gujarat: Highlights the geographic origin of the dance forms where dandiya stick are most prominent.
  • Bollywood: Acknowledges the influence of Indian cinema in popularizing Garba and Dandiya Raas globally, increasing the recognition of dandiya sticks.

Experience the Thrill of Garba

Channel the divine energy of Goddess Durga as you swirl and twirl with these beautiful wooden dandiya sticks. Their rhythmic clicks and colorful patterns will bring your Garba performance to life, filling the air with the joyous spirit of Navratri.

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